Holiday in Kelibia: enchanted port on the Tunisian coast

    A trip to the ancient Phoenician port of Kelibia, the coastal town will amaze you with its incredible beaches and its ancient and fascinating history

    Holiday in Kelibia: enchanted port on the Tunisian coast

    The small and charming city of Kelibia it is located on the eastern coast of Tunisia, in the incredible landscape and naturalistic setting of the Cape Bon peninsula. A small port with an ancient history, Kelibia presents some interesting monuments and archaeological remains, as well as being characterized by some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in all of Tunisia.

    The town currently has over forty thousand inhabitants and its economy is mainly based on tourism and the intense activities of its busy port. Characterized by a truly pleasant, warm and breezy climate for most of the year, the town of Kelibia is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

    Although the municipality of Kelibia was established quite recently, in 1957, the coastal town has a history that has its roots in the ancient world. In fact, Kelibia owes its name to a Phoenician port that stood in this area, known as Clupea, and over the centuries numerous civilizations have left their traces on this territory, including the Romans and the Byzantine Empire.

    The town of Kelibia has some important monuments, which testify to its ancient and fascinating past. We recommend you visit the enchanting and imposing fortress known as Kelibia Fort, most likely dating back to the 16th AD, which was built in order to protect the port and allow ships coming from all areas of the Mediterranean to be monitored. The perfectly preserved fortress is located on a hill of over one hundred meters and in its area there are the remains of some Roman buildings and a chapel which is believed to have Byzantine origins, inside which numerous historical documents and some manuscripts are exhibited .

    The fort, with its austere and ancient appearance, is undoubtedly the most important monument of Kelibia and constitutes its symbol. In the southern area of ​​the Fort there is a faro, from which, on days with clear skies, it is possible to observe the magnificent panorama of the Capo Bon coast, but not only that. In fact, from Kélibia the Italian island of is often perfectly visible Pantelleria, which is located at a distance of less than seventy kilometers from the Tunisian coast.

    Near the Fort it is also possible to visit the remains of an ancient one Roman Village, where some splendid mosaics representing hunting scenes have survived the wear and tear of time. The center of the town of Kelibia develops towards the hinterland, and is characterized by the presence of a series of modern buildings, which arise in a predominantly agricultural and rather fertile territorial context. The Capo Bon area is in fact famous for its vast cultivations of vines, tobacco and various types of legumes.

    Il coast of Cape Bon, on which Kelibia is located, is one of the most beautiful, evocative and uncontaminated stretches of North African coast and is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating coastal areas of the entire Mediterranean Sea. The enchanting beaches of Kelibia are in fact characterized by crystalline and clear waters, by very fine and sparkling white sand and by kilometers and kilometers of free and practically deserted coastline, perfect for those who love the sea without having to be immersed in a crowd of bathers .

    The landscape of Kelibia in fact presents the typical characteristics of the Tunisian coast, and although it is truly enchanting, it has fortunately remained for a long time outside the large tourist flow typical of the area, thus managing to retain its uncontaminated charm. The dry and breezy climate of the Kelibia coast is perfect for all those who love the sea and long days spent lazily lying on the beach, as well as for taking long and relaxing barefoot walks immersed in a truly evocative naturalistic context. The breathtaking view of the coast, surmounted by the beautiful Fort, will certainly steal your heart.

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