The Emirates conquer another record: the longest zip-line in the world

The longest zip-line in the world will open in December in the United Arab Emirates, on Mount Jebel Jais, and promises to undermine the records of that of Puerto Rico, currently the longest in the world.

"Fly like a bird and feel like a superhero." These are the experiences that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will try to offer by opening the longest zip-line in the world next December thanks to a company from Costa Rica.

This zip line represents "the first phase of an amusement park that will feature unique attractions in the world," said the executive director of the Toro Verde company of Costa Rica, who is in charge of the project in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.

So far, the detail of exactly how much it will measure has not been revealed, but the company assures that it will "far exceed 2,2 kilometers", a length that currently has "The Monster", the longest zip line in the world located in Puerto Rico, run by the same company.

This attraction is located on the Jebel Jais mountain, the highest peak in the Emirates, with 1.934 meters, located in Ras Al Jaima, near the northern border with Oman.

The investment for this initial phase is 2,5 million dollars and the project also counts as a partner the Ras Al Khaima Authority, which is responsible for supplying the land in its mountains.

Once in operation, the launch into the void with the single fastening of a cable will be possible for people of all ages, provided they weigh between 35 and 150 kilograms and a minimum height of 120 centimeters. The attraction will make those who wish fly in a "very safe" way up to a 'maximum height of 500 meters and to a speed up to 130 kilometers per hour.

The project includes two lines so as to be able to launch with friends and relatives. The position will be the classic angel flight position. After the dizzying descent, the adventurers will land on a platform suspended in the air from where they will continue through a second cable on their way back to the mainland.

The project has parking, transfer to the complex by helicopter - if desired - and a welcome center which includes a café, restaurant, lockers, equipment storage and offices.

The construction and maintenance of the Ras Al Jaima zip line, which will set a new record in the Guinness Book of Records, will be based on ecotourism and will have minimal impact on the environment, ”says Toro Verde's technical and operational director. The sun and photovoltaic materials will allow the generation of clean energy and visitors will be able to enjoy the landscape of the emirate in a complex that will use LED lighting.

The rocky and beautiful landscape of Jebel Jais provides an iconic backdrop for what will be a unique experience for people around the world.

Other record-breaking zip-lines

The Monster in Costa Rica

The cable of the main descent officially measures 2,206 meters, although the total of the attraction, with the different sections, according to the website, reaches 2.530 meters, the equivalent of 28 football fields. The Monster's longest route takes 2,25 minutes at an average speed of 52,6km / hour. The maximum possible speed is 150 km / hour.

The Sasquatch a Whistler, Canada

The Emirates conquer another record: the longest zip-line in the world
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