Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera

Romagna is the southeastern part of the Emilia-Romagna region and also the more touristic one. On its coast called the Romagna Riviera, they arise some of the most beautiful and famous seaside resorts in Italy and Europe, like Rimini and Riccione.

All locations have sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing, doing pleasant walks by the sea, practice the various beach games and sports like beach volleyball or bowls, but especially perfect beaches for children to play and have fun.

The Romagna Riviera is also rich in monuments, from the early Christian basilicas and mosaics of Ravenna, to the buildings of Roman architecture in Rimini, but it also offers cultural and natural attractions, such as the Po Delta Nature Reserve. However, the main value of the Riviera are the wide and long sandy beaches, with a shallow bottom on the shore.

Much of these long and wide beaches offer equipped bathing establishments with sunbeds and umbrellas, rescue service, and bars and restaurants where you can drink and eat something during the long days on the beach. Some establishments also offer entertainment, boat rentals and water equipment.

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Holidays in Romagna also mean wellness and spas, the four main spas of the Riviera are: Cervia, Punta Marina, Riccione and Rimini. THE main ports of the Romagna Riviera with Cesenatico, Porto Garibaldi, Rimini, Comacchio, Riccione, Bellaria-Igea Marina, Cattolica, Goro and Marina di Ravenna.

For the nature lovers the Romagna Riviera offers six natural reserves: Pineta di Ravenna Nature Reserve, Cervia Salina Nature Reserve, Reno River Right Mouth Nature Reserve, Monte San Bartolo Nature Park, Porto Corsini Coastal Dune Nature Reserve and Ravenna Coastal Dune Nature Reserve and mouth of Bevano.

During the summer they take place numerous events and events. The main event is the Pink night, the "New Year of the Italian Summer", which takes place on the first weekend of July in all the towns of the Riviera. The many free events and concerts that accompany the event and the wonderful fireworks display along the 110 km of coastline, attract millions of tourists every year.

Holidays in Romagna not only beach, sea and lots of fun both day and night, but also forhospitality and good cooking, considered one of the best in Italy. There Romagna cuisine it is made of unique typical products such as Romagna piadina, homemade pasta, cured meats, fish dishes and typical dishes such as tagliatelle with meat sauce, all combined with good and precious wines.

In addition to swimming and to all watersports, one of the most practiced activities along the Riviera is the Cycling. There are various cycle paths both in the inland areas and along the promenades of the seaside resorts.

Seaside resorts on the Romagna Riviera

The most famous and important seaside resorts of the Romagna Riviera, starting from north to south, are respectively:

  • Ravenna (Casal Borsetti, Marina Romea, Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina Terme, Lido Adriano, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio)
  • Cervia (Milano Marittima, Pinarella, Tagliata)
  • Cesenatico (Zadina, Valverde, Villamarina)
  • Gatteo a Mare
  • San Mauro Mare
  • Bellaria-Igea Marina
  • Rimini (from Torre Pedrera in the north to Miramare in the south)
  • Riccione
  • Misano Adriatico (Misano Brazil and Portoverde)
  • Catholic
  • Gabicce Mare

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera

Resorts awarded with the Blue Flag 

The seaside resorts and related beaches on the Romagna Riviera that this year have been awarded with the Blue Flag are the following:

  • Comacchio - Lido Spina, Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazioni, Lido degli Scacchi, Lido di Pomposa, Porto Garibaldi and Lido degli Estensi
  • Ravenna - Marina Romea, Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina Terme, Lido Adriano, Lido di Savio, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe and Casal Borsetti
  • Cervia - Milano Marittima and Pinarella
  • Cesenatico - Zadina, Levante (Valverde, Villamarina) and Ponente
  • Bellaria Igea Marina - Igea Marina
  • Misano Adriatico - Punto Dieci, Porto Verde and Rio Alberello
  • Catholic - Queen of the Adriatic

Best places for seaside holidays in Romagna

Rimini: the perfect half for everyone

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Rimini - Emilia Romagna - Photo by Istock

Rimini is certainly not alone the most famous seaside resort of Romagna, but also one of the most important in Italy and Europe. Choosing to stay in Rimini allows you to take advantage of awide tourist accommodation offer and numerous events, especially during the summer season. In addition, the resort is easily and comfortably reachable from all over Italy by car, train, bus and plane.

Rimini's main attraction is its wide and long beach, with over 200 modern equipped bathing establishments. The area around Rimini offers an incredible playful offer for both day and night: amusement parks, water parks, various attractions, night clubs and discos of international importance.

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Most of the hotels are located on the seafront, a few steps from the beach and almost all of them offer full board or all inclusive, a very popular solution for families with children. A frequent service of city ​​buses connect all the promenade of Rimini with the railway station and the Riccione seafront. The locality is also a good starting point for visit nearby San Marino.

Rimini is also an important one spa and also one fair city, at the new Rimini exhibition center, important fairs are held during the year such as SIGEP, the International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Artisan Bakery and Coffee; Rimini Wellness and the Meeting between Friendship among Peoples.

Il Old Town, although generally ignored by most tourists, it has an important historical and cultural value, with precious monuments dating back to the Roman and medieval times, as well as pleasant avenues, squares, bars and various shops. Rimini is known as the birthplace of Federico Fellini, whose city remembers him with an important museum.

Riccione: for fun day and night

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Riccione - Emilia Romagna - Photo from Istock

Riccione, also known as "the green pearl of the Adriatic“, Is known all over the world for the beauty of its boulevards, its beaches, the quality of its seaside tourism and the wide range of entertainment and entertainment both during the day and especially at night.

- bathing facilities, extended along the entire coast, offer services for all tastes and for all age groups: young people, families and the elderly. On its wide beaches there are bathing establishments equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, lifeguard service, with bars and restaurants. Some also offer entertainment and rental of boats and water equipment.

Riccione is also the city of walks par excellence. The main streets to walk are Viale Ceccarini, the most famous street in Italy, e Viale Dante. Along the two avenues there are all kinds of shops, high fashion boutiques, bars, restaurants and various clubs. The seafront it is a long avenue, with an equally developed cycle path, which reaches the end of the city along the beach.

Like Rimini, here too most of the hotels are located on the seafront next to each other, a few steps from the beach. A frequent service of city ​​buses connect all the promenade of Riccione with that of Rimini, with its railway station as its terminus.

Having a very wide and diversified tourist accommodation offer, Riccione is perfect for beach holidays for young people and families with children. Also, like Rimini you can reach it quite easily and comfortably from all over Italy.

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Le main attractions they are the Aquafan, the largest and most famous water park in Italy; Oltremare, a marine and wildlife park; and the many important discos located on the hill in the inner city area, such as the historic Cocorico nightclub.

Riccione, together with Rimini, is one of the best known seaside resorts in Italy. With its many clubs and discos, attracts young people in search especially of night entertainment, but also families with children, thanks to its amusement parks and for the presence of many hotels they offer babysitter for children all day in the hotel and on the beach.

Despite its fame for nightlife, Riccione is a holiday city appreciated for its tranquility and for lovers of physical well-being, also given by the presence of a important spa center.

Cervia: for lovers of nature and tranquility

Cervia, with a coastline of 10 km of equipped beach, today it is one of the main seaside resorts in Emilia-Romagna. Almost every year four million tourists they arrive during the summer to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing beach holiday.

The city is characterized by sandy beaches and by 'extensive pine forest which surrounds the area, and which also includes the beautiful tourist areas of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata.

The tourist hotel offer is quite wide and varied. AND the fourth Italian resort with the highest number of hotels, almost 400 for a total of about 300.000 beds. It is also one of the nine main ports of the Romagna Riviera. The most interesting and touristic areas are the Old Town and marina, including all seafront.

Le main attractions of Cervia are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, built in 700, the Salt Museum, the Town Hall and the Tower of San Michele. The main event of the summer is the salt festival "Flavor of salt". For the occasion, guided tours of the salt pans are carried out both on foot and by boat.

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One of the most interesting attractions is the Cervia Natural Park, a green oasis of 30 hectares within the millenary pine forest of Milano Marittima, where you can spend a pleasant day outdoors with the whole family. Inside the park there is a kind of zoo with farm animals, a adventure Park and a refreshment area. To this day, the Pinewood of Cervia represents a heritage of considerable naturalistic interest, thanks to its highly varied ecosystem.

With the development of the Milano Marittima area, the presence of night clubs and outdoor dancing was banned from the center of Cervia, in order to respect the comfort of residents and tourists. The seaside resort of Milano Marittima it was built in the pine forest area north of Cervia. The southern seaside resorts of Pinarella and Tagliata instead they were added later.

Cervia is a quiet city, with a deep respect for nature and with a large number of cycle paths. In fact the city is also famous for its large number of bicycles that ride around the city, especially during the summer. It is definitely a more holiday resort suitable for families with children, quiet couples and the elderly looking for relaxation.

Cattolica: for families with children

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Rotunda of Cattolica -

Cattolica is one famous seaside town on the Adriatic coast, with a beach about 3 km long. The bathing establishments are well equipped and provide many services for the enjoyment of families with children. Cattolica represents thelast southern strip of Romagna, before the Marche begins.

The main attraction is theAquarium Le Navi, a system of aquariums in which many species of marine fauna are presented, as well as various finds that tell the story of navigation and the period linked to the pirates. Near Cattolica, in Gabicce Mare, there is one of the largest and most beautiful discos in Europe, la Imperial Bay.

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The main places to visit or where to take pleasant walks are the new tourist dock, the pedestrian center, the maritime port and the square of the sirens with the dancing fountains. In the city there are also important monuments such as the Church of Sant'Apollinare (XII century), the Watchtower, the Museum of the Queen, the Galleria di Santa Croce (XVI century) and the Malatesta Tower (1490).

Bellaria-Igea Marina: for cheap holidays

Bellaria-Igea Marina is a good choice to stay for those looking for one cheap and quiet vacation. It is one of the areas with many hotels, almost all located a few steps from the sea, and with a wide range of outdoor activities and numerous leisure activities.

The two locations together boast 7 km of wide beaches it's a shallow sea close to the beach, perfect for beach holidays for families with children. The beaches offer bathing establishments equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, bars, restaurants, play areas for children and playgrounds.

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You can reach Bellaria-Igea Marina both by car and by train, via the Ferrara-Ravenna-Rimini railway and which with regional trains serves the two stations of Bellaria and Igea Marina. There central position allows you to easily reach all tourist destinations and destinations on the Riviera.

Milano Marittima: the most fashionable place 

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Milano Marittima - Emilia Romagna - Photo from Adobe Stock

Milano Marittima is one very elegant and renowned holiday destination at the sea. Famous for its nightlife and daytime, it presents itself as a perfect destination for tourists looking for relaxation and silence. Conquer for its charm and its own truly unique atmosphere.

Famous throughout Italy, it is one of the most popular and popular destinations for young people for the famous beach parties during the day and for the presence of numerous discos, nightclubs and trendy bars. Milano Marittima is the ideal destination for holidays dedicated to fun and quality services.

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Ravenna: for history lovers

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Ravenna, Emilia Romagna - Photo from Istock

Ravenna is the town on the Riviera that has seen the greatest tourist growth in recent years. Considered the world capital of mosaic, Offers a delightful small town atmosphere as well as important early Christian monuments declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Ravenna can be easily reached by car but also by train. The city center is located 8 km from the Adriatic Sea. Within its ancient walls, Ravenna has one splendid historical center with the richest legacy of XNUMXth and XNUMXth century mosaics. For this reason, the ancient Christian and Byzantine religious buildings have been recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Le most important seaside resorts in the area are Lido di Ravenna, Marina di Ravenna and Lido di Classe. In general, all the towns along the coast have one good tourist accommodation offer, with holiday homes, tourist apartments and hotels, but also vast nature reserves and pine forests with campsites. There is also a wide nudist beach at Lido di Dante.

Punta Marina Terme is a fraction of Ravenna, an ideal destination for families with children and the elderly in search of tranquility. Also Lido di Savio it is a perfect area for holidays with children, but for young people. In the area there are three important attractions: the Mirabilandia amusement park, the MiraBeach water park and the Safari Ravenna wildlife park.

Cesenatico: a good alternative destination

Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
Leonardo canal harbor in Cesenatico (Emilia Romagna) - Photo from Istock

Once used as a port by the city of Cesena, today Cesenatico is one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Romagna coast. The main attraction is the Porto Canale Leonardesco, built in 1502 and designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The port channel is located in the center of the Old Town of Cesenatico.

Le more interesting destinations from a tourist point of view they are Valverde e Villamarina, on the southern coast, e Zadina in the north area. Both areas are surrounded by beautiful pine forests. The symbol of the city is a skyscraper 118 meters high. Completed in 1958, it was the tallest building in Italy until 1960.

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Lidos of Comacchio or Lidi Ferraresi

The Lidos of Comacchio, also called Lidi Ferraresi, are seven seaside resorts which extend over the 25 km of Ferrara coast, one of the most beautiful stretches of the Italian coast. Even if it is not actually part of the Romagna Riviera, it can be an interesting area where you can spend pleasant holidays by the sea.

The locations, fully inserted in the Delta Regional Park, are perfect for those looking for one holiday in contact with nature, beautiful beaches, tranquility, but also various entertainment and entertainment. The best places to stay I'm:

  • Lido delle Nazioni
  • Lido di Spina
  • Lido degli Estensi
  • Lido di Pomposa
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Attractions and amusement parks on the Romagna Riviera

  • Aquarium Le Navi in Cattolica it is the largest aquarium in the Adriatic and the second in importance and size in Italy. It is housed in a former marine colony close to the sea. The 100 tanks house about 3.000 copies of 400 species of fish such as sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, penguins, etc.
  • Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
    Aquafan Riccione water park

    Aquafan in Riccione is the most famous and largest water park in Italy. The park offers over 3 km of water slides for both adults and children, and the most modern water attractions in Europe. Numerous events and shows take place on the various summer days, even with major national and international guests. It also carries out some evening openings with the participation of great guests.

  • Atlantic in Cesenatico is a water park located near the sea with a good offer of swimming pools and slides for the enjoyment of adults and children. It is a perfect choice for relaxing and cooling off on hot summer days
  • Beach Village in Riccione is a water park directly connected to a bathing establishment with swimming pools and slides suitable for all age groups and for the enjoyment of the whole family.
  • Fiabilandia is an amusement park for children located in the Rivazzurra area of ​​Rimini. The park offers over 20 attractions and is one of the first Italian amusement parks. An ideal place for the whole family with fun live shows and lots of entertainment.
  • Italia in Miniatura is a park located in the Viserba Rimini area. 270 perfect scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces of Italy are exhibited. There are also various attractions, as well as various performances.
  • Seaside holidays in Romagna: where to go and stay, the best locations on the Romagna Riviera
    Entrance to the Mirabilandia amusement park in Ravenna

    mirabilandia, located in the Savio hamlet near Ravenna, is the largest Italian amusement park and the second most visited in Italy, with a large number of attractions and various shows, to spend a pleasant day full of fun. The park is suitable for everyone, both families with children, couples and groups of friends.

  • Aviation Museum Rimini is a real theme park where you can admire airplanes, helicopters and everything related to aviation. Over a 3 km route, over fifty historic aircraft from all over the world can be seen live.
  • Overseas in Riccione is a marine and wildlife park where hundreds of species of animals both of the land and the sea live and are protected. In the park there are also some attractions and various shows with farm animals, dolphins and birds are held. Next to the park is present Imax, a gigantic room where 3D cinema projections take place on a giant 600 m² screen.
  • San Marino Adventures, located between Rimini and San Marino, is the largest adventure park on the Riviera and one of the largest tree climbing parks in Italy. It offers routes of varying difficulty for both adults and children.
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