The sea in winter, wintering on the Italian coasts is back in fashion

    Currently, there are many beach establishments that remain open until Christmas. Now spending winter on Italian beaches is back in fashion
    The sea in winter, wintering on the Italian coasts is back in fashion

    At the end of the 19th century, many English people had chosen the Italian coasts to "winter."

    Proof of its presence are the numerous villas present in Liguria or Campania, such as Villa Pergola, owned by the Scottish general William Montagu Scott Mc Murdo. Even in the municipality of Alassio there was an English community that spent long periods in the area.. They used to land in Italy on their return from India and instead of returning to the fogs of London or the humid Scottish climate, they preferred to settle in sunny Liguria, an ideal climate that had bewitched them.

    After many years, from Liguria to Sicily, many beach establishments open from October. The winter beach is back in fashion, it is also present in Emilia Romagna 100 establishments open all year round that take advantage of global warming and the beautiful days present in normally cold months. After all, this experience has already been lived in Liguria and experts are willing to repeat it: "The English already came here to 'winter' at the end of the 19th century, after all the sea was born as a winter phenomenon rather than a summer." one".

    And so all the typical summer services are reopened: children's games, massages, sports, restaurants, fairs, parties and exhibitions. The summer swimming season lasts this year "officially" until October 28 in Emilia, but there are many establishments and clubs open until Christmas and Carnival. Enjoying the sea in winter is like returning to the past and the Balneari association has given the appropriate impulse by betting on activities such as tastings or heliotherapy to sunbathe while breathing the good sea air.

    Simone Battistoni, national vice president and president of Sib Emilia Romagna, also confirmed the trend: "Once the season lasted three months, most baths are now open from April 1 to September 30.”. In Tuscany there were even protests against the closure of factories at the end of September. “Many of us focus on well-being, including massages and whirlpools with sea views,” they say in Emilia. In other places, attention was focused on cultural activities or fairs; after all, the desire to extend the vacation has always been present.

    A practical example? At the end of the 19th century In Bordighera there were 3000 English who spent the winter from October to May.. A true colonization with hotels, theaters, tennis clubs and a foreign language newspaper. The winter sea has always attracted and for Italy it represents another resource to exploit for tourism.

    The sea in winter, wintering on the Italian coasts is back in fashion
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