What to do in Mauritius: the 10 most beautiful beaches

    What to do in Mauritius: the 10 most beautiful beachesGuide to the beaches of Mauritius, enchanting places where the fine sand and crystal clear waters make the trip a daydream

    The islands of the Republic of Mauritius, included in the archipelago of the Mascarene Islands, about 500 kilometers off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, they represent one of the most popular African destinations for seaside tourism from all over the world due to its wonderful beaches, incredibly clean water and pleasant climate all the year. The country's territory extends over the largest island, called Mauritius, the Rodrigues Islands, and the Agalega and Cargados Carajos (Saint Brandon) archipelagos.

    The climate on Mauritius is tropical, with very constant winds blowing from the south-east: the famous trade winds making the weather conditions perfect for windsurfers. There are only two seasons: a warm and dry winter, which runs from May to November, and a hot and humid summer. Between November and May the islands are sometimes hit by medium intensity tropical cyclones. The coasts of the western region of the largest island (Mauritius) are the most protected from the winds and least populated compared to the other regions, with numerous areas completely uninhabited, but they equally offer some truly spectacular beaches.

    Flic en Flac, the most important tourist resort on the entire west coast, where you can find the most fashionable clubs, a lively nightlife and the most comfortable and equipped beach facilities. Flic en Flac is the ideal destination for those looking for a place to relax and sunbathe with all the comforts just a few steps from the wonderful turquoise waters of the bay.

    Tamarin and Black River were in the past small towns where fishing villages and commercial activities had sprung up, but in recent years restaurants, hotels and luxury villas have sprung up which have transformed the face of the area. Despite this sudden development, the bay of Tamarin Bay it has remained intact and its charm continues to attract surfers and athletes from all over the world. A short distance from the bay you can admire the famous salt pans, where a lunar landscape awaits visitors who have landed on Mauritius and venture across the white expanses of salt just a few hundred meters from the main coastal road. For those who love deep sea fishing, the destination not to be missed is the bay of Black River, where a large number of fishing ships and courageous captains who know the sea perfectly wait to set sail in search of the very fast Blue Marlin or the powerful tuna to be fished strictly with rods.

    La southern coast of Mauritius is one of the most densely visited by tourists in search of suggestive places and offers visitors some of the most beautiful beaches, even if in this section of the island the coast is mainly rocky.

    Blue Bay it is located a short distance from the city of Mahebourg and its famous marina. The name of the beach derives from the incredible shades of blue that characterize the water of the lagoon, from the blue of the shallower areas to the indigo and intense blue of the deepest center, all just a few hundred meters from the spectacular coral reef. This beach is the perfect place for swimming, relaxing sunbathing and lazily strolling the length of the palm-fringed sandy bay. Another important attraction of this location is the Blue Bay Marine Park, the first and largest marine park in Mauritius, which covers a large area of ​​coral reef where you can dive to admire the incredible underwater fauna.

    Gray Gray it is located a few kilometers south of the town of Souillace and offers visitors newly arrived in Mauritius a magnificent view from the top of its high cliffs. In this part of the main island there is no coral reef and for this reason the high ocean waves manage to reach the shore, hit the cliffs directly and create large splashes of water. Next to the beach there is an elegant public garden which offers numerous places to relax and admire the spectacle of the waves. The most spectacular part of Gris-Gris, however, is the "Roche Qui Pleure", where the continuous succession of waves against the sides of the cliff gives the impression that it is crying tears of salt water.

    To see the most famous beaches of Mauritius, however, you need to travel to the northernmost region of the main island, where some of the locations that have become the very symbol of tourism in this earthly paradise are located. Trou aux Biches It is defined by many as the best beach for its fine white sand, the always favorable weather conditions and the tourist facilities available along the beach. The beach is about 2 km long, with very fine, white sand, and is completely surrounded and protected by the coral reef which in several points almost reaches the beach itself.

    Trou aux Biches beach is ideal for sunbathing, spending a day with the family given the presence of shallow and very calm waters, as well as practicing watersports and dive to get closer to the inhabitants of the coral reef. Thanks to the presence of numerous clubs and tourist facilities it is very convenient to spend the whole day on the beach and then have dinner a few steps from the water and admire the sun as it dives into the ocean surrounding Mauritius at sunset, dyeing the entire horizon red .

    The public beach of Mont Choisy it is located just north-east of Trou aux Biches beach and looks like a spectacular crescent of very fine white sand embraced by a wonderful turquoise lagoon. In fact, this large beach extends for more than 3 kilometers; it is completely free and during the week it is possible to find it deserted and enjoy a true tropical paradise in solitude. In the central part of the beach there is the quietest and most private area, while the two ends have been joined over the years by numerous tourist facilities that offer the possibility of practicing a large number of water sports and some restaurants that allow you to dine in the evening with the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean in the background.

    Among the beaches of the smaller islands of Mauritius, those on the island of Rodrigues should be noted as Cotton Tip, Baladirou, Small Gravel…wonderful stretches of white sand overlooking the coral reef. However, the beaches of the small islands of Agalega and Saint Brandon remain excluded from international tourism, lacking facilities to welcome foreign travelers and in any case difficult to reach due to sporadic connections.

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