Where to park your car at Rome Fiumicino airport

Do you have a flight from Rome Fiumicino airport and want to reach the airport with your car? Although usually park your car at the airport it is certainly not cheap, for Rome Fiumicino airport it is a bit different, especially when it comes to short trips.

Rome Fiumicino (or Leonardo da Vinci) airport is the largest airport in Italy, and very often a trip or a vacation starts right here. So how to get there? To reach the airport there are buses and trains from Rome, but the costs of the service are certainly not cheap.

Especially for those arriving from outside Rome by car, a good solution is to park the car at the airport. There are various solutions between parking at the airport and in the surrounding area. Let's see what they are, the prices and fares offered, and the cheapest parking spaces in and around the airport.

Park your car at Rome Fiumicino airport

The car parks of Rome Fiumicino airport are the most convenient and fastest solution to access the airport. The car parks are marked with the Easy Parking brand and offer different solutions for different needs and pockets. Let's see what the car parking rates are.

Prices and car parking rates

Executive: for those who want the convenience of staying a few minutes from the arrivals and departures area of ​​the airport. 300 covered and insured parking spaces available. Rate 38 € / day*.

Parcheggi Terminal A-B-C-D: five structures in front of the terminals, for a total of 4.500 parking spaces, mostly covered. Rate 32 € / day*.

Long Covered Stop: over 1.600 covered parking spaces, connected to the terminals by free shuttles. Rate 20 € / day*.

Long Parking Uncovered: over 2.100 covered parking spaces, connected to the terminals by free shuttles. Rate 17 € / day*.

* by booking online the prices are cheaper, even less than 10 euros per day.

Check availability and prices of Rome Fiumicino airport parking


Park your car near the Rome Fiumicino airport

Parking around the airport is the cheapest choice. Especially for long-term trips and holidays, where savings are multiplied by the number of days.

There are numerous car parks around the airport and they offer all kinds of Skills that the traveler may need such as: covered parking, insurance and valet service. The free shuttle or shuttle they take you from the airport car park and drop you off at the car park upon arrival.

I prices and rates vary according to the services included and the reservation is made on booking online with advance payment or on arrival. The minimum daily rate is 4 euros.

Check availability and parking prices at Rome Fiumicino airport


Beware of Speed ​​Cameras, very present near the airport. Follow the speed limits indicated by road signs.

Start early enough for the flight departure time. It is already normally necessary to do the check-in 1 or 2 hours before flight departure. But there might be traffic, especially on the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) of Rome during rush hour. Also, you might be wasting time in look for the parking space and then go to the check-in desks at the airport.

Hence, the main advice is leave earlier or much earlier, in order to avoid running and risking speed fines, and especially not to miss your flight. Better to arrive earlier and wait for your flight in peace at the airport.

Other solutions to reach Rome Fiumicino airport

There are other means, besides the car, for arrive at the airport, such as the train, bus and taxi.

The fastest way is the Leonardo Express, a train fast that from Rome Termini station in 30 minutes leads to Rome Fiumicino Airport. The service is not carried out during the night and the cost is 14 euros.

The cheapest solution is in bus. The cost is 6 euros for one way or 9 euros for a return. The service is not carried out during the night.

Bus Fiumicino Airport - Rome


The cost of taxi is 48 euros, to be divided by the number of passengers.

Where to sleep near the Fiumicino airport

A good and convenient solution to not miss your flight is to stay near the Fiumicino airport. There are gods hotels both inside and near the airport and the rates are quite affordable.

The hotels inside the airport are Hilton Rome Airport e Air Rooms Rome Airport by HelloSky, while if you want some advice in general you can read the guide on where to sleep in Fiumicino near the airport.

Find accommodation or hotels near Fiumicino Airport


Where to park your car at Rome Fiumicino airport
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