Travel and holiday information in Madeira

    The Madeira Archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 km from the African coast of Morocco, and north of the Canary Archipelago.

    Madeira is recognized throughout the world as the island of eternal spring, as well as "the garden of the Atlantic", offering the opportunity for discoveries and sensations throughout the year, which we believe only possible in distant and exotic destinations.

    Surrounded by an ocean that protects the territory and the population from those attitudes that characterize our everyday life immersed in stress!

    The sun, accentuating the colors of nature, is a constant presence on most days throughout the year, offering one of the greatest sunshine on the European continent.

    Due to its impervious conformation, which forms steep cliffs, the natural beaches are made up of pebbles, but there are also beaches of light sand transferred from Morocco.

    To make magnificent excursions you can use the famous "levadas", countless channels for the distribution of water in the area.

    This hydraulic engineering work, now in use for at least four centuries, in addition to distributing water for the irrigation of horticultural lands, is an excellent communication route to reach the crop lands, as well as to reach the localities scattered in the region .

    The magnificent coasts offer wild and always innovative images, stimulating the most hidden sensations in discovering the force of nature that has created and shaped this territory over the millennia.

    A territory that, due to its diversity, manages to satisfy the desires and desires to try new experiences, which every visitor wants to satisfy. In Madeira it is possible to discover different territories every day, making it difficult to believe that you are always in the same region.

    An island that allows you to take advantage of the most modern and available aspect of “magical” places that recall childhood tales of enchanted woods and fairy tales, in which the human being still coexists with feelings linked to nature.

    A region that allows you to take advantage of the maritime aspect, offering spaces and locations where nothing makes you regret the beaches and bathing places best known to the holiday population.

    For information on travel and holidays in Madeira here are the contacts:

    Rua do Ninho, 23
    9000-145 Funchal
    Wood (Portugal)
    Tel. (00351)-969425179

    Travel and holiday information in Madeira
    Madeira Cable Car in Portugal - Photo from Istock
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