Holidays in our mountains, Alps and Apennines

    We entered the autumn and all ski, mountain and snow enthusiasts already dream of the first days in the various Italian ski resorts. Italy is a country with a wide and varied offer for those who love skiing. From the Alps to the Apennines there are hundreds of ski resorts, each of which deserves to be fully experienced.

    You can only opt for 1 day or for one weekend, or for those who have more free time available the classic White week which distinguishes the winter holidays, especially those of the Christmas and New Year period.

    All ski resorts have hotels and lodges where to stay overnight, with cozy restaurants where you can taste local cuisine and delicacies. Furthermore, all the ski lifts are close to the accommodation facilities and the slopes are easily accessible. Great for all who will go on holiday with the whole family, including children.

    For those who just can't help but ski, there are ski resorts with lifts already open, such as the Stelvio where it is possible to ski even in summer. Basically all of them the ski resorts will open between November and December and the forecasts announce a season full of snow. We wish everyone happy holidays in the beautiful Italian mountains.

    Holidays in our mountains, Alps and Apennines
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