Eleuthera, one of the best vacation destinations in the Bahamas

The island of Eleuthera is part of the Bahamas Islands and, thanks to its tourist offer and its particular pink sand, it is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean and, of course, in the world. Its name derives from the Greek word "eleuteros" which means free.

It is a long and narrow island, located just one mile east of Nassau, bordered on one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Atlantic.

Eleuthera offers pink sand beaches surrounded by shallow waters, a natural indoor swimming pool populated by tropical fish and turtles, sublime shades of blue, endless fringes of fine sand, wonderful marine life and a warm tropical atmosphere ... It is the perfect image of a holiday paradise.

What to see in Eleuthera

Glass Window Bridge

"Glass Window Bridge" means "glass bridge". This beautiful stone arch that connects the north with the south of the island is also often called the "Narrowest Place on Earth". The bridge divides on one side, the so pure and translucent water of the Caribbean, on the other, the water of such a deep and eerie blue of the Atlantic. The contrast from side to side is just great.

You can get there by car or by bike. Before you go, you need to be aware of the strength of the waves on the Atlantic side, which can hit unexpectedly and with some force. Caution is advised.

Hatchet Bay Cave

Hatchet Bay Cave is the largest cave system discovered on Eleuthera so far. This approximately 1,5km long cave is filled with stalactites and stalagmites and looks like a real underground cathedral. Several centuries-old charcoal drawings still appear on the walls.

The cave extends over at least three levels and there are two separate exits. The path connecting the two entrances is fairly straightforward, with minimal opportunity for an adult to get lost. To make the most of this visit, it is advisable to do it with a guide.

Leon Levy Nation Plant Reserve

This 12-hectare sanctuary was created by the Bahamas National Trust (which manages all national parks in the Bahamas) and the Leon Levy foundation. It is the first Eleuthera National Park, created with the purpose of protecting the plants of the Bahamas, mangroves and wetlands.

Join a guided tour to learn more about the history of Bahamian flora and fauna, the use of plants in traditional medicine, and these amazing natural environments.

Dunmore Town

Visit the charming town of Dunmore Town, which was the first capital of the Bahamas in 1648! The quiet streets can be explored on foot or by golf cart, which can be rented on site.

Stroll through the streets lined with pretty pastel-colored wooden houses, enter art galleries and shops, sit quietly on a restaurant terrace, a must on Harbor Island!

Preacher’s Cave

Located north of the island of Eleuthera, the Preacher's Cave is known for its history and beauty. After getting stuck not far from there, on the cliff called Devil's Back Bone, the "Adventurers of Eleuthera", a group of Christians seeking religious freedom, found refuge in this large cave, which eventually became their home. Today islanders and travelers come to the cave to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful Tay Bay beach, a stone's throw away.

Gregory town

Gregory Town is a seaside village with a very friendly atmosphere. This village is very popular with travelers and is also legally visited by Lenny Kravitz. This is where the Pineapple Festival. Take advantage of your stop in Gregory Town to enjoy a tasty pineapple pie or the famous pineapple liqueur, or to see pineapple plantations throughout the city!

Governor’s Harbour

Welcome to the capital of Eleuthera! Governor's Harbor is the largest and one of the most beautiful towns on the island of Eleuthera, with its Victorian-era homes built on Buccaneer Hill. Here the atmosphere is friendly and everyone says hello!

Explore the streets on foot, take a painting class with Donna Allen in the 19th century pink library, go watch a movie at Globe Princess, the only cinema on the island, swim on one of the magnificent beaches that line the city

Rock sound

The famous "Blue Hole" is a huge circular submerged freshwater cave that communicates with the ocean, located in Rock Sound (south of the island). Inside is a multitude of fish that were caught in the sea by the locals long ago, then released in this cave! You can have a picnic and enjoy a nice refreshing swim.

Eleuthera Beaches

Magnificent beaches await you on the islands of Harbor Island and Eleuthera ...

La Pink sand beach, a stunning 4,8m long beach, its famous pink sand and lagoon as far as the eye can see are among the most beautiful natural attractions on Harbor Island. It has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world on several occasions.

Lighthouse Beach it's another magical place. The beach is super big, the view is breathtaking and above all the sand is pink! And if you continue a little to the left, you will have access to an equally magnificent second beach, surrounded by graceful limestone headlands. The path to get there is long and challenging, of course, but as they say, the game is worth it!

Surfing enthusiasts meet at Surfer’s Beach on Eleuthera. Eleuthera can also boast of having a beautiful pink sand beach, French Leave Beach, right next to Governor's Harbor.

Discover a paradisiacal setting a Preacher’s Beach: the colors of the lagoon are breathtaking! Then Gaulding Cay Beach, Rainbow Beach, Alabaster Bay, Twin Cove Beach... The list is obviously not exhaustive and in these two islands beautiful surprises await you ...

The Best Time to Visit Eleuthera

The high season of Eleuthera runs from November to June. In fact, many resorts, particularly on Harbor Island, close in September and October.

June to mid-November is the time for tropical storms, so check its hurricane policies with your accommodation when booking.

Summer can also be very hot and muggy unless you're on the breezy coast. For the best rates, you should avoid the peak season.

How to reach us

Eleuthera has three airports: North Eleuthera Airport (ELH) receives the majority of traffic from the United States due to its proximity to Harbor Island. Governor's Harbor Airport (GHB) is used by passengers to travel to the capital and the central part of the island. Rock Sound Airport (RSD), on the other hand, is located in the south of the island and receives fewer flights.

How to get around in Eleuthera

It is one of the easiest islands in the Bahamas to navigate. Eleuthera has good, straight and easily passable roads. Cars can be rented both at airports and at some resorts. Driving is on the left side of the road. There is no public transport in Eleuthera.

A short water taxi ride from the northern end of the main island is required to get to Harbor Island. Once there, you can move around on foot or by golf cart.

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