Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

December is officially the month that brings winter. If you want to escape from the cold, snow, gloomy days and thunderstorms and want to spend the Christmas holidays in the heat, then this article is perfect for you.

Let's discover the 10 places to go to the beach in December. Ten places where you can enjoy some relaxation in the heat, visit wonderful places and maybe spend the New Year on a tropical beach toasting the new year with a nice exotic cocktail!

Obviously we are talking about a high season, but it does not mean that you have to spend exorbitant amounts, especially if you leave in the first half of December and if you choose a destination not too far away.

In this travel guide there is something for everyone, so let's see the tips for choosing the perfect location to go on holiday in December in the heat.

10 Destinations where to go on a Beach Vacation in December


The first destination I want to recommend is Lanzarote, I recently spent more than a month on this wonderful island; small and comfortable to get around, full of attractions, pristine beaches and unique natural landscapes in the world.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

December is a good time to visit Lanzarote. The climate is usually excellent, during the day it is hot and you can go to the beach, the more daring could also swim, but consider that the water is always a bit cold. In the morning and evening temperatures drop due to the temperature range, so bring a sweatshirt for the evening and summer clothes for the day.

The warmest and most sheltered part of the island is Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote, but you can find more information on the various areas in the article where to stay in Lanzarote.

I would say that Lanzarote is the best choice for a beach holiday in December, for those looking for a place not too far away (about 4 hours by flight) and for those who, in addition to the beaches, want to discover the island and its beauties.

Phi Phi Islands - Thailand

Thailand in the collective imagination has always been the exotic destination par excellence where to enjoy the heat, dream beaches, crystal clear waters and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Among its hidden pearls are the now famous (thanks to the film The Beach by Leonardo di Caprio) Phi Phi Island. December to February is the best time to visit this corner of paradise.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

The main island where the hotels are located is Phi Phi Don, an ideal place for every need; evening entertainment in the village of Tonsai or pure relaxation in the Long Beach area.

You can combine a few days of culture with a beach holiday in Phi Phi a Bangkok, immersing yourself in local life and discovering Thai history.

Langkawi - Malaysia

Not everyone knows that Malaysia can also be the right choice for a trip in December, as an alternative to Thailand. The coast you have to choose, however, is the west one. The eastern part is affected by the monsoons during this period.

A usually very popular solution is to dedicate a few days to Singapore and then spend a period at sea in Langkawi.

Langkawi it is easy to reach and has beautiful beaches; the sea is beautiful but it is not clear and transparent due to the sandy bottoms and currents.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

If you are looking for a heavenly place with crystal clear waters, know that from Langkawi it is possible to reach one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand and all of Asia: Ko lipe, a true earthly paradise.


Staying in Asia, we move to Vietnam, another destination indicated for a holiday in December. In fact, the climate of Vietnam varies from area to area and there is no better time to visit it.

In December, the southern area is preferable, where the dry season begins and the climate is dry and sunny.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation


Oman is nicknamed the Switzerland of the Middle East, and has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years. A safe country to be discovered, made up of suggestive landscapes, smiling people, nature and the sea.

During our winter you will find a mild climate with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees, perfect for visiting the country.

If you plan to take a purely seaside holiday, in December the best area is Salalah, where you will find white beaches washed by the Indian Ocean.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

Also consider that Oman is not too far, we are talking about 7 hours and there are also direct flights with the company Oman Air.

Ideal for those looking for an exotic destination in December, where to relax even with the family with children, or for those who, in addition to the beaches, want to visit the country and its natural and historical wonders.


We also talked about Zanzibar in the article of best seaside destinations in November. In fact, Zanzibar is perfect for any time of the year, except the wettest months from mid-March to May.

So why not think about spending the New Year in Zanzibar?

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

A relaxing holiday on the white beaches of the island and maybe a few days of photographic safari in one of the many parks in Tanzania.

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Dominican Republic

Are you looking for sea, sun and relaxation in December? One word: Caribbean!

The Caribbean is among the best destinations to escape from the cold. In particular we are talking about the Dominican Republic, usually identified with Santo Domingo, which is actually its capital.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

The ideal would be to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in the Dominican Republic, where we find some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Keep in mind that in this period it could happen a few days of rain, always limited to a few hours.

I recommend choosing the southern part of the island which is the driest and with the hottest temperatures; the coast that goes from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana so to speak. Particularly in this area the best spot with the most beautiful beaches is Bayahibe.

In the evening it can be refreshing, but you just need a light jacket.


If we talk about the Caribbean we certainly cannot forget Jamaica, one of the most popular destinations during the cold months. Sea, unspoiled landscapes and lots of nature. Sea temperatures are pleasant throughout the year.

Among the best tourist resorts for a beach holiday in Jamaica is Negril, a very long beach with a sea suitable for children.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

Yucatan - Mexico

Let's finally talk about one of my favorite destinations: lo Yucatan e la Riviera Maya.

I have been there several times and the period I preferred is precisely that of December and in particular during the Christmas holidays!

A unique atmosphere, white beaches, coconut palms, crystal clear waters, all this to the rhythm of “feliz navidad”!

The period from December to February is ideal for visiting the Yucatan and the Mayan ruins. There is no sultry heat, it rains very little and it is great on the beach.

The water temperatures are a bit lower, but you can swim safely. In addition, in December you will not find the algae, which in recent years have invaded the beaches of this region.

Absolutely not to be missed Tulum, a town famous for its unique colored waters and for the Mayan Site built on a cliff overlooking the sea. But the place that has remained in my heart the most is Isla Mujeres, where I saw spectacular sunsets.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation


Tell the truth, you haven't thought about it in Miami yet! Yes Florida, but more particularly the area of Miami e Key west it is to be taken seriously if you are looking for a place to spend your holidays in the heat during the month of December.

Sea in December: 10 Hot Destinations Where to Go on Vacation

The days are sunny, little rainy and warm on average, perfect for relaxing on the beach. Even sea temperatures hardly drop below 24 degrees.

Keep in mind that as you move north from Miami, temperatures drop significantly.

And if you are looking for a bit of nightlife, the period between Christmas and New Year is just the thing for you.

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We are at the end of our virtual journey among some of the best seaside destinations in December and during the Christmas holidays. I hope you can find the most suitable destination for your needs and relax on some wonderful beach.

For more information, comment on the article or write me in private.

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