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When to go to the Bahamas, Best Time of the year

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We are located north of the Caribbean Sea in the crystal clear waters of Florida, on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, this is where the 700 coral islands of theBahamas archipelago are located.
The ideal trip to discover them is the one that jumps from island to island, to explore all the varieties of their naturalistic environments, pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters rich in coral and colorful fish and tropical vegetation present everywhere. You can set sail in a moment from New Providence and the capital Nassau, accessible from Florida, where you can enjoy a lively life in the cosmopolitan world among clubs, museums and galleries, or feel the energy of its people during the colorful Junaknoo Festival on New Year's Eve or on the occasion of carnivals and musical events often organized also during the rest of the year.

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Then travel to wilder islands such as Long Island, the more pristine nature of Inagua and its flamingos in the National Park. Or you can join the countless sandbanks lost among the crystal clear watersof the Abaco Archipelago or the Berry Islands to immerse yourself in the rich underwater world, the tranquil oasis of Cat Island, the spectacular coral reef of Blue Holes on Andros Island, or venture out to fish in the thriving waters around the Bimini Islands

. Each island of the Bahamas offers something different, on the site page www.bahamas.com you will find all the information to get to them and about the activities to do on site.


As in the rest of the Caribbean, the climate in the Bahamas is tropical. Temperatures are high all year round, with values ranging from 24 掳 C in January to 32 掳 C in August and minimums that on average do not fall below 16 掳 C during the winter. Mitigated by the trade winds, the climate in the archipelago varies slightly between the northernmost and southernmost islands. In the north, rainfall is more abundant in the rainy season from May to October, and temperatures during the winter are cooler and the days are windier. In the south, in addition to low rainfall, summer temperatures are very high and the air becomes particularly muggy. From June to October, the Bahamas are affected by short-term afternoon thunderstorms, which, therefore, does not particularly affect your vacation; but towards the end of the summer, particularly between August and October, tropical cyclones and hurricanes can hit the islands

affecting the Caribbean area. The sea water is warm all year round, with temperatures ranging between 24掳C and 29掳C, warmer in the southern waters.

The best time to travel to the Bahamas is from mid-November to April. In the southernmost islands, the summer months are also good, avoiding the cyclonic period of September and October. In the northernmost islands, in January and February, it may be too cold for a beach vacation.

Therefore, choose carefully the islands to visit depending on their location and the period in which you have decided to travel.

For more details on precipitation and average temperatures

see the following data.

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