At the seaside in Tunisia, from Tabarka to Monastir

    At the seaside in Tunisia, from Tabarka to MonastirTime to take a nap and you find yourself on the long, white beaches of Tunisia. Yes, because there is more than Djerba. Much more

    Less than two hours' flight from Italy, the tunisia offers more than 1300 km of coastline. With 300 days of sunshine a year, it is one of the most recommended places for those who want exotic beaches, crystal clear sea and, above all, a low cost holiday.

    The most famous and busiest resort in Tunisia is Djerba, an island south of the country in the Gulf of Gabes. Besides Djerba, however, there are other seaside locations, some quite well known, such as Hammamet, Monastir and Port El Kantaoui, others much less known and therefore absolutely recommended for those discovering unexplored shores. Among these, Sousse, Tabarka, Gammarth and La Marsa.
    Hammamet, whose name derives from hammam, 'bath', is a place of enchanting sea frequented all year round. It is located north-east of Tunisia and, for centuries, has been a holiday destination for well-known personalities, from Churchill to Flaubert to Craxi. There are so many hotels and tourist resorts and you are spoiled for choice. In addition to the long beaches, the town is very pleasant, tidy and full of shops, clubs and restaurants.

    A little further south, on a point, it is located Monastir, Where the sea is beautiful. Simply drive along the panoramic road to discover wide beaches of fine sand and the magnificent Marina Cap-Monastir. Just opposite there are two small islands, the island of Sidi El Gadamsi and the island of Lostaniah, but also the archipelago of island in Kuriat, a nature reserve. In Monastir the beach is not the only attraction. There are the ramparts of the medina, the mosque and the ribat (monastery-fortress), which became the backdrop for numerous films, including Star Wars. South of Monastir is located mahdia, with a clear and warm sea.

    Between Hammamet and Monastir there are other Tunisian seaside resorts. Port El Kantaoui, with its splendid marina that welcomes sailing boats from all over the world. Here it doesn't seem to be in a desert area, but in an immense one garden full of bougainvillea, jasmine, oleander and an infinite number of other flowers. It's also the golf paradiseThe Marsa, a seaside resort with beautiful colonial-style villas and numerous restaurants. Sousse, the third largest city in the country, sheltered by the fortifications, the medina and the souks maintain an entirely Mediterranean rhythm, together with the exceptionally sunny climate and the quality of the beaches.

    A few hours from Tunis, the capital, it is located Gammartha modern seaside resort which seduces with its beaches and the quality of its hotel and entertainment infrastructure.

    It's somewhere else entirely Tabarka, north of Tunisia, just opposite Sardinia. Small fishing port renowned for coral and the cork industry, today it is a popular station balneary, nestled on a coastline where large ones alternate rocky peaks e lunghe beaches of fine sand. It has preserved numerous Phoenician and Roman remains. Immersing yourself in protected seabed it is possible to admire the small porcelains attached to the walls flowered with gorgonian fans and populated by lobsters, sea bass and groupers.

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