Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

If you are looking for a place to go to the beach in January this article is for you. There are many destinations to start the new year in the heat, but it is important to choose them carefully and evaluate all aspects.

Obviously, most European tourist destinations do not offer a vacation climate by the sea and by the sea, with some exceptions that we will see below. Most likely it will be necessary to move away from Europe and travel to other continents and tropical islands.

Among the most popular destinations during this period are some beautiful islands in the Caribbean or Central America, but be careful because if you choose the wrong place you could risk rain or even find temperatures lower than necessary. Asia in January is also a good option, there are many places with paradisiacal beaches and spectacular sea that enjoy a favorable climate.

Keep in mind that in some areas, January is considered high season, and countries with the best weather often have high prices, especially in the first week of the month. If you can postpone at least a few days you will surely find much cheaper deals.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best coastal destinations to enjoy the heat and dreamy beaches in January.

Sea in January: the 8 best destinations

1. Sri Lanka

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

Let's start the list of the best countries for a warm vacation in January with one of my favorite islands: Sri Lanka.

Also known as the "teardrop of India", Sri Lanka is a wonderful place, known for its beaches, ancient temples and natural parks.

In the months from mid-December to March, the best area for a seaside stay is the southwest coast, the days are always sunny and the sea calm and transparent. In particular, I recommend the beautiful places of: Unawatuna, Mirissa and Hikkaduwa.

Mirissa is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet place to relax on the beach or enjoy activities such as snorkeling, surfing or whale watching.

Unawatuna is a small fishing village with a palm-fringed golden sand beach protected by a coral reef, where you can snorkel and swim among tropical fish.

Hikkaduwa is one of the main tourist centers of the island, with several kilometers of beach and a very high concentration of hotels, guesthouses, discos, bars, restaurants and souvenir stores.

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2. Koh Lipe - Thailand

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

If you are a sea lover and you are looking for a place with white sandy beaches and an incredibly transparent sea, you can't miss Koh Lipe; a small island located in the extreme south of Thailand almost on the border with Malaysia. Koh Lipe is the ideal place to spend a few days of pure relaxation, with its paradisiacal beaches and one of the most beautiful seas in Thailand.

January is the perfect month to go to Koh Lipe, the weather is excellent, the days are warm and sunny and the rains are rare. Also after the first 10 days of the month there will be less people and the prices will be much more affordable.

You can combine Koh Lipe with Bangkok, which in this period offers a better climate than the summer months, not too hot and humid, or you can opt for a visit to Malaysia passing through the beautiful Langkawi.

3. Cambodia

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

Let's stay in Asia, this time we talk about a destination that is often little considered for a beach vacation: Cambodia. In fact, the country is mostly known for its history and culture, especially for one of the most beautiful attractions in the world: Angkor Wat.

Not everyone knows, however, that Cambodia also offers the opportunity to spend a few days at sea on its extensive beaches in the southwest, which overlook the Gulf of Thailand. The main tourist spot is Sihanoukville, actually the starting point for exploring the islands. Rong and Rong Samloem, perfect for escaping the cold winter and enjoying some relaxation.

January is a good time, the weather is particularly pleasant because it is not too hot and humid, but not cold either.

4. Costa Rica

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

We left Asia to go to Central America and in particular I would like to tell you about an incredible destination that combines wonderful beaches with a unique nature and biodiversity in the world, with about 25% of the country occupied by national parks: Costa Rica.

A country overlooking the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, with a tropical climate with 2 distinct seasons, a wet one from May to November and a dry one from December to April.

Therefore, January is the ideal month to visit Costa Rica, especially the Pacific Coast is the one that offers the best weather with more rare rains than the Atlantic side where the weather is more unstable and some brief showers may occur.

I remind you that the period is very high season so try to book in advance.

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5. Panama

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

On the border with Costa Rica is the state of Panama, a destination still not very touristy and often underestimated, but worth considering for those looking for a valid alternative to a beach vacation in January. In fact, as in Costa Rica, the first month of the year is ideal, since it is the dry season, the best to appreciate the country's beaches and the incredible colors of the sea.

Among the best destinations in Panama we find Bocas del Toro, a beautiful archipelago of 9 islands located on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Not to be missed is Cayo Zapatilla, a small atoll of white sand and crystal clear waters.

But the real pearl of Panama is the San Blas archipelago, more than 370 atolls, most of them uninhabited, the right destination for those looking for a paradisiacal place with a spectacular sea. San Blas can be visited in two ways: sleeping on the islands housed in the huts of the Kuna Yala Indians or on a sailboat.

6. Cuba

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

A great classic of the sea in January is the island of Cuba, a perfect trip to enjoy the Caribbean beaches but also to explore the historic cities. In fact, it would be best to dedicate part of the vacation to cultural visits to the main cities such as Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara or Santiago, and then relax in a splendid seaside resort.

However, it must be said that in January, being the dry season, especially the northern areas of the island can be colder, so although the weather is increasingly unpredictable, for a vacation by the sea would be better to opt for the eastern part, in particular the 'area of Guardalavaca or Baracoa, where it will be safer to find the heat.

7. Southern Bahamas

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

Staying in the Caraibi area is impossible not to mention the Bahamas, the right choice for those who want to escape to a warm and paradisiacal destination. Here, too, the dry season extends from December to April, if you are looking for warm temperatures it is better to choose the southern islands (such as Inagua and Grande Inagua), where even during the winter the days are warm and sunny, enough to bathe and spend whole days on the beaches.

8. Canary Islands

Best Destinations to go to the Sea in January

We finish with a destination quite close, only 4 hours away: the Canary Islands, the ideal destination if you do not want to face a long trip to the other side of the world. The Canary Islands enjoy a warm climate during most of the year, but it is important to choose carefully the right island but above all the best area.

For example, the north of Gran Canaria is generally more unstable, while the southwest coast offers warmer, sunnier days and sheltered beaches. The same applies to Tenerife.

Splendid and pristine beaches are also a good option. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, both generally less subject to rain and disturbances and in this period also less windy.

January, in general, is a good time for the Canaries, if the weather is good temperatures can reach up to 26-27 degrees.

Other coastal destinations in January.

I recommend you to read also the article where to go to the beach in December, where you can find other destinations that can also be good for a stay in January.


Now you are ready for a nice trip in the heat, you just have to pack your suitcase, put on some summer clothes and enjoy your vacations!

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