Hammamet, the Tunisian city you absolutely must visit

A short distance from Italy, but on another continent, lies a true paradise that is perfect for holidays: welcome to Hammamet
Hammamet, the Tunisian city you absolutely must visit
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The splendid sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčHammamet

Changing continents and discovering lands that are culturally different from ours - but which are actually a stone's throw from home - is easier than you think. And it is by landing in places that are real jewels, where the sea is a dream and where the architecture evokes poetic landscapes.

To do what has just been said, just get on board a plane and fly to Tunisia, interesting country in North Africa which among its many tourist destinations hides one that is a real treasure to discover: Hammamet.

Hammamet, useful information

Hammamet welcomes the visitor with its distinctive jasmine smell which then accompanies him throughout his stay. Located south-east of Chief Bon, on the gulf of the same name, is a destination particularly loved by local and international travellers.

And no, this is not surprising because this city, founded during the Roman era, is full of history and paradisiacal corners, so much so that over the years it has been the destination of numerous famous tourists. We are talking about illustrious politicians like Winston Churchill, and fairy-handed writers like Gustave Flaubert.

In our country, however, Hammamet has become particularly known for being the last home of the socialist leader Bettino Craxi during his hiding, from 12 May 1994 until his death in January 2000. It is no coincidence, in fact, that many compatriots come here to pay him a final farewell, as he rests in the city cemetery.

What to expect

The name alone, Hammamet, invites total relaxation, that which regenerates and makes you feel good: it derives from hammam, the famous and fascinating Arab thermal complexes, because here there are a series of springs from which waters with therapeutic and regenerating properties flow, those that are able to make us perceive well-being both on a physical level and for the serenity of the spirit.

Hammamet, the Tunisian city you absolutely must visit
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The roofs of Hammamet

This peculiar Tunisian city, however, is also something else like white beaches lapped by a sea which, due to its clarity, invites you to take as many swims as possible, as well as many water sports. Hammamet, after relaxing in its spa, even pushes you to discover its vibrant nightlife made up of clubs, DJ sets, and festivals of international importance.

And then its ancient monuments, such as those warmly protected by the walls of Medina, one of the most spectacular in the whole country, which are witnesses of an indelible and glorious past.

What to see in Hammamet

Hammamet welcomes you with the blue of the sea, the gold of its beaches, the white of its buildings which, like those of Greece, are decorated in blue and the bright green of its vegetation. A mixture of colors which immediately makes you feel good and encourages you to discover the soul of the city even more deeply.

To do this you must necessarily start from Medina which between narrow streets and stalls full of shades leads, step by step, to ancient monuments that leave you breathless.

An example of what has just been said is the imposing Strong, called the Kasbah in Arabic. Built to protect the city from possible invasions from the sea, you can visit it by walking among its ramparts from where you can admire a breathtaking view of the intricate alleys of the Medina and the waves of the sea.

Unmissable in the city is the Dar Sebastian International Cultural Center, housed in one of the most beautiful villas built in Hammamet. Suffice it to say that when the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, entered it for the first time he was so amazed by the luxury and elegance that he stated that it was the most beautiful house he had ever seen.

Marble, columns and large spaces make it a true masterpiece which today hosts concerts during the summer months. A little curiosity: Winston Churchill he chose her to write his memoirs.

Then again the new area of Yasmine, which is located between the Port of Kelibia and that of El Kantoui. Made up of large green spaces, parks and typical shops, it also offers a parade of very modern hotels and entertainment venues.

Hammamet, the Tunisian city you absolutely must visit
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The Kasbah in the Medina of Hammamet

The sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčHammamet

As we mentioned above, Hammet is also famous for hers great beaches lapped by a turquoise Mediterranean. To be honest, they are not all a paradise: unfortunately public beaches, in some circumstances, have unsatisfactory levels of cleanliness.

The private ones, however, are jewels of pure beauty, with a lively atmosphere and all the services you could wish for. With sandy and soft seabeds, they are perfect for young people, families with children and pensioners, also thanks to the fact that the fabulous sea is generally calm.

What to see in the surroundings

The surroundings of this peculiar Tunisian city are also exciting. In fact, there are many destinations to include in your itinerary. One of these is located a few steps from the city and is called Pupput. It is an archaeological site from the Roman era which preserves the remains of baths, domus with peristyles, fountains and mosaics of excellent workmanship, as well as inscriptions, installations, a theater and an amphitheatre.

A very important area, as it is just 300 meters from the point where it was discovered the largest Roman necropolis in Africa.

Very beautiful it is too Nabeul, or the ancient Neapolis, which is known as the Capital of Ceramics. In addition to being an enchanting coastal city, it is also the ideal place to be inundated by a unique mix of culture, local traditions and beautiful beaches.

Then again Kairouan, the ancient capital of the Agabite emirs, but also the fourth holy city in the Arab world. Its nickname is "city of three hundred mosques", and it is no coincidence that it attracts many visitors because of its Uqba Great Mosque, one of the holiest places for the Islamic religion. The so-called is certainly no exception Barber's Mosque where, according to tradition, one of the Prophet's closest friends was buried, having buried a lock of his beard with him.

Finally, it is worth taking a trip to Kelibia, a coastal city that offers interesting monuments, such as the imposing 6th century Byzantine fortress that overlooks the port, archaeological remains and beautiful, pristine beaches.

In short, Hammamet and its surroundings they are a destination to absolutely take into consideration.

Hammamet, the Tunisian city you absolutely must visit
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Sunsets on Hammamet beach
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