Holidays in Senigallia: what to do and see, where to sleep and how to get there

With about thirteen kilometers of golden sand, Senigallia is one of the most sought after seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast. If you too have decided to spend a splendid beach holiday in Senigallia, let's see what to do and see during the holiday, but also where to sleep and how to get there.

Senigallia is one of the largest seaside resorts in Italy. The city offers its vacationers wide sandy beaches, for an clear sea e many summer eventsin addition to a complete offer of accommodation facilities between hotels and campsites, bathing establishments, bars, restaurants and discos.

However, Senigallia offers much more than wonderful beach holidays: you can visit well-preserved Renaissance palaces, churches and archaeological sites covered with frescoes; you can ride a bike all over the city; enjoy the best ice cream in Italy or simply savor the delicious and typical Marche cuisine.

Sports lovers here will find the ideal place where practice numerous sports activities such as: swimming, windsurfing, beach volleyball, water skiing, tennis, horse riding, bowling, football, basketball ... If you are looking for tranquility and postcard landscapes, just head towards the nearby inland hills and get lost among the fields of sunflowers and the cobbled alleys of neighboring villages.

What to do and see in Senigallia

Unlike many seaside resorts developed in the last century, Senigallia has a history dating back thousands of years, having been founded by a Gallic tribe in pre-Roman times. One walk in the historic center it's a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon away from the beach.

Fenice Archaeological Area

Start with a visit toFenice Archaeological Area, located under the theater of the same name, where you can discover the remains of Sena Gallica, the Roman core of the city.

Rocca Roveresca

Crossing the historic center you will undoubtedly notice the huge Rocca Roveresca, a fortified castle that was also there ancestral home of the Della Rovere family, the family that ruled Senigallia in the Renaissance period. The fortress can be visited and also used as a location for art exhibitions.

Duke's Palace

Another historical building it is the Palazzo del Duca which stands in front of the Rocca Roveresca. It was used as a representative residence by the Della Rovere and their illustrious guests, who could admire the military parades that took place in the square from the windows.

Inside, the Hall of the Throne it is embellished with a splendid coffered ceiling, painted by Taddeo Zuccari.

Portici Ercolani

In the 18th century, Senigallia was at the center of the thriving Adriatic trade and hosted the famous Magdalena Fair which contributed to the development of the city.

Senigallia points of interest dating from this period include i Portici Ercolani, a row of covered arcades built along one of the banks of the Misa River which flows into the port. The arcades were built to house the many merchants who would come to the fair to sell their goods.

One of the most interesting features of the porch are the 126 arches made with white Istrian stone. Today, the space under the Portici Ercolani hosts the weekly market every Thursday morning.

Foro Annonario

Another interesting attraction is the Foro Annonario, a neoclassical round square surrounded by arcades that is still the site of the daily fruit and vegetable market.

Palace Bavaria

Don't miss Palazzetto Baviera, a Renaissance palace located just around the corner from the Rocca Roveresca - with an unassuming appearance from the outside, absolutely breathtaking inside.

The Palazzetto was the home of the noble Baviera family, who clearly spared no expense when it was time to decorate the interiors: the ceilings of the upstairs rooms were all decorated with splendid stuccoes by the local artist Federico Brandani.

Penelope statue

Don't miss the Penelope Statue. This beautiful sculpture is located at the end of the Porto di Levante pier. Many people define the Penelope Statue as "the little mermaid of Senigallia". The sculpture depicts a woman rising from the sea, waiting on the dock for her lover to come home to her.

The Church of the Cross

It is a splendid cathedral dating back to 1608. Inside you will find a beautifully detailed ceiling with the symbols of the Cross and the Eucharist. The main altar is covered with a gold-embroidered tabernacle. Inside there are six other altars that contain religious works dating back to 1600 and 1700.

Velvet Beach

Senigallia is famous for its so-called “velvet” beach - 13 kilometers of fine golden sand, bathed by the aquamarine waters of the Adriatic Sea. The sea is always calm and the sandy bottom has a slight slope, which makes it Ideal for families with children and less experienced swimmers.

È the most famous beach in the Marche, one of the most sought after seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast, continuously awarded the Blue Flag for several years.

Rotonda a Mare

The Rotonda a Mare is the most famous tourist attraction of Senigallia, a pier with a circular pavilion at the end, built on the sea. La Rotonda was built in the 30s and over the years was used as a ballroom, restaurant, conference room and wedding venue.

Attend summer festivals

Senigallia is also famous for its summer festivals - first of all the Summer Jamboree, a two-week show of concerts and performances, dedicated to American culture and music in the 40s and 50s.

Another popular summer festival in Senigallia is the Deejay Xmasters, a free event dedicated to music and extreme sports, with performances by professional athletes and the opportunity to try activities such as flyboard, parkour, kitesurfing and aerial dance.

What to visit around Senigallia

Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are one of the largest underground cave systems in Europe. Discovered in 1971 by a group of local speleologists, this network of caves is known worldwide for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites spread along approximately 1.500 meters of accessible passages.

Guided tours lead inside huge chambers up to 240 meters high. The largest cave in this system is also one of the largest in Europe, known to locals as the "Wind cave".

Gradara Castle

Gradara Castle, dating back to the 20th century, remains one of the best examples of medieval architecture in the region, with an interior full of authentic furnishings that were extensively restored in the XNUMXs.

This medieval fortress protected by two walls is one of the most impressive structures in the area and it is the scene of regular cultural and musical events. Legend has it that this site provided a romantic setting for the tragic story of the lovers Paolo and Francesca, “immortalized” in Dante's Divine Comedy.


This pretty village, inserted among the "Most beautiful villages in Italy“, Is located on the hills just behind the coast, half an hour's drive from Senigallia. The double walls that surround the village are recognized as the most intact and impressive in the Marche and among the best preserved in all of central Italy.

Corinaldo is a delight to explore, a succession of narrow streets, panoramic towers and wonderful views over the hills. Not to be missed the Piaggia, the most characteristic view of the village, also known as the Hundred Scale.

Where sleeping in Senigallia

Hotel near the beach in Senigallia

Terrace Marconi Hotel & Spamarine - This four-star property is located on the Senigallia seafront, right in front of the Rotonda, the most popular area of ​​Senigallia. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with all modern comforts. You can relax on the beach or in the wellness center, complete with hammam, hydromassage showers and indoor swimming pool with sea water.

Hotel Palace - Located a 5-minute walk from the historic center of Senigallia, in front of the Rotonda a Mare, this hotel is highly regarded for its excellent location. The property offers free bicycles for exploring the coast and the town's beaches.

Raffaello Hotel - This beautiful property, a stone's throw from the station, the historic center and the beach, boasts a rooftop terrace with a panoramic swimming pool.

Hotel Tritone - It is located right in front of the beach, a few steps from the urban bus stop leading to the city center. The property also offers convenient parking, free bicycles and a play area for children, much appreciated by customers.

Best budget hotels in Senigallia

Hotel Vienna - This family-run hotel, located a stone's throw from the sea, has a perfect location and excellent value for money.

Tourist villages in Senigallia

Benvivere Village - Its excellent location, a stone's throw from the sea and the bathing establishment, this tourist village is perfect for families. The free private parking and the bicycle rental service are very convenient.

Where to sleep in Senigallia with children

Conchiglia Hotel - The hotel is a 5-minute drive from the Senigallia railway station and a few meters from the sea. Thanks to its playground and games room, it is the ideal place to sleep in Senigallia with children.

Sleeping in the countryside of Senigallia

Monterado Castle - This historic structure dates back to 1732 and once belonged to the Duke of Urbino. Inside you can still admire the original frescoes, while outside you will find a summer swimming pool, a chapel and ancient woods.

Naturaverde Country House - This is a beautiful and peaceful property immersed in the green countryside, near Senigallia. There is also a children's play area, barbecue area, garden and outdoor swimming pool.

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How to get to Senigallia

Getting to Senigallia is very simple from all over Italy. You can easily reach this beautiful Italian seaside resort in several ways. Here are some tips to get to Senigallia:

  • by car - using the 'Senigallia' exit of the A14 motorway. If you want to rent a car on arrival, you can book it on
  • on the train - the Senigallia station is located in the center, in front of the Rocca Roveresca, a stone's throw from the seafront. If you want to find offers for train tickets, you can book on
  • on a boat - if you arrive by boat, you can moor it in the Della Rovere tourist port
  • by plane - you land at Ancona-Falconara Airport, located a few kilometers from Senigallia. If you want to find offers for airfare, you can check the rates and book on
Holidays in Senigallia: what to do and see, where to sleep and how to get there
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