Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Who said you can only go to the beach in summer? Fortunately, there are many destinations where to go to the beach in October.

In a previous article we saw the main overseas destinations where to take a vacation between October and November.

In this article we see the best seaside destinations in October, all in Europe and a short flight from our country.

October is the perfect month if you love heat and prefer to travel in the low season, especially ideal for visiting: Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and some areas of Southern Italy.

Important: the locations we have selected all have mild temperatures even during the autumn months, obviously the climate is unpredictable and it is good to consider the possibility of some rain.

This is why we have mainly chosen destinations that, in addition to the sea and high temperatures, also offer various attractions such as excursions or cultural visits.

So let's see our favorite destinations where to go to the beach in October.

Canary: Fuerteventura

Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Fuerteventura it is the second largest island of the Canaries and is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, near the African coasts.

Due to its position, the island enjoys a mild climate all year round, characterized by low rainfall, with an average annual temperature of 20 ° C.

October is the best month to visit Fuerteventura, the average temperature is 27 °, the days are hot and the strong winds that characterize the summer months calm down.

In October the sea temperatures are pleasant and it is possible to swim throughout the month.

Keep in mind that the ocean is always cool enough, it's not like the warm Caribbean sea, water temperatures range from 18 ° to 23 °.

The beauty of October is that it seems like a prolongation of summer, the temperatures are still high, there is no crowd of tourists and you can enjoy true relaxation on almost deserted beaches.

Council: I remind you that in Fuerteventura there is always a strong temperature range, so it is better to bring a sweater or a jacket for the evening.

Obviously the same goes for the other Canary Islands, such as Tenerife, perfect to be visited at any time of the year, thanks to the mild climate and scarce rains.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Cyprus it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, characterized by very hot summers (even too hot) and mild winters.

The island is poorly ventilated, which is why the summer months are particularly hot with average temperatures of 34 ° C.

Cyprus is the perfect destination to go to the beach in October, the days are warm and sunny, with temperatures around 25 ° C, the sea is still warm and you can safely swim.

But the attractions of Cyprus do not only concern the splendid sea, in fact October is also the ideal month to discover the historical and archaeological part of the island, when the climate is not as sultry as in summer.

Council: To make the most of the sea, try to take advantage of the first part of the day which is the hottest one.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Among the closest destinations, ideal for going to the beach in October, there is certainly Crete. It is the largest Greek island, characterized by a Mediterranean climate, pleasant all year round.

In October, temperatures are still around 29 degrees, the sea is warm and you can swim. The days, however, begin to shorten and you have to take into account the risk of some rain.

The advantage of visiting Crete in October is that costs are lowered, there are fewer tourists and the climate is perfect for enjoying nature and visiting cultural attractions, such as the ruins of Phaistos or the palace of Knossos.

Council: As I wrote in the previous article on where to stay in Crete, among the best areas is Chania, especially if you are looking for a bit of evening life at this time.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Also Malta it is the right destination for a holiday in October, thanks to its typically Mediterranean climate with mild winters and low rainfall.

In October, temperatures are still warm with highs of 29 degrees and you can usually swim throughout the month.

But in addition to the sea, the island also has a lot to offer as cultural visits, ideal in the month of October when you suffer less from the heat.

Council: at this time of year, when the tourist season comes to an end, it is preferable to stay near Sliema. from where you can easily move during the day to get around the island and in the evening you will be close to restaurants and clubs.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Maiorca is the largest island of the Balearics, has a mild climate with scarce rainfall.

The island is ideal for an October holiday, for several reasons: excellent value for money, few tourists and proximity (about 1 hour flight).

In October, the first rainfall begins, but they present themselves as short showers. The temperatures during the day are warm and during the sunny days it will be possible to enjoy the crystal clear waters.

In the evening due to the temperature range, the temperatures drop and it can get colder. The days are shorter than in summer and it gets dark around 19:00.

Council: For the month of October I suggest you stay in Palma, a pretty town with evening life throughout the year, with clubs and restaurants, as well as a wide choice of monuments and museums. Palma is also the strategic base for getting around the island by public transport.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

The Algarve is the southernmost area of ​​Portugal and is the ideal destination for an autumn trip of relaxation and tranquility.

Temperatures are mild throughout the year and rainfall is scarce, generally higher between November and March.

Among the main locations are: Faro, Vilamoura and Albufeira.

The days in October are quite warm and sunny and with a little luck you can also enjoy a few baths.

The beaches of the Agarve are also perfect for surfing enthusiasts.

Compared to other destinations such as Crete or Malta, the Algarve is less rich in cultural attractions, there are few museums and monuments.


Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

Andalusia is one of the hottest regions in Europe. October is perfect for visiting this area, as temperatures are still high but the weather is not as hot as in summer.

The advantage of course is also that it is not in the high season, so the prices are more advantageous and there are fewer tourists.

For these characteristics, Andalusia is an excellent destination to go on vacation in October.

Council: the month of October is perfect not only for the coast, but above all for visiting the cities of the hinterland, such as Seville and Granada, to be avoided in July and August.

Aeolian Islands

Sea in October: 8 hot spots in Europe

In this list of perfect destinations to spend your holidays in the heat in October, Italy could not be missing, precisely the Aeolian Islands.

The ideal would be to go there in early October, when the high season is over. There are few tourists, the prices are lower and the temperatures still allow you to enjoy the beautiful waters of the archipelago.

Council: in this period the best island to stay is Lipari, it offers more solutions where to sleep and for excursions.


  • Those looking for an extension of the summer and have a great desire for the sea: Cyprus, Crete and Fuerteventura.
  • Who wants to combine sea and culture: Malta, Crete and Cyprus.
  • Traveling holiday in the name of tranquility and relaxation: Algarve e Andalusia
  • Excellent value for money: Majorca and Aeolian Islands
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