Where to go for a trip or vacation in May

If you haven't had the opportunity to take a vacation in April or during the winter, take advantage of the good weather and low season to go on vacation in May.

This month offers lots of sunshine, mild weather and you can find many beautiful destinations with idyllic beaches and warm sea. But where to go on a trip or vacation in May?

May destinations in Europe

In Europe, the weather is starting to feel pleasant and the sun is warming up the different countries again. During this period, temperatures in the Mediterranean basin regions become increasingly pleasant, and in some areas the temperatures are almost summer-like.

This period is the ideal time to visit southern and western Europe: in May, you can find cheap flights to most European destinations.

Austria, right now, is shaking off the winter temperatures and is starting to have a dry and sunny climate, with temperatures generally above 20°C.

Scotland is also worth a visit, as during this month it enjoys maximum sunshine and blooming flowers add more beauty to its already beautiful landscapes.

Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and all of southern Europe are also beginning to feel the warm temperatures of spring.

In Portugal, on the other hand, summer temperatures are almost upon us, inviting visitors to relax, stroll and explore the country.

It is also time to visit Albania and its magnificent beaches, which in May already enjoy bright days and warm sunshine.

Also not to be missed are southern Spain and Greece, which enjoy beautiful days with excellent temperatures, still not too high as in midsummer.


Spring has not only started with us. A trip to make in this period to better appreciatethe city in all its splendor is a trip to discover Moscow and St. Petersburg. Temperatures are now quite acceptable, the first warmth of the year favors the visit of many tourists from all over the world, before the arrival of the sultry heat of July and August, especially in Moscow.

Towards the end of the month,the spectacular white nights begin, which last until July. The light, the colors of the night, the lively atmosphere of this short period of the year make the city of St. Petersburg a magical place.

The art you will find in these two cities is full of history and richness that can only be found in a few places in the world. You will spend your days among St. Basil's Cathedral, the Red Square, the Bolsoj Theater, the Kremlin, the Fly and theHermitage, the Winter Palace, the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Sea, the Cathedral of St. Isaac, the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

Find out about the weather you can find in Moscow and St. Petersburg to pack the right clothes.

To check the prices of flights to Moscow in Maygo all'cast while those of St. Petersburgto this page.

We also offer youan alternative, cheaper and closer,where to go in May. You could take a trip toCroatia, among its islands, its numerous natural parks distributed between the mainland and the various islands, where you can spend relaxing moments in direct contact with nature.

One of the most spectacular parks in Croatia is located in the region of Lika, it is thePlitvice Lakes National Park. Proclaimed by Unesco as a Natural World Heritage Site, the park covers almost 20,000 hectares of territory, most of which are covered byforests, from which emerge 16 karst lakes crystal clear waters with reflections of blue to green, placed in steps at different levels andconnected to each other by more than 90 waterfalls, which animate the silence of this heavenly place. The park can be accessed on foot through multiple paths or by car with a different itinerary.

Where to go for a trip or vacation in May

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

For those who want to go even further, you cantravel through Croatia to Dubrovnik, which has become a world heritage site for the beauty of its historic center. Areal treat for Croatia.

In the heart of the city, surrounded by walls, numerous squares and churches are revealed in all their splendor, palaces of various styles influenced by different historical eras and its famous harbor overlooking the blue Croatian sea. Dubrovnik was initially located on a rocky islet, connected to the mainland at a later stage, today it is visited by numerous tourists from all over Europe. Very frequented by cruise ships crossing the Mediterranean during the summer months.

Where to go for a trip or vacation in May

Croatia, Dubrovnik

Take a look at the temperatures and weather you can find in Croatia in the month of May.

May destinations in Asia

In Asia, some of the recommended destinations at this time of year are Bali, but also all of Indonesia in general (with the exception of Sumatra, where rain is still frequent), and finally Japan, which experiences warm and pleasant weather.

China may be a good destination to visit in May depending on the area you are considering. You can also visit South Korea, Tibet and Uzbekistan.

May destinations in Africa

In Africa, it is a good time to visit the inland areas of North Africa, such as the deserts, before the sweltering summer heat arrives. A trip to Reunion Island offers sunny weather with pleasant temperatures and tolerable humidity levels.

Cape Verde is certainly a good destination, rainfall is infrequent and the sea temperature is around 25 ° C in this period. Excellent destinations are also South Africa, Algeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Senegal and Tunisia.

May destinations in the Americas

In Latin America, the Caribbean, Guadeloupe and Martinique and even the Bahamas are still welcoming in May, before the rainy season begins. You can also visit the United States and Hawaii.

In South America you can visit Bolivia, where the rainy season ended, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. It is also a good time for Central America, and especially the west coast of Mexico.

Where to go for a trip or vacation in May
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