Where to sleep in Moscow: the best areas to stay in the Russian capital

Moscow is not only the capital of Russia, but a city full of history and charm, a great travel destination with so many things to see and do. Given the enormity of the city, 2.500 km2 with over 12 and a half million inhabitants, it is important to know which are the best places to stay and sleep in Moscow.

Today Moscow is a thriving and exuberant capital that overflows with life and culture. A sprawling metropolis, home to numerous museums, Soviet-era monoliths and post-Soviet kitsch. The main symbols of the city are the Kremlin and the Red Square, places full of charm and history.

What are the best areas to stay in Moscow?

Whatever the reason for traveling to the Russian capital, whether for business or tourism, a good one choice of the area where to stay and sleep in Moscow it is very important not to ruin the whole trip or vacation.

Moscow is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. The city is located on the Moscow River in the middle course and has a radial structure, made of buildings and streets. The city center is located all’interno del Third Ring Road.

The center has kept the main ones historic buildings, and hosts almost all the main ones attractions of Moscow. Although the center of Moscow is "famous" for the lack of cheap hotelsAs for hotels of medium-high category or luxury, the rates are not very different from other European capitals.

Kitai-gorod (near the Kremlin and Red Square): the most beautiful and convenient area to stay in Moscow

Kitai-gorod is the most touristic and well-known area of ​​the city, and it is without a doubt the best place to sleep in Moscow. Separated from the Kremlin by Red Square, it is Moscow's historic merchant quarter, surrounded by medieval walls, largely reconstructed.

This area represents the oldest part of the city, where most of Moscow's most famous attractions and monuments are located, and beyond the Kremlin and Red Square, but also the ancient medieval walls of Moscow, St. Basil's Cathedral, the squares of Lubyanka and Slavyanskaya, the Befana Monastery, with its golden dome, and much more.

Being the best area to stay in Moscow, it is also the most sought after area and chosen by tourists. Staying here also has a drawback, the higher rates for accommodation. Even if the majority are luxury hotels or hotels of a certain level, it is difficult to find cheap prices.

If you want to stay in this area, our advice is to book as soon as possible. Furthermore, given that a trip or vacation in Moscow lasts from 3 to 5 days on average, the cost of accommodation does not affect the budget much.

The best hotels and accommodations in Kitai-gorod

Design Hotel Senator 

Veliy Hotel Mokhovaya Moscow 


The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya

Kitay-Gorod Hotel (the cheapest solution to sleep a few steps from the Kremlin and Red Square)

Arbat: the best area to sleep in Moscow (for various reasons)

Arbat è one of the central districts of Moscow, the most famous on the same pedestrian street. The name Arbat is constantly associated with Moscow's first pedestrian street, Old Arbat, although for Muscovites it is an entire area made up of a labyrinth of alleys artfully intertwined and it is one of the most colorful corners of the historic center.

It is without a doubt one of the best options to stay in Moscow for various reasons: you can reach the center on foot in 10 minutes, so you can do without public transport; there are hotels of various types and for all budgets; and has a wide offer for leisure time.

The best hotels and accommodations in Arbat

Hotel Novy Arbat 2

Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat

Bulgakov Mini-Hotel

AZIMUT Hotel Smolenskaya Moscow

Basmanny: the best choice for cheap sleep in Moscow

Basmanny, although it is one of those areas located beyond the Garden Ring, it is in effect an area of ​​the historic center. The ancient Basmannaya street, completely built with noble houses, represents a "reserve" of socialist classicism in Moscow. The road leads to the spectacular Yelokhovsky Cathedral.

In the area there are several churches and monasteries, such as the Church of San Nikita Martyr, the largest Baroque temple in Moscow, the churches of the Holy Trinity or the Church of San Pedro, and San Pablo.

It is a good choice to stay in Moscow if you want to save on accommodation. There are so many cheap accommodations with rates even under 50 euros per double room per night. The area is very well connected with the rest of the city by the subway.

The best hotels and accommodations in Basmanny

Bouchee Mini Hotel

Menshicov Boutique Hotel

Basmanny Inn

Radio Hotel Moscow

Maryina Roshcha: for young people and nightlife lovers

Maryina Roshcha is the northern part of central Moscow, and perhaps the least historic of the central areas. Surely a good choice for younger tourists and for those who love nightlife. In this neighborhood you will find some of the Moscow's most famous nightclubs and clubs.

Although the area does not offer many monuments, there are advantages to staying in this neighborhood, such as ease of movement with the subway, and the large and varied offer of accommodation, with many hotels offering very cheap rates.

The best hotels and accommodations in Maryina Roshcha

Metallurg Hotel

Fortuna Inn

Raikin Plaza Hotel

Hotel M

Presnensky: for those seeking tranquility

Presnensky is a good alternative to stay in Moscow, if you find accommodation near one of the underground stations. Among the main attractions in the area are the Moscow Zoo, the Vagankovskoye cemetery and the skyscraper district.

Area it is quite quiet and pleasant. Among the lesser known objects are, for example, the marvelous Catholic church and the ancient buildings of the Manufacture of the Three Mountains.

The best hotels and accommodation in Presnensky

Hotel Neapol

Hotel Sultan 1 on Belorusskaya

Chez Michel Hotel

Kudrinskaya Square Apartment

Tverskoy: for shoppers

In the Tverskoy area is Tverskaya, the most characteristic street in Moscow. Known as Gorki Street, it is defined the third most expensive urban road in the world. It is a good choice to stay if you are visiting the city for shopping.

The neighborhood also has an interesting cultural offer and a lively nightlife. In the vicinity of Tverskaya there is the highest concentration of theaters in Moscow and the center is easily reached by public transport.

The best hotels and accommodations in Tverskoy

Markell Hotel

Hotel Petrovka 17

Tverskaya Residence

Pushkinskaya Square Guest House

Khamovniki: a good alternative choice where to stay

Khamovniki, although it is a separate area from Red Square or the Kremlin, it is part of the center of Moscow and is located in the bend of the Moskva River. The area is located in the southwestern part of the center.

Tourists come here to see the Novodevichy convent - one of the three Moscow sites on the UNESCO list and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, although Khamovniki is interesting not only for these places and monuments.

The best hotels and accommodations in Khamovniki

Hotel Ambassadori

Mini Hotel Atmosphere

Village Hotel

Hotel Grafskiy

Cheap accommodation and hotels in Moscow

If you are planning a low cost trip to Moscow and you don't want the cost of accommodation to affect your trip much, especially if the duration of your holiday in the Russian capital is several days, we recommend the best economic solutions to stay in Moscow.

Winterfell on Tretyakovskaya


Art Galactic Hotel

Winterfell Old Arbat

Trans-Siberian Hostel Moscow

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