The Caribbean is a joyful riot of beautiful islands, an escape from everyday city stress that brings you closer to an unthinkable culture, with many wonderful beaches where you can do various outdoor activities. The Caribbean is a region made up of 7000 islands (of which less than 10% are inhabited) made up of a lively and intoxicating profusion of people and places, and lapped by turquoise waters.

In the Caribbean many aspects are shared throughout the islands but there are also many things that make them different and unique. In the Caribbean Sea the various islands are characterized to a greater or lesser extent, for example there can be no more contrast between the socialist island of Cuba and the nearby Cayman Islands, which have always been tax havens. With a long enough trip you can discover all that is most typical and authentic of the Caribbean.

Everything has an intense color, from the blue sea to the white beaches, to the woods so green and bright, the colors in the Caribbean are always very bright. Swim under the clear blue waters among fish and corals, stroll along the sand and stop at the various bars and kiosks on the beach, decked out with bright decorations and enjoying a rum punch in your glass. Go hiking in an emerald desert or admiring the red orchids and yellow parrots. The food is also colorful, the local markets are enlivened by the colors of local products creating rainbows of fruit.

The Caribbean is a mix of colors, from the common festivals full of colors like the carnival celebrated in all the islands, to the birds that flaunt their plumage of a thousand colors. When you arrive in the Caribbean, you leave your gray and black wardrobe in the hotel or in the villages, and immerse yourself in a palette of all colors.

A trip or vacation to the Caribbean can be very varied and complete, from an adventurous trip to a relaxing vacation, no matter what you are looking for, here you can find everything you could want from a trip or vacation. With so many islands, various beaches, different cultures, unique flavors and spectacular waves, combined with a fabulous weather, all this is the Caribbean.

Activities in the Caribbean can be very different, from doing nothing on the sand to partying at resorts, from exploring a new port of call hopping around the various islands to discovering the wonders of the sea. Surfing or enjoying a centuries-old culture, everything is good to awaken the nature of the pirate inside to discover the most colorful and flourishing region on earth.

Saint Martin, the French Caribbean island - Photo from Istock

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