Where to sleep in Riccione: best areas and hotels for young people and families with children

Riccione, together with Rimini always in Emilia Romagna, is the Italian capital of hospitality with more than 1.000 hotels and various types of hotel facilities. The offer is therefore quite wide, but which hotel or accommodation to book? What are the best areas to sleep for young people and families with children?

In addition to some general information about Riccione, in this short guide we will show you which ones are best areas to stay according to various needs and preferences, but especially we will suggest the best hotel facilities where to stay.

Located on the Romagna coast and bathed by the Adriatic Sea, Riccione is one of the most famous seaside and nightlife resorts in Italy. Thousands of tourists, couples, young people and families with children come to the Riviera to enjoy the very long and large equipped beach, the sea, the beautiful avenues, the good and delicious Romagna cuisine, the many attractions and parks in the area.

Young people and lovers of nightlife they can enjoy the richest area of ​​Italy in discos, clubs, pubs and clubs, including many on the beach. The nightlife of Riccione is famous all over the world for the presence on the hill in the inner area of ​​the city of internationally renowned discos such as: Cocorico, Peter Pan, Pascià, Villa delle Rose, Prince, ... In recent years, the Marano area has also become famous for the many clubs on the beach, including the famous Samsara Beach Riccione.

Best areas to sleep in Riccione

As we have already said Riccione is famous for offering one wide range of accommodation facilities that satisfy all the needs and tastes of the tourist. It is also known for the hospitality of the Romagna people and the staff who work in the tourism sector, a special gift that makes your stay even more pleasant.

We have divided Riccione into four good areas to stay according to the needs of the type of tourist. It is an indication in general, then in any case all four areas can suit any type of tourist.

Where to sleep in Riccione: best areas and hotels for young people and families with children
Riccione - Emilia Romagna - Photo from Istock

Lungomare Nord Riccione: for families with children and the elderly

The north promenade of the city of Romagna is the one that has the most hotels, being also the longest. It goes from Viale Ceccarini to the tourist area of ​​Marano. There are hotel structures of all kinds.

For the elderly and families with children, the best area to stay is that of the seafront in one of the many hotel facing the sea or a few meters from the beach. Staying on the seafront also has the advantage of easily reaching the hotel by car or public transport.

On the Riccione seafront the N10 bus passes every 11 minutes, which also runs along the Rimini seafront, arriving at the Rimini station. Therefore, a good solution for those who do not want to use the car during the holiday.

For walking both during the day and in the evening behind the promenade there is Viale Dante, the second most famous street in Riccione after Viale Ceccarini. There are numerous bars, restaurants, arcades and shops of all kinds for everyone's enjoyment and entertainment.

Hotel Majorca - Hotel a 3 place

La Cappuccina - Hotel a 3 place

Alexander Hotel - Hotel a 3 place

Hotel Hollywood - Hotel a 2 place

Hotel Dory - Hotel a 4 place

Viale Ceccarini: the center of Riccione, the best area to sleep

Viale Ceccarini is the hub of the city and constitutes the center of tourist life and urban area of ​​Riccione. There are many shops with international brand products, bars and restaurants, and it is the place to walk par excellence, both during the day and in the evening. Being so much ambiata it is also the most expensive area to stay.

If you're spared no expense or your trip or vacation is to celebrate a special event, it sure is the best area to stay. Even in the low season it can be interesting to sleep in the area, since the rates in these periods are not high.

Staying on Viale Ceccarini you are very close to the railway station, therefore very convenient if you arrive by train or if you want to take the evening shuttles to the discos that depart from the square in front of the train station.

Throughout the year, but especially during the summer, for Easter and New Year, they take place numerous events that transform the boulevard into a large stage where famous stars from the world of TV and entertainment meet very easily.

Hotel Concord - Hotel a 4 place

Hotel Colombo - Hotel a 2 place

The Box Riccione - Hotel a 4 place

Hotel Cristallo - Hotel a 4 place

Marano area: for young people

The Marano area with the many clubs on the beach and a lively nightlife is certainly the best area to sleep in Riccione for young people who come in many during the summer.

And also one of the cheapest areas of Riccione where to stay, with the presence of many hotels, hostels and B & Bs dedicated to a young audience. During the day you can attend the Beach Village water park or participate in the beach parties of the Samsara Beach Riccione

In the evening if you want reach the discos you need to take bus N ° 11, reach Viale Ceccarini, go all the way to the underpass and then turn left to the railway station from where the shuttles for the various discos will leave.

Hotel Grazia - Hotel a 2 place

Nice hotel - Hotel a 2 place

Hotel Napoleon - Hotel a 2 place

Marzia hotels - Hotel a 3 place

Riccione Beach Hotel - Hotel a 2 place

Hotel Ibiza - Hotel a 2 place

Lungomare sud Riccione: the quietest area

The promenade south of Viale Ceccarini is the quietest area of ​​Riccione. There are large and luxurious hotels, including the famous Grand Hotel Des Bains 5 star luxury. The avenues are less busy, you can find parking more easily and it is an excellent area to reach the Terme di Riccione in the morning.

Hotel Ascot - Hotel a 4 place

Bohemia Hotel - Hotel a 4 place

Hotel Maestri - Hotel a 3 place

Hotel Vienna Touring - Hotel a 4 place

Where to sleep in Riccione: best areas and hotels for young people and families with children
Pink Night in Rimini and Riccione - Photo by Istock

The best accommodations and hotels where to sleep in Riccione

There are over a thousand hotels of various types, not only hotels and lodges, but also campsites, B & Bs, apartments, residences, holiday homes, hostels and campsites. In short, a wide choice to meet the needs of any tourist.

If you still have doubts we also recommend these structures, the first have an excellent value for money, then we suggest some cheap hotels and finally some residences if you want to have a situation similar to the apartment, even with a kitchenette.

Hotels in Riccione

Hotel Augustus - Hotel a 4 place

Dan Hotel - Hotel a 3 place

Hotel Love Boat - Hotel a 3 place

Hotel Sorriso – Hotel a 1 stella

Polo Younique Hotel - Hotel a 3 place

Cheap hotels in Riccione

Hotel 21 Riccione

Montebello hotels

Hotel Sant'Angelo

Hotel Niagara

Hotel Susy Riccione 

See also suggested hotels for the Marano area

If you can't find cheap accommodation in Riccione, you can choose a hotel in Rimini and Misano both located a few km away and easily accessible by public transport. In Rimini a good area for young people with hotels and cheap accommodation is the area of Miramare located just over 1 km from the tourist area of ​​Marano di Riccione
Apartments in Riccione.

Apartments and Residences in Riccione

Residence Alba - 3 stars

Metropol Ceccarini Suite - 4 stars

Residence Ilario Suite Hotel 

Residence Hotel Rubino - 3 stars

B&B a Riccione

BeeLiving Room&Breakfast

Where to sleep in Riccione: best areas and hotels for young people and families with children
Panorama of Riccione and the Romagna coast - Photo from Istock
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