Here we explain how to access this little Italian paradise.

Faraglioni beach, where the Scopello tuna fishery is located, is a magnificent place, where nature and history meet.
Here we explain how to access this little Italian paradise.
Scopello beach with tuna fishery and batteries: how to access

Il paradise It is not far away, in Italy there are many places that seem to come out of a dream: from cities where you can breathe history and art, to places that are true wonders of nature.

In fact, it is not surprising that Bel Paese is one of the most loved destinations by tourists from all over the world, because wherever you arrive, your eyes will be surprised by a stunning landscape. Like that of a a totally italian paradise, one of the most charming places among the many that dot the country and its islands. And it is precisely in one of them where Scopello Beach, known for its suggestive battery, for tuna fishing and for the clear, crystalline water: an essential stop if you are planning a trip Sicilia, for a day that fills the view with beauty in the middle of nature.

The Faraglioni beach of Scopello

Scopello is located about forty kilometers from Trapani and is a place where time seems to have stopped. It is a small village in the municipality of Castellamare del Golfo, inhabited by about a hundred people. Here it is one of the most beautiful beaches in western Sicily.

To access the beach you have to go through throne, one of the oldest on the island. Suffice it to say, in fact, that the first buildings date back to the 13th century, while the one we know today was built around the 15th century.

The cost of entry into the tuna fishery amounts to $15 during the high season, while it is $10 In low season you can visit the museum (takes about 30 minutes) and access the area. There is a maximum number of daily accesses, to protect this place where nature and history meet and offer visitors a paradisiacal environment.

I piles emerge from the waters and at the top they have typically Mediterranean vegetation while the beach consists of a platform: this makes it the perfect place for all ages. The seabed is full of rocks, so the effort is worth it.diving armed with a mask to also admire its crystalline waters.

When to go there? Always: the Sicilian sea has no season. To get to the beach just cross the Guidaloca bay and take the road towards Scopello.

Scopello and surroundings: the wonders not to be missed

Not only tuna fishing and Faraglioni beach: there are many around the village of Scopello places to visit. After all, Sicily is a concentration of dream places and experiences to live: between sea, nature, art and food and wine delights.

For example, you can visit the Zingaro Reserve Open every day from 7 a.m. to 19,30:XNUMX p.m. and where there are beaches, walking trails and caves. And then Castellammare del Golfo, a center of great interest for its architecture, its history and the traditions that are renewed during the holidays, as well as for the surrounding environment full of places to visit. EITHER Segesta, an ancient city with a temple and theater dating back to Hellenistic times. From here it is possible to enjoy a unique panorama.

Many places to discover and flavors to taste, for total immersion in a land of inexhaustible charm.

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