In Italy there is the Golden Mile road: it is beautiful

In Campania there is a stretch of road full of natural and architectural beauty, the spectacular Golden Mile
In Italy there is the Golden Mile road: it is beautiful
Villa Campolieto, one of the beauties of the Golden Mile

Walking is an activity that relaxes you and makes you feel good about yourself. Simply walking is thought to be enough to achieve this well-being, but the surrounding landscape can also make a difference. When we talk about charming places, we can't help but think about golden mile, a street whose name alone makes it clear how special and particular it is. To take advantage of its splendor it is not necessary to travel abroad or travel very far to reach exotic places, simply stay in Italy and, in particular, discover one of the most fascinating views of the Campania.

Where to admire the beauty of the Golden Mile

There are many who have had the fortune of traveling the Golden Mile, starting in the 18th century when this curious name indicated a section of the Carretera Estatal 18 Tirrena Inferiore, also known as the “Royal Road of Calabrie”. Formerly the Golden Mile was the one that ran from the city of Ercolano to Torre del Greco, while today it has been "extended" to Portici and Torre Annunziata. What does the precious metal have to do with this? Gold is the "symbolic" of the oranges, lemons and tangerines that can be admired in the gardens on this route, but also of wealth. from a landscape and historical point of view.

In Italy there is the Golden Mile road: it is beautiful
The porticos of Villa Campolieto, one of the palaces on the Golden Mile

Furthermore, along the Golden Mile not only nature emerges, but also splendid period buildings, specifically the Vesuvian villas of the 18th century. Is about 122 buildings Built between the 18th and 19th centuries, all equally majestic and protected by the Vesuvian Villas Authority: in addition to their beauty, they have gone down in history for an element they have in common, the image of San Gennaro engraved in one of the rooms. . to protect the inhabitants of Vesuvius.

Rococo and Baroque: the distinctive styles of the Golden Mile

How did we get to an incredible 122 villas in just one mile? It all started with the construction of King Charles of Bourbon's summer palace in 1738 in Portici. The nobility of the time did not want to be left behind in terms of prestige and it was decided to call the best architects of the time, to Luigi Vanvitelli a Fernando Fuga. Living in a villa surrounded by such a romantic and fascinating landscape, in addition to the mild and pleasant climate all year round, were the details that convinced the nobles to build on the Golden Mile. The architects themselves allowed themselves ingenious solutions in a true triumph of Barocco and style Rococo of the gardens.

After many years, they have kept their charm intact, to the point that they have even become spectacular film locations: this is the case of Villa Campolieto, in the municipality of Ercolano, which is located in a panoramic position on the side facing the sea and which appears with its frescoes in the film "Operation San Gennaro" by Dino Risi, and in an episode of the drama "The Priest's Hat ". Even today you can relive the same magical atmosphere of the past. The view is stunning, you can see the sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples and glimpse each other. Capri, Ischia and Procida. It is one of the places that we most envy in the world and of which we should be proud, a "simple" mile that as a whole contains many treasures of great value.

In Italy there is the Golden Mile road: it is beautiful
The frescoes of Villa Campolieto, Herculaneum
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