Summer festivals: guide to Italy from August 1 to 15

    From the Sagra della Sciuscella to the Passeggiata con l'Oco: from north to south there is something for all tastes
    Summer festivals: guide to Italy from August 1 to 15
    summer festivals

    Augusto is upon us and, in addition to the many possible destinations for holidays at sea or in the mountains, Italy offers several solutions for those who love them. festivals. From north to south, from the most traditional to the most innovative, for lovers meat and those who want to rediscover the poorer foods, here we present some tempting proposals spread throughout the national territory. All scheduled for mid-August.

    We start on day 1, with the Cuccia Festival a Hadrian's Palace (PA), where you can enjoy a traditional meal based on beans, chickpeas and wheat, seasoned with mulled wine. However, if you hunt Tuscan wild boars, since August 3 you can choose between Maremma and Valleriana: one Massa Marittima (GR) In fact, there is the Wild Boar Festival, Pietrabuona (PT) a Wild Boar Festival. Both leave on the same day, on the same day many kilometers further north it begins PorchetFest: always pork, but with the lovely view of Lake Endine. The location is Castle Monastery (BG), where we will celebrate From 3 7. more traditional capú party: a roll of cabbage, bacon and various vegetables served with Bergamo polenta. It is held in Couple (BG)il 3 5-August.

    In Calabria Instead, it will be marked on the calendar on the 4th, day of Chinese Pitta Festival a San Costantino Calabro (VV) y de Structure Festival a palms (CR). The fortieth edition of the event will be held on the 6th Sujaca Festival a Caria (VV). These are three simple and traditional dishes, the first two seasoned with anchovies, the last with chorizo ​​("suyaca").

    For August 6th There are also two events in Salento in honor of local traditions: a father (LE) if you have the Fiesta de la Sciuscella (poor dish based on eggs, cheese, parsley and breadcrumbs), a Ugento (LE) will be held instead Sagra you harmful things. Pizzica, taranta and typical dishes (pittule, stuffed pucce, spumoni) for a party that will last until the 7th.

    Land of excellent meats and surprising cheeses like Emilia-Romagna, celebrates seafood products in August: 3 5-August a soragna (PR) hay fish festival, August 14th a Cesenatico (FO) in the Rustida of large fishermen, who cook what they themselves found in the depths of the Adriatic Sea. TO st. Charles (FE), however, the August 9th part of the Pumpkin and hat party, a product perhaps more traditionally associated with this area of ​​Italy.

    Another area with a great culinary tradition, like Campania, offers many options: for those looking for the flavors of the past, there are the Farmers Flavor FestivalDe 3 7 in August a montecorvino (SA), is in Festival of ancient flavors from 12 a 18 August 2018 a Samnite joy (CE), for carnivores the Tripe and ham festivalDe 10 13 in August a Castel San Giorgio (SA), for vegetarians the Pumpkin Blossom Festival from 8 10 in August a San Rufus (SA)

    Close in Veneto, precisely in castelvero, Fraction Vestenanova (VR) where by 10 13 to August is carried out Town festival and beer festival.. Food and wine stalls, live music and, on Sunday the 12th in the afternoon, the central event of the event: the Walk with Oco.

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