Take an adventurous trip to Mongolia

    Take an adventurous trip to MongoliaMongolia, the perfect alternative to experience the wildest and most uncontaminated part of Asia

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    If you love adventure, take your backpack and fill it with heavy sweaters: the destination for you is there Mongolia.

    It's true, it's not the usual trip out of town with friends. This is about being truly daredevils because braving the freezing temperatures of Ulaanbaatar (-49°C) is not within everyone's reach. But, given that you can never be too careful, choose a season that is not too harsh to embark on this adventure (for example, the month of July): the less daring can still use guides and hire drivers on site!

    Mongolia is a region impervious but beautiful, made up mostly of plateaus overlooked by not too high mountain ranges often overlooked by splendid eagles.

    Furthermore, Mongolia is rich in artistic beauties such as Monastero di Amarbayasgalant or that of Erdene Zuu in the ancient city of Karakorum.

    If, however, you want to travel to see the Gobi Desert (to the south) remember that transport is poor and you will have to organize in advance.

    If you love the canoe, remember that Mongolia is full of rivers and many lovers of the genre choose to go there precisely for this reason.
    On the contrary, pitch your tent on the shore of one of the many lakes and enjoy the landscape: you absolutely won't miss the comforts of your home!

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