Sea in November: 10 hot destinations in November

If the desire for sea, sun and relaxation never leaves you, know that you don't necessarily have to wait for the summer. There are many goals for sea ​​in November, where to satisfy this desire.

Even all those who, due to work needs, have not been able to organize a holiday during the summer, can take advantage of the many hot destinations where to go on vacation in November.

A autumn trip, between October and November, is ideal for those who prefer less crowded periods and considerable savings.

Put your swimsuit in your suitcase, get ready to dive into crystal clear waters and choose the destination you prefer!

Important: the 10 destinations that I have selected are all suitable for a holiday in the months of October and November, but keep in mind the climate changes, and budget for the possibility of some rain in some areas.

Destinations to go to the sea between October and November

Seychelles: sea in November

Among hot destinations to go to in the autumn period we find the Seychelles, where best months are just October and November, calm sea and no algae.

You can visit the three main islands Mahè, Praslin, La Digue, or choose one to spend the whole holiday and enjoy the almost deserted beaches in these periods.

Mauritius: mother in November

Mauritius has a tropical climate, with two seasons: summer from November to April and winter from May to October.

For a beach holiday in November, Mauritius is extraordinary, in fact summer begins and temperatures rise. The island is not overrun and is therefore a great destination where to go on vacation in the fall.

Madagascar: mare in Novembre

Another special destination for a trip to November and the Madagascar. Summer begins, the weather is hot but the wet season is only just beginning, so it is an excellent choice for enjoy the sea in November.

If you are looking above all for sea and relaxation, the perfect destination for your autumn holidays is Nosy Be, a small island with crystal clear waters and dream beaches. It is the best season, sun, heat and little rain, mostly at night.

Cape Verde: sea in November

Also the archipelago of Cape Verde is one of hot destinations most recommended where to go in November. It is located in front of the coasts of Senegal and can be reached in about 6 hours by flight. Leaving in autumn for Cape Verde is ideal, as the dry season begins and the rainy season ends.

Thailand: sea in November

In the list of 10 destinations for a trip between October and November, Thailand could not be missing. The best period is from October to February, characterized by a mild climate, little rain and with splendid sunny days. The rainy season is officially over, you can visit Bangkok, take a tour of the North and relax in Phuket o Krabi.

Instead, avoid the area of ​​Ko Samui, Koh Phangan and Ko Tao, where between Ottobbre and December is the rainy season, especially in November they become torrential.

Maldives: sea in November

Are you looking for a dream place by the sea in November?

The Maldives may be for you, you will find fewer people and cheaper prices. Usually October - November is a good period, even if it could happen a few rainy days, so I recommend doing at least 10 days, so as to reduce the risk of bad weather. Otherwise even better if you plan your Maldives holiday for the end of November.

Kenya: mother in November

Another destination not to be missed is Kenya. October and November are excellent months to enjoy the Kenyan sea, it is the end of the short rains and we are heading towards summer. In October the heat is not exaggerated and it is great, at the end of November the heat begins to increase.

Zanzibar: sea in November

As for Kenya, also a Zanzibar, the months of October and November are great for escaping into the heat. The period is that of small rains, which however occur in the form of short showers, so you can enjoy the wonderful sun that you will find for the rest of the day.

In this period we go towards the summer, with dry and very hot weather, so I would say that if you are looking for a place to go on holiday in October or November, Zanzibar is perfect !!

United Arab Emirates: sea in November

We are almost at the end of this wonderful list of places where summer never ends, impossible to exclude from the list the Arab Emirates, in particular Dubai, really suitable for an autumn holiday. From October to the end of March is the best time to take a vacation in the Arab Emirates, dry and windy climate. Also don't miss Abu Dhabi and a desert excursion.

Brazil: sea in November

We conclude this virtual autumn escape with the must of the tropics, Brazil! In November, do not miss a Brazilian holiday, where the seasons are reversed and we go towards the summer. In this period the North East area is better, with higher temperatures than in the South.


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