How to organize a trip to Colombia

Colombia is a land full of unmissable places. Here's how to organize a trip and some useful information.
How to organize a trip to Colombia

Twelve hours of flight from Italy to enjoy a land rich in colors, flavors, folklore and magic: a trip to Colombia It must be thought out in an organized and detailed manner, without omitting any details. This is not because it is a dangerous land (despite its famous history), but because it remains a country marked by violence, which necessarily entails some attention. There are many reasons to visit Colombia.

What will really surprise you Colombia are places to visit, the smile of its people, the warmth with which they will welcome you both in the smallest trattorias and in the large hotels. Discover through this SìViaggia guide how to organize a DIY trip to Colombia, what is the best time to visit Colombia, its food, characteristic cities and useful tips to flood your eyes and your heart with typical Colombian vitality.

Cities to visit in Colombia: destinations you should not miss

You're thinking about leaving and you're wondering what to visit in colombia? Without a doubt the cities of him. In addition to the rich area of ​​vegetation and forests that we will talk about, it is good to start your trip by discovering the secrets and most characteristic places of Colombian towns. The ideal is to dedicate at least a couple of weeks to visit it in its entirety, but some tour operators concentrate many interesting stages in seven days. Here we leave you a list of the most beautiful cities to visit in Colombia.

What to see in Bogotá

A large metropolis, often chaotic and - as expected - dangerous for tourists who do not slavishly follow the travel tips. However, don't let this scare you and go ahead and discover Bogotá, which is so eclectic and particular. One of the most beautiful and recognized neighborhoods is La Candelaria, the center of the city. Here you can breathe Colombian authenticity, thanks to the presence of the main square and the Bolívar Cathedral Square.

Looking up you can notice Montserrat, a church overlooking the mountain that can be reached by a funicular: from there you will enjoy a truly impressive view and be able to take many unforgettable photos. Although it is practically the most "popular" neighborhood for tourists, La Candelaria is not safe at night, so it is always recommended visit him during the day or with a certified tour guide. Another truly characteristic neighborhood is Usaquèn, famous for its street market, a true tourist attraction. A trip to Colombia can be a challenge, but it is worth it.

How to organize a trip to Colombia
Trip to Colombia: cities you shouldn't miss

Villa de Leyva in Colombia

Considered as one of most unique cities in all of ColombiaVilla de Leyva can be reached from Bogotá by tourist buses. Alternatively, know that traveling by car in Colombia can really be an incredibly exciting experience! You can rent a car from a guaranteed center directly in Colombia, or book it in advance from Italy. The costs are not excessively high, but take into account the distances between the cities, which are considerable.

Once you get to Villa Leyva, you will feel transported to the past. This charming colonial town needs at least a couple of days to be properly visited, both to appreciate its architecture and its more naturalistic soul thanks to its proximity to Lake Tota, where it is also possible to camp.

Pablo Escobar's city: MedellĂ­n

A modern, lively, well-kept city with many services: Medellin It exploits its strengths in favor of tourism, sometimes bordering on the grotesque. He certainly doesn't sweep the story of the world's most famous and infamous drug trafficker under the rug, Pablo Escobar, which focuses on real tourist tours of the city. The most incredible of all is organized by none other than Escobar's former driver, a man who has a past of violence and murder behind him but who, today, has "rediscovered" himself as a tour guide. Incredible true? However, MedellĂ­n is also and has really beautiful areas to discover.

Cartagena and Santa Marta

Cartagena It is a wonderful center, a true wedding gift that needs a few days to be properly visited. From here you can easily reach the Santa Marta area, where contact with nature predominates and where it is possible to relax on one of the many beaches, bathed by a wonderful sea and perfect for those who also love water sports. In Santa Marta visit Tayrona Park by taking a bus or by car, a natural paradise and one of the most popular destinations for those who decide to take a trip to Colombia. Exotic animals, indigenous populations and a Caribbean Sea in a truly evocative environment. Not to be missed.

San Andrés, the paradise of Colombia

Palm trees, islands, coconuts and a lot of relaxation: this locations in colombia It's everything a tourist could want. This paradise in the Colombian Caribbean is nicknamed "the sea of ​​seven colors", and it is easy to understand: this island is irresistible for those who love to relax on the beach and for those who want to practice water sports. Fine white sand, Caribbean water and the spirit of Colombian rumba: San Andrés is a must-see stop, more than recommended!

Traveling to Colombia: is it dangerous?

The answer to this question, like many others, is: it depends. TO trip to Colombia It has dangers like in all South American cities, so it is essential not to create problems. Therefore, try not to attract too much attention, especially in big cities. Take out your camera only when you need it, without hanging it around your neck, and behave in a warm and smiling manner with its inhabitants.

Don't arrive completely unprepared and learn a few words in Spanish to communicate in smaller stores: the effort will be appreciated. A trip to Colombia can also be made by women, adopting the same precautions as above.

Traveling to Colombia: costs, vaccines and useful information

What are the costs for a trip to Colombia? Well yes, we have reached the end of the article to reveal it to you. Know that Colombia offers advantageous packages depending on the budget to be spent, thanks also to the presence of very cheap accommodation (10 euros per night) and to life in general, which goes smoothly even with a thin wallet. If you don't want to spend a lot on food, for example, focus on the delicious empanadas: with only €4 or €5 you will have your stomach full with more than acceptable portions and undoubtedly super delicious. If you are wondering what is the Characteristic foods to taste in Colombia., prepare a pencil and paper: here are some instructions!

  • Empanadas: fried panzerotti stuffed with cheese, meat, sausages and much more.
  • Ajiaco: soup made with corn cobs, leaves, potatoes and accompanied by chicken, avocado and rice. A delicacy.
  • Arepas: tortillas corn always based on meat.
  • Picada: grilled meat with papa criolla (potato) and guacamole
  • Bandeja Paisa: single dish with beans, minced meat, fried pork rinds, avocado, rice, chorizo, egg.
  • Fritter: sweet pancake.

And how can we not mention coffee? Also known as “tinto,” the coffee is black and long in the American style and is also found in the form of espressos and cappuccinos.

However, from a purely medical point of view, it is not necessary to travel to Colombia. compulsory vaccinations. However, it is advisable to follow preventive prophylaxis, taking into account vaccinations against hepatitis, tetanus and typhoid fever. The yellow fever vaccine is also not mandatory, but consider it with your primary care doctor.

If you intend to travel from big cities and discover the wildest and most natural areas, you can also add vaccination against malaria. It is not certain that you will be in contact with animals, but one of the possible recommended vaccines is also against rabies. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are a real pest in the area and transmit diseases, although not serious, but annoying. In addition to vaccinations, also consider taking out travel medical insurance that covers hospital expenses.

Trip to Colombia: what to bring?

It's time to pack your suitcase: is there anything essential to put in it to visit Colombia at its best? As we said before, a mosquito repellent It really can become your best friend some nights, but the advice certainly doesn't end there. Below is a detailed list of what to bring for a trip to Colombia.

  • Umbrella or k-way: Due to the climate that varies from one region to another, it is possible to encounter torrential rains. Always go out with a raincoat to keep in your backpack.
  • Essential items for the beach: swimsuit, beach towel and sun cream.
  • Hat to avoid heatstroke.
  • Comfortable shoes to visit cities.
  • Photocopies of all your documents in case of loss.
  • Adapter for foreign plugs.
  • Prescriptions for prescription drugs.

Regarding the latter, prepare a detailed list of the medications you plan to take in your hand luggage and also on board the plane, so as not to be caught off guard in any eventuality. Antipyretics, antibiotics, antidiarrheals but – above all – the desire to have fun and embark on an unforgettable experience. trip to Colombia.

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