When to go to Sicily for a beach holiday or to visit the island

Sicily is an excellent holiday destination throughout the year, but there are more suitable periods based on the reasons for the trip. For example, if you go for a beach holiday or to climb Mount Etna or to visit the cities and historical places.

The island has a Mediterranean climate with very hot, long and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Both in summer, but also during winter, the days are almost always sunny, perfect for outdoor activities and enjoying nature.

The climate in Sicily

On the the the average temperature is 28 ° C in summer and 12 ° C in winter. During the summer, when the sirocco blows, the warm wind from the Sahara, the southern and leeward areas can reach temperatures of 40 ° C.

THEoutback Sicily has a hilly or mountainous territory, if not for rare plains, and therefore the temperatures are cooler than in the coastal areas. Average temperatures range from 20 ° C in summer and 8 ° C in winter.

In mountain during the winter, especially above 2.000 meters, frost can form and there may be snow. Therefore, for excursions in the mountains or on Etna, during the winter period, we recommend suitable clothing and if you are traveling by car to have snow tires or chains on board.

Due to the large size of the island (it is the largest island in the Mediterranean), the climate is very different from zone to zone. In summer, for example, it can be quite hot on the coast and cool in inland areas. The hottest city in Sicily is Syracuse, while the coldest city is Enna, which is located at almost 1.000 meters above sea level. Palermo, protected by the mountains, has a unique microclimate that allows for luxuriant vegetation.

Climate Sicily Months
January Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Set October Nov Dec
T. max. media 15 14 16 19 23 27 30 30 27 24 19 16
T. min. media 9 8 10 12 15 19 22 23 20 17 13 10
Rainy days 9 10 9 8 4 2 1 2 5 8 10 12


When to go to Sicily

If you are not bound by work or family commitments, visit Sicily during spring or autumn it could be a great choice. In this period the days are almost always sunny, mild and with few lines for access to attractions and places of interest. Nature in spring gives its best with flower fields and in full splendor.

So travel and visit the island during the spring and autumn has many advantages, including also of cheaper rates for hotels and various accommodations, and if you arrive by plane, even cheaper plane tickets. In these periods it is also possible avoid very high temperatures as it could happen in the summer.

THEsummer it is the best time for beach holidays, to practice water activities, to relax and enjoy the hot summer days. It is also the period with the greatest number of events, including many patronal feasts of the various Sicilian towns. There summer season is the longest of the four seasons, starting in May and ending in early October.

THEwinter it is the right time for those who want to try the experience of ski on the slopes of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, e for those looking for the cheapest rates throughout the year. Both flights and accommodation. they have the lowest rates of the whole year. The climate is pleasant for visiting cities and places of interest, with many sunny days.


Most of the cities and areas of Sicily receive only 40 days of rain throughout the year. The rainiest city is Messina, which receives (like the rest of Sicily) most of the rainfall during the winter months, while the one that receives the least is Catania.

Humidity is generally very low. THE wettest months are February and March, while from May to September the probability of rain is extremely low. Most of the precipitation falls in the period from October to March. The mountains in the north have more rainfall than the southern areas.

Sea temperature

For those who want to go to Sicily for a beach holiday, knowing the sea temperature could be help to plan the vacation period. The sea temperature exceeds 22 ° degrees in June, reaching the maximum temperature between August and September, when it has a temperature of 27-28 ° C.

Until the end of October or early November the sea maintains a temperature above 22 ° C, therefore the perfect time for a beach holiday in Sicily it runs from mid-June to mid-October. For enjoy the beach however, from spring to late autumn it can be a good time.

  • January 16 ° C
  • February 15 ° C
  • March 15 ° C
  • April 16 ° C
  • May 17 ° C
  • June 22 ° C
  • July 26 ° C
  • 28 August
  • September 27
  • October 24
  • November 20 ° C
  • December 18 ° C
When to go to Sicily for a beach holiday or to visit the island
Mondello, the most famous beach in Palermo - Sicily - Photo from Istock
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