In Tunisia the amphitheater is a copy of the Colosseum

    In Tunisia the amphitheater is a copy of the ColosseumIn Tunisia there is the El Jem amphitheater which is the perfect copy of the Colosseum in Rome

    In the heart of Tunisia there is an amphitheater that is the copy of the Colosseum. This is the most famous monument in El Jem, a Roman town called in ancient era Thysdrus. The amphitheater is considered the third largest after those located in Rome and Capua and is one of the most famous structures in Africa.

    It was made later the Colosseum of the capital and shaped to be his twin. Today its facade with three-level galleries is still intact and shows the splendor and grandeur of the Empire. The amphitheater it is 36 meters high and contained more 30 thousand spectators. Its construction began in the third century at the behest of the proconsul Gordian I, who became the Emperor of Thysdrus around 238.

    The elliptical shape is the same as the symbol of Rome. It is located inside a 65 meter arena, surrounded by stairways, arches and characterized by complex underground chambers. Over the centuries the amphitheater has represented the symbol of El Jem and has been theater of great historical events. Shows with gladiators and chariot races took place within its walls, while during the Ottoman Turkish fights, a large part of the population found refuge in the underground, hiding among the many tunnels and cells created by the Romans. Today the Colosseum of Tunisia is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

    The monument remained intact, despite the passage of time, until the seventeenth century. Later some stones were stolen for the construction of the village of El Djem and to realize the neighbor mosque of Kairouan. Despite this, almost all the structures inside have been perfectly preserved. Not only the steps, but also the podium wall, the basement and the arena. Since 1979 the ruins have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today the Festival international de musique symphonique d'El Jem takes place every year in the "copy" of the Colosseum.

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