Holidays in Rimini: where to sleep, what to do and see, how to get around

Rimini is one of the most beautiful and famous seaside resorts, in Italy and in Europe, where you can spend pleasant and fun holidays by the sea. It is one of the best choices to enjoy sun, sea, good Romagna cuisine, to make new friends, and have fun day and night.

This thriving and lively tourist resort on the Romagna Riviera, with more than a thousand hotels, it is a perfect destination both for those looking for cheap accommodation and for those looking for a high level hotel with all the comforts, for a relaxing beach holiday. There beach it is the main attraction of the city: long, wide and with hundreds of modest bathing establishments.

It is a goal suitable for everyone and for all ages: young looking for fun day and night; families even with very little children in search of wide sandy beaches, fun for young and old, and all-inclusive at the hotel; but also for elderly and for all people in search of well-being, who can take advantage of the modern spa of Rimini Terme.

Best areas to stay in Rimini

Rimini offers a large number of choices for sleeping or staying near the sea, especially during the summer. The city stretches for over 30 km of coastline, with splendid equipped beaches and a long line of hotels that extend parallel to the promenade. The port of Rimini divides the city into two areas: Rimini North and Rimini South.

Central area

La more lively and worldly area Is that of Marina Centro, which also includes the port area, which is very pretty. The main street for it Shopping it is Viale Amerigo Vespucci. The Piazzale Fellini area is that of Events, with the Grand Hotel of Rimini in the background.

Hotels and apartments in Marina Centro


South zone

The southern zone includes Bellariva, Marebello, Rivazzurra e Miramare. It is a great area for i young people and boys, but also for the families. It is located a few kilometers from Riccione and in the evening there are buses and shuttles that take you to the main nightclubs of the Riviera.

Most of the hotels and apartments in the southern area are located along the beach and its promenade, which includes Viale Regina Elena, Viale Regina Margherita and Viale Principe di Piemonte.

Hotels and apartments in Bellariva


Hotels and apartments in Marebello


Hotels and apartments in Rivazzurra


Hotels and apartments in Miramare


North zone

If you prefer cheaper solutions, it is better to prefer the northern area of ​​Rimini which includes the tourist resorts of San Giuliano, Rivabella, Viserbella, Viserba e Torre Pedrera. These areas are very comfortable for families even with very little children. All hotels are very close to the sea and many offer half board or full board.

Hotels and apartments in San Giuliano


Hotels and apartments in Rivabella


Viserbella hotels and apartments


Viserba hotels and apartments


Hotels and apartments in Torre Pedrera


What to do and see in Rimini

If you want go sightseeing, especially during the winter period, it is advisable to visit the historic city center, a lively area all year round with good bars, restaurants and shops, and various cultural events. A visit to the new shopping center can also be very interesting.

For the day fun in addition to the wide beaches, there are several attractions and many amusement parks in Zone. The most important are the Fiabilandia amusement park, the Ferris wheel on the harbor, the Italia in Miniatura theme park and the BoaBay water park. In nearby Riccione there is the Aquafan water park and the Oltremare marine park, and a little before Ravenna the Mirabilandia amusement park.

For the evening entertainment Rimini is certainly, together with Riccione, the Italian capital of night entertainment. Over 100 clubs offer fun all night long, especially for the many children and young people on holiday in Rimini. Incredible and fun discopub like the Bounty, themed in the shape of a pirate ship, and famous discotheques internationally such as Otherworld Studios and Carnaby Club.

Rimini also has an important exhibition center, the new Rimini Fair hosts important conferences and fairs throughout the year. In 2011 a new congress center was opened, the Palacongressi di Rimini is the largest congress center in Italy. For the well-being of all, the spa Rimini Terme.

If you like art or archeology, the most important places to visit they are: the Arch of Augustus, a Roman arch built to commemorate the Roman emperor who named the city; the Ponte di Tiberio, the Roman bridge that marks the beginning of the Emilian road; the Surgeon's House, an impressive archaeological area that documents 20 centuries of Rimini's history and the Federico Fellini Museum.

During the summer they take place numerous events. The main event in Rimini is the Pink night, which takes place during the first weekend of July. A whole weekend with numerous free events, concerts and a wonderful evening fireworks display.

During the winter many of the bars, restaurants, shops and hotels on the seafront close, to open only during the holidays Christmas and especially of the New Year, when Rimini gets crowded again as if it were the height of summer.

Getting around

You can move around easily on the Rimini seafront by public transport. The Central Station of Rimini symbolically divides the lines of public transport in the north from those in the south.

La south area is served from bus number 11. Line 11 leaves from the historic center, passes through the central station of Rimini and then runs along the south promenade which includes: Viale Amerigo Vespucci, Viale Regina Elena, Viale Regina Margherita and Viale Principe di Piemonte.

La north area instead it is served by lines bus number 4 and 8. Line 8 makes a first stretch of the seafront, and then makes a more internal area. While line 4 covers the entire seafront which includes the tourist areas of San Giuliano, Rivabella, Viserbella, Viserba and Torre Pedrera.

reach the discos, evening and night are available shuttle organized and made available by locals for tourists who do not want to use the car. It is certainly a very comfortable and also safe initiative for the younger audience who frequent Rimini.

Useful Tips

For families and seniors it is advisable to book the half board or full board. In this way you can fully enjoy the beach and the sea, for a wonderful and relaxing holiday on the Riviera.

For young people and teenagers it is advisable to book only B&B treatment, that is, with only breakfast included, perhaps with breakfast until late. The hours of lunch and dinner in the hotels are not compatible with the hours of the young people who go to the disco and who come back almost in the morning and who spend most of the day on the beach.

Book apartments and holiday homes only on certified sites and portals. Avoid booking through classifieds. Very often many scams are hidden in the ads, especially if they require prepayment with PostePay recharge.

The seaside during the winter, except in the New Year period, it is quite "off". Therefore, it is advisable to book one of the few hotels in the historic area of ​​Rimini, the city center. This is where shopping and nightlife are concentrated during the winter period.

Holidays in Rimini: where to sleep, what to do and see, how to get around
Holidays in Rimini: the best areas to sleep - Emilia Romagna - Photo from Istock
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