Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

If you are looking for the best destinations to go on vacation in May, this is the article for you.

May is a great month for a beach vacation, there are several countries with mild weather, still with few people and with low costs.

But May is quite unpredictable, therefore, it is necessary to choose the right destination very carefully. because not all destinations allow you to take a vacation in the sea and it is more complicated to find places nearby if you are looking for the heat and the sea.

In this guide we make a general review of the different destinations where to go to the sea in May, from the closest to the farthest; we will see in detail which are the best and we will analyze every aspect of the trip.

Sea in May: where to go on vacation in springtime

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

May sea in Europe

In Europe it is not so easy to find a place with high temperatures in May, especially in the Mediterranean the weather remains variable and often the sea can still be cold.

However, there are some destinations that in addition to the beaches offer plenty to do and see and are perfect at a time that is still low season and with temperatures that are not excessively high.

Those who like to swim in a warm sea, between 18 and 22 ° C, can travel to Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes, Greece, southern Portugal, Tunisia, Cyprus, Canary Islands or Italy.


Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

Among these is certainly Greece, in particular we suggest Crete and Rhodes.

Spring is one of the best times to go to Crete, the right time to visit the archaeological sites of the island and admire the beaches still with few people.

The water will not be very warm, around 20 ° C, but if it is not too cold you can also swim, especially in the last week of the month. In general, however, you can stay on the beach and sunbathe. I recommend staying in the area of Chania ( Chania ) and surroundings, close to the most beautiful beaches.

Rhodes and in particular the resort of Lindos is an excellent alternative for a spring vacation. Here, too, the water temperatures are not yet high and you do not know if you can swim in the sea, you also need a bit of luck.


Cyprus is the best location in the Mediterranean for those who want to spend a vacation in May that combines sea and culture. The climate is excellent, rainfall is rare, temperatures are mild and the sea is suitable for swimming. The summer season officially starts in May, especially if you choose the last weeks of the month. The summer season officially begins in mid-May.


Beloved Italy can be a wonderful spring vacation destination. However, it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions that can change suddenly.

Sicily in this period is the best choice. The outside temperatures are pleasant, on average around 25 ° C degrees, while those of the sea should reach 20 ° C. There are many islands that you can visit even with day trips, such as the beautiful Favignana.

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

In May it is preferable to plan an itinerant vacation in Sicily, to discover the island and its main attractions and not limit yourself to the sea, as the weather can be uncertain. And if the weather is favorable you can also enjoy a few swims or in any case if the days are sunny you will be lucky to enjoy the quiet beaches.


Malta is just below Sicily, so more or less the same is true. Outside temperatures as early as May will be mild and pleasant and, if you travel out of season, you can experience the island's beaches and nearby Gozo and Comino without the summer crowds.

There is no certainty about swimming here either and it also depends on your degree of tolerance to cold, if you are not cold you can dive into the waters of the Maltese archipelago.

However, Malta is not only sea but offers many activities: the historical center of Valletta, St. John's Cathedral, the megalithic temples, Mdina, Rabat, etc.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of Spanish islands located in the Mediterranean off the coast of eastern Spain. Not far from North Africa, they offer a pleasant climate even in May.

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

They have the advantage of being very close, reachable in about an hour flight. In general, in May, especially from the middle of the month, you can stay quietly on the beach and swim, if you are not too cold. With such a beautiful sea it will be really difficult to give up a dip in the water!

Moreover, May can be ideal to discover naturalistic landscapes, especially on the island of Menorca.

Canary Islands

The last European destination I present to you is in my opinion the best option where to go to the beach in May. I am talking about the Canary Islands, known as the islands of eternal spring.

Although the ocean water is never too warm in the Canaries, in May the outside temperatures are on average high, it's great and swimming is possible, as in most months of the year.

I just recommend choosing the Canary Island that best suits your needs, evaluating its characteristics and peculiarities.

Asia in May: it can be done!

Contrary to what you might think, there are many destinations in Asia that can be used during the month of May, although most of them in this period are subject to monsoons. However, if you choose the right area, you will have no problems and will be able to enjoy the tropical beaches at your leisure. Evidently you will have to be prepared to face several hours of flight.

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation


Indonesia is one of the Asian countries that during the month of May is not touched by the monsoons and offers an enviable climate, perfect for a vacation by the sea and beyond.

In particular, one of the best destinations is Bali, a wonderful island that offers a little bit of everything: beaches, activities like snorkeling and surfing, naturalistic attractions and many temples.

The months of greater tourist affluence are July and August; May is ideal because the island is still not very crowded and the climate is generally good. Temperatures are high, can reach 32 ° C, rainfall is rare and the sea is warm.

And if you are looking for beaches and dreamy sea, take a look at the Gili Island, 3 small islands that can be reached from Bali in about an hour and a half by boat.

In May, the warmest sea is found on the beaches of the Seychelles, and in Bali, Indonesia with a temperature of 29 ° C.

Sri Lanka

Another beautiful island that I recommend for a trip in May is Sri Lanka, also known as the tear of India. May is one of the best months to visit Sri Lanka, there are not too many people, it is not too hot and it is the ideal time to admire its wonderful nature. During this period the best beaches are those on the east coast: Uppuveli, Nilaveli, Passikudah, etc.

Sri Lanka is perfect for all lovers of temples and ancient cities, but it is also a paradise for nature lovers, there are several parks where you can make a photo safari and see many animals, including the leopard.

If you decide to go to Sri Lanka I recommend my DIY Guide to Sri Lanka.


Thailand is a must on this list, a destination I particularly love, full of spectacular beaches and both naturalistic and cultural attractions.

The important thing is to choose the right area. In May it is preferable to avoid the Andaman Sea islands, while you can visit the gulf islands: Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan.


For Malaysia, the same discourse applies to Thailand. In May, the monsoon hits the west coast. On the contrary, the east side is perfect for a beach vacation even in May. The recommended islands are only the splendid Perhentian, Redang and Tioman.

May sea: African islands

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

There are several islands off the African coast that are good for a beach vacation, some of them not even too far away.

The Cape Verde archipelago that's exactly what I was talking about, a destination that can be reached in about 6 hours by flight, with pleasant temperatures, sunny days and beautiful beaches. Also consider that May is less windy than other periods.

Moving on to the east coast of Africa, we find Madagascar. In particular the island of Nosy Be, located off the northwest coast of Madagascar.

Nosy Be is ideal for a beach vacation in May, you will find sun all day, little rain, beautiful sea and lots of nature.The best time to visit the island is from mid-May to October, the first two weeks of May. are good, but there could be risk of tropical cyclones, although they are very rare.

Staying in East Africa we cannot overlook the Seychelles, an archipelago of more than 100 islands and islets.

The climate of the Seychelles is tropical and warm all year round. May is no exception and is perfect for visiting the archipelago, in this period there is little wind, the sea is generally calm, temperatures are pleasant and rainfall is low, only a few sporadic storms.

May sea in the Caribbean

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

In the Caribbean, the rainy season officially begins in June and ends in November. However, consider that the period of greatest hurricane risk is from late August through October.

Therefore,May is still a good time for a beach vacation in the Caribbean.

Among the most recommended islands to make the most of your stay are undoubtedly the Bahamas, an archipelago of 700 islands, a paradisiacal destination and sought after by tourists from all over the world. In particular, Exuma is the best area of the Bahamas in May.

May is also a good time to go to Cuba, temperatures are still not too high, rainfall is scarce and the days are mostly sunny. In addition, in May you can also find excellent deals.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Varadero and Cayo Largo, but also visit the real Cuba: get lost in the alleys of Habana Vieja, visit the colonial city of Trinidad and admire the lush nature of Viñales.

United States

We conclude this virtual world tour with 2 destinations in the United States, which you could also combine for a wonderful honeymoon!

The United States may not be famous for its idyllic beaches, but don't forget the archipelago. Hawaii. May is a month with little rain and temperatures averaging 30 degrees. Keep in mind that in Hawaii you can swim all 12 months of the year.

If you want to have average temperatures ranging between 25 and 28°C, we recommend you to go to Reunion Island, the Bahamas or Florida (in the United States of America).

Where to go to the Sea in May, on Vacation

Finally, another destination I suggest is Los Angeles, the sea is not that of the Caribbean, but the beaches are unique! Generally May offers almost always sunny days.


As you have seen, there are many possibilities for a seaside getaway in the month of May. However, I remind you that the weather is increasingly unpredictable and I also recommend that you check the weather histories of the last few years for each destination you wish to visit, at least to get a rough idea. In any case, you should also have a bit of luck and know how to adapt. In the end, without a hint of excitement, what kind of trip would it be?

If you need more information and advice you can write me privately or comment on the article I will be happy to answer you.

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