Castles and ghosts: the 5 most haunted places in Italy

    Castles and ghosts: the 5 most haunted places in Italy
    The ranking of the 5 most haunted castles, prepared by the network of mysterious sites

    The binomial castles and ghosts It's always a winning combination. Even in Italy there are well-known legends and others less known, here are the most popular ones according to the internet. mysterious places.

    Among the houses and mansions that satisfy the noir taste of lovers of the genre are the Castillo de Castellammare di Stabia, in the province of Naples, the Castle of Montebello (Rimini), the Swabian Castle of Trani in Puglia and the castle that rises above the waters of Lake Bolsena and therefore the Castle of Gropparello, a few steps from Piacenza.

    On the slopes of Monte Faito is the castle of Castellammare di Stabia, a fortress probably founded by Frederick II of Swabia, here you can still hear the lament of the mysterious castellan who, out of love, allowed himself to be convinced by a brave man. soldier to open the castle to the enemies and, immediately abandoned, he committed suicide from the fortress. Its origin dates back to the year 1400, when this woman guilty of high treason committed suicide but she never left the castle walls, dedicating her time to terrorizing the men who were there.

    In addition to this imposing fortress, there is a list of exciting castles. the montebello mansion. Here lives, so to speak, a little girl with pale skin and blue hair. In the powerful fortress, which was the scene of numerous battles, mysteries persist related to the name of this girl, daughter of a certain Uguccione, feudal lord of Montebello in 1375, protagonist of sad news. The little girl disappeared and was never found again, probably the little girl born albino was separated from her or eliminated from her precisely because of her particular nature and from here all the stories about her still wandering around the castle were born.

    In Trani at the castle. Visitors can see the ghost of Armida, a beautiful but unhappy woman, who appears wearing a dark gray dress. Her soul was trapped in the Swabian castle of Trani, because she, married to a man she did not love, gave herself to a knight she passed by. Her husband, owner of the castle, killed her lover and locked the woman in a room in the castle, where she let herself starve to death.

    en Castillo de Bolsena, near Viterbo, there is a hall wonderfully decorated with frescoes on the walls, called "of the ghost"; In this room the visitor immediately feels uncomfortable, he feels observed by an evil gaze and it makes him want to escape. It seems to be the ghost of the local nobleman who remained in the castle after being murdered and who is still present in the castle hall today.

    The castle of Gropparello, a few steps from Piacenza, was the scene of particularly bloody events, in particular it is remembered that in 1200 Pietrone da Cagnano had his wife Rosaria Fulgosio walled up alive, accused of being the mistress of Lancelot Anguissola. The spirit of the castellana, trapped within these walls, wanders around scaring the clients. Some nights, thanks to the wind, it is possible to hear female screams.

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