Holidays in Quarteira near the Algarve in Portugal

The Quarteira area dates back at least to Roman times, although it was only recognized as a city in 1999. From a simple fishing village, Quarteira has grown into one of the main tourist centers in the Algarve, a popular tourist area in Portugal for its golden beaches, high quality fish and stone pine forests.

Quarteira has seen rapid development in recent years, such as the construction of the distinctive skyscraper in the city also visible from the surroundings. Quarteira has managed to retain its Portuguese character and is particularly popular with Portuguese tourists.

The best part is the beautiful palm-lined promenade, Avenida Infante de Sagres, known as the "marginal", where you can spend relaxing moments with beautiful walks along the sea and on the outdoor terraces of cafes and bars.

Quarteira beach is nice and free, there are plenty of places to eat and cool off on the Avenida Infante de Sagres that runs along it. Quarteira still boasts a community of local fishermen who can be seen intently at work at the western end of the beach. The catch is on sale at the nearby fish market early in the morning, and then ends up on your lunch or dinner plate the same day.

To do

There are many activities and things to do in Quarteira besides the beach, it is the center of some of the best golf courses in the Algarve. For the whole family there are water parks, water sports of all kinds, karting, bowling, tennis and horse riding all within easy reach. If you prefer quieter activities, you can take a leisurely stroll along the nearby Vilamoura beach and a visit to the marina.

What to eat

Quarteira offers a wide range of culinary specialties, with the emphasis, of course, on well-fresh fish and seafood dishes such as grilled sardines, "cataplanas", "Caldeirada" (a kind of fish soup) and shrimp, to name a few.


Quarteira is truly an ideal place for a family vacation, there are various apartments and hotels lined up in front of the sea so that you have a fabulous view and easy access to the beautiful beach and all the restaurants and cafes that line it. The long sandy beach is ideal for children, the water is calmed by a series of breakwaters, allowing for safer swimming conditions for all.

Our advice is to book one of the hotels near the promenade and Quarteira beach, so that you can easily access the beach without the use of cars or public transport. Or opt for hotels in the historic center near the port for those who want to experience the city more.


Another destination that is well known to almost everyone on Portugal's southern coast is The Algarve, which has long been known as an accessible and fascinating destination for sun and beach holidays. Faro is the largest city and home to the main airport in the area, but surely Quarteira is the best example of an area to stay for travelers looking for a budget holiday.


The Algarve is around 200km long, and includes a wide range of quiet villages and party towns, so there is something for everyone. And it's also the least developed of Spain's main tourist areas, so earn extra points for authenticity if that's important to you. English is widely spoken, so it's an easy place for most Europeans to visit

If what you want from a holiday is to relax, enjoy the sun, the beach and dine in good restaurants, Quarteira has everything you need! It is also an ideal place for people with limited mobility, with easy access to the beach and all services close at hand.

Holidays in Quarteira near the Algarve in Portugal
Vilamoura beach, Algarve, Portugal - Photo from Istock
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