Lake Cornino, postal of Italy

A jewel of beautiful blue-green colors, immersed in the heart of a Grifoni oasis reserve, it surprises with its charm and becomes unforgettable.
Lake Cornino, postal of Italy

It is a turquoise pearl of exceptional colors, located in the mountainous area of Forgaria in Friuli, in the province of Udine, a magnificent place that illuminates the gaze while observing it and that cannot be forgotten.

This is the Cornino Lake, the perfect destination for a trip outside the city dedicated to nature and relaxation, a cozy corner of paradise in the heart of a nature reserve rich in fauna and flora.

All the charm of Lake Cornino

The enchanting fairytale-like lake has been well formed 10.000 years ago during the retreat of the ice: it has no outfalls or tributaries, however, the underground circulation of the springs that come from the karst phenomenon of the aquifers, dilutes the water arriving from the Tagliamento River and also guarantees the lake a particular transparency. as an always constant temperature between grades 9 and 11.

Small world immersed in uncontaminated nature, home of the Gamb贸n River, which surprises with its clarity of its waters and the intense colors: the rocks are covered with blue-tinged algae while the seabed is covered with green algae.
And, during the Christmas period, here is a gem: looking carefully through the crystal-clear water you will be able to spot an evocative underwater nativity scene.

Pride of the area, it can be easily visited in its entirety with an agile vehicle. ring road on a dirt road suitable for everyone. The itinerary, which lasts approximately one hour, allows you to surround the lake, admire it from the panoramic platform located on the provincial road, make a pleasant stop in the shade of a grove of trees in the area equipped with tables and benches, and walk along a section, the Tagliamento.

In fact, the route also includes the possibility of extending the route by next to the river bed, an absolutely recommendable idea: the spectacle of the river, shaped by the corrosive action of water, is truly evocative, dotted with gravel bars and islands with vegetation, a symbol of the indisputable power of water.

Cornino Nature Reserve, Griffin's oasis

Lake Cornino, postal of Italy
Cornino Lake

The postcard-perfect turquoise lake is the pride of the Cornino Regional Nature Reserve, a protected area that extends for approximately 500 hectares between the municipalities of Forgaria nel Friuli and Trasaghis.

The rocky walls of the Carnic Prealps and the wide bed of the Tagliamento are guardians of a landscape and naturalistic context of true beauty, an oasis, since the 1980s, of the majestic griffon vulture, one of the largest in Europe, protected by an international project.
This species, in fact, is almost extinct in Italy but, right here, it has managed to give life to several nesting colonies (of 150/200 individuals) and survive: with a little luck, you will be able to detect them. flying over the lake, especially with the first light of the morning.

Thanks to the Visitor Center it will also be possible to get up close and personal with the taps and the actions taken to prevent their decay. IVisit Center AreaIn addition, it is a theme park with a Museum in the Reserve and an educational room with informative videos, a trail to get up close to fragile specimens of wildlife housed in aviaries and enclosures, an observation point for free colonies of griffon vultures and a shed for the ornithology, and a point of sale with books, gadgets, ice cream and drinks.

The Reserve and Lake Cornino are ideal to spend a day in close contact with nature, breathing good air and "learning while having fun".

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