Where to sleep in Catania: best neighborhoods to stay

A trip to Sicily should always include a stay in Catania, the second largest city on the island, full of history, landscapes and incredible Sicilian cuisine. But what are the best neighborhoods to sleep in Catania? With nearly 60 neighborhoods to choose from, finding the right area can seem like a challenge. In reality, there are few districts that can be considered interesting from a tourist point of view. Let's find out later!

Catania is a land of history where monuments and old stones tell the past in an eloquent way. In 2002, UNESCO declared Catania World Heritage Site and today many of its monuments have been restored to their former glory.

The main attraction of Catania certainly remains theEtna, the highest active volcano in Europe. In addition, the city offers magnificent beaches for swimming, seabed of rare beauty for diving enthusiasts and a luxuriant nature. Another perfect destination for families with children and for young people and couples is the amusement park and water park Etnaland.

Catania is a great base for exploring the island thanks to its airport, which connects the city with various Italian destinations, and to a good and varied offer of accommodation. Being also a lively university city has a interesting night life, making it a good vacation destination for young people and boys.

Where to sleep in Catania: best neighborhoods to stay
Catania, Sicily - Photo from Istock

in coffee And in the restaurants on the squares it is possible to relax, sip a drink or eat typical Sicilian products and dishes. On hot summer days you can cool off on the nearby Lido Azzurro beach, diving into the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

 move around the city, among the various districts, the bus is a good choice, but to visit the surrounding areas the car is certainly the best way. The city has the widest and most varied offer of accommodation on the island, with hotel structures of all kinds, hostels, B & Bs, budget hotels and various luxury hotels.

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Where to sleep in Catania

The best area to sleep in Catania is certainly its historic center. Piazza del Duomo, which is home to two of the city's most visited attractions, the Cathedral and Elephant Fountain, is the most central point and the one that you must have as a reference to know if the chosen hotel is located near the city center.

To discover the richness of Catania's history, you can visit the beautiful one via Crociferi with its fabulous baroque churches. Via Etna, overlooking the volcano, is the main shopping street that crosses the center of Catania. Via Fiorintina it is the street with the highest concentration of restaurants of all types, although it is not difficult to find bars and restaurants throughout the downtown area.

The historic center is undoubtedly one of the best areas to sleep in Catania, especially for tourists who want to stay in very central and well-served areas.

La central bus station and the main one railway station they are located in the center of the city, so if you want to visit other parts of the island, staying in the center is very convenient. Buses to and from the airport also stop here.

Via Etnea: sleeping in the historic center of Catania

Via Etna is the main pedestrian street in the historic center of Catania. This is the shopping street. 3 kilometers long and very busy, it divides the city center in two.

Clothing and souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, bars and restaurants delight the customer during the day. At nightfall, the neighborhood is dressed in afestive atmosphere and is invaded by young people: there are many brasseries, pubs, trendy bars and pizzerias.

This street is close to the best attractions of Catania and has a large selection of hotels to choose from. The nearby streets are lined with historic houses and buildings. In addition to the botanical garden you could also visit Villa Bellini near Piazza Roma, which borders via Etnea. You certainly won't be bored if you choose this area to sleep in Catania.

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Via Crociferi - Where to sleep in Catania with the family

Fans of architecture they will love strolling along Via Crociferi, which is located between the Roman Theater and Villa Bellini.

This street hosts four baroque churches very representative of the city and buildings with wonderful details. Even the beautiful Arch of San Benedetto is located in this neighborhood. If you eventually decide to stay elsewhere in Catania, be sure to visit this neighborhood to admire its architecture.

This is a quiet area within walking distance of Piazza del Duomo and other main attractions, making it a perfect choice to stay in Catania for those looking for a family-friendly neighborhood near the historic center.

A little further south they are Via Vittorio Emmanuele e Garibaldi Street, two busy streets that host some of the most characteristic attractions of the city: the Roman Odeon, Porta Garibaldi and the nearby Ursino Castle. This area is cheaper compared to the historic center of Catania.

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Course Italy

It is an area located east of the historic center and is more modern compared to the latter. There are many offices and apartments and this affects the liveliness of the area at night. Indeed in the evening this area is quieter than the historic center.

Corso Italia is a good area to sleep in Catania. It offers a wide choice of accommodation, is located  close to the main attractions of the city, the historic center and the Catania Central Station, and at the same time is located near the sea and the port.

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Sleeping near the seafront

Where to sleep in Catania: best neighborhoods to stay
Aerial view of the beach near Catania by the port on Sicily.

The Lungomare area extends north of the Catania Europa station and connects Piazza Europa with the small port of Ognina. Beautiful and characteristic, the seafront area is very busy and lively both day and night, and it is a great place to sleep in Catania during the summer.

It develops around via Ruggero di Lauria and San Giovanni Li Cuti, and along its path, there are also two beaches, one sandy and the other of black lava cliff, several restaurants, pizzerias, sandwich shops and even an amusement park. Events and demonstrations are also often organized in the area. The only flaw is that the center is about 30 minutes away on foot.

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Where to sleep near Catania

You can try to stay not only in the center of Catania, but also around the city, in the suggestive cities of the Gulf of Catania or at the foot of Etna if we want to climb and explore it (Acireale, Nicolisi, Aci Castello and more). These places are very calm, ideal for getting away from the chaos of the city and being surrounded by nature.

Aci Castello

The seaside village of Aci Castello is one of the best places to sleep near Catania in Sicily. It is located just ten minutes north of Catania and is characterized by an XNUMXth century Norman castle that dominates the coast.

Sleeping in Aci Castello offers a more peaceful stay compared to that in the crowded city of Catania and the frequent bus service to the city allows you to reach Catania easily.

It should be borne in mind that in summer many people from Catania go to Aci Castello for their holidays and since accommodations are limited, plan ahead and book early!

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Passing Aci Castello towards Taormina (about 17 km from the center of Catania), it is located the baroque city of Acireale, full of charm and history. Sitting at the foot of Mount Etna, the city offers wonderful views in every direction and important monuments of great artistic and architectural value.

One of the characteristics of Acireale is its baroque typology. It has a large number of churches which is why it is known as the City of 100 bells or the Vatican of the South. Here you can also visit the thermal baths of Santa Venera, where the thermal waters offer services to many tourists in the area.

One of the best known festivals in this area is the Acireale carnival, recognized throughout Italy as one of the most fun and attractive in the country.

Plus the city has a wide range of accommodation which are very affordable for a stay. This is why it is considered one of the best areas to sleep in Catania.

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Nicolosi, at the foot of the Etna volcano

Heading towards the hinterland of Catania, Nicolosi is the gateway to Etna and the center of outdoor adventure travel in the Catania region. This XNUMXth century city was founded around a Benedictine monastery and has suffered numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the years.

The main attraction is the Cableway of Etna, a funicular that takes you to the volcano. From there you can start observing the craters and spectacular views of Catania.

There is an excellent museum in town, the Etna Museum, which tells the story of the nearby volcano and the impact it had on the surrounding region. There is also a observatory where you can see the stars, thanks to the clear skies of the province of Catania.

Nicolosi is about 30 minutes from Catania by car and is undoubtedly one of the best areas to sleep around Catania.

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Where to sleep in Catania: best neighborhoods to stay
Catania in Sicily -
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