Autumn: it's time for rafting

Autumn: it's time for rafting
In Tuscany, near the green and wonderful Garfagnana, rich in history and immersed in the Apuan Alps, a breath away from the sea and crossed by the Serchio river, there is the very green Val di Lima, which every year attracts many passionate outdoor and river sports such as Rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Riverplay. The RiverPlay is a summer activity that allows young and old to discover through the passage on foot but above all by swimming in the Cocciglia gorges, the upper part of Lima, where the water remains deep and clear even in the months of drought due to the steep limestone rocks that feed the river with dozens of streams flowing through the mountains around. The landscape is unique and spectacular, enriched by huge caves like open-air cathedrals sculpted solely by natural forces, by gorges with crystal clear water up to 12 meters deep where it is possible to dive even very high, go upstream and then be transported downstream. , climb and dive into the foamy bubbles of a rapid. This sport can be both fun and relaxing, as well as adrenaline-pumping, since the possibility of diving (from 15 meters in height) is completely optional. The activity lasts about two hours and is practically a natural water park.
Riverplay in Garfagnana
The rafting activity begins in the autumn period and continues until the months of June / July, in this period the classic stretch is navigated with two routes, one lasting about an hour and a half and the other about two hours and half. The shipping companies provide all the equipment, wetsuits, helmets, life jackets and everything needed to get off safely. A Rafting guide formed by the Italian Rafting Federation and patented with an international license recognized all over the world by the International Rafting Federation will teach the techniques to paddle and sit correctly on the "Raft", the inflatable boats used for descending rivers. From spring to autumn you can practice Canyoning, the descent of water courses on foot, or learn the art of balance on the water with the Kayak instructors, through full immersion courses or simply hourly lessons ideal for exploring a whole new and fascinating world. In every period of the year the environmental excursion guides will be able to accompany you in the trekking of one or more days making you explore the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan Apennines with routes suitable for everyone, from easy to challenging according to the requests of the hikers. To book an activity we found the website of this certified shipping company at the page, where you can view the photos of the excursions and request the one that suits you best through the calendar. 2021-09-09T11: 26: 25 + 00: 00 by "When to"

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