Where to stay in Versilia: the best places for beach holidays

Versilia, whose name derives from the Versilia river, is thecoastal area along the Ligurian Sea in Tuscany North Western. Initially the area included the municipalities of Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema in the province of Lucca. Today it refers to a much larger area that goes from Massa and Carrara to the city of Viareggio. But what is the best area to stay in Versilia?

Versilia is definitely the main destination for seaside tourism in Tuscany and one of the most famous in Italy. The area is also widely known and popular for being a fashion resort, frequented by VIPs, with wide beaches and luxury shops.

Le main cities of Versilia are Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Camaiore, Massarosa, Seravezza and Stazzema, although the area extends even further north along the coast to Massa and Carrara.

The Versilia Riviera is also renowned for the numerous night clubs which attract visitors to the very active nightlife throughout the summer, but also by many onlookers looking for some VIPs for selfies and autographs.

La beach it is sandy and gradually descends into the sea, making it perfect for families with children little ones. The numerous shops and restaurants, but also the hotels and hotels scattered along the seafront make Versilia an ideal place to spend the summer, with everything you need for your holiday at your fingertips.

Reaching Versilia and its beaches is very easy, you can arrive by car, train, or plane. If you arrive by car, take the A12 which runs along the Tuscan coast. If you arrive by train there are numerous trains that depart from Firenze and pass through Lucca to then reach the various tourist resorts of Versilia.

Where to stay in Versilia

Where to stay in Versilia: the best places for beach holidays
Lido di Camaiore beach, Versilia - Tuscany - Photo from Istock

There are 7 municipalities that together form the tourist area of ​​Versilia. Which localities are the best places to stay? There is no place better than the others. Certainly there are more touristic places than others, but then the choice also varies according to the preferences and reasons for the holiday.

The 4 most popular and tourist locations are Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore (Lido di Camaiore) and Pietrasanta (Marina di Pietrasanta). These are the ones we recommend for beach holidays, not only because they offer more on a tourist level but also because they have a greater hotel offer.

The beaches of the coastal area are very popular due to the width of the coast, which offers an extensive space of fine golden sand, but also for the presence of several spas and numerous hotels.

Nightlife venues are also of great importance discotheques the most famous are La Bussola and La Capannina di Franceschi.

The localities of Massarosa, Seravezza and Stazzema they are less famous tourist destinations and with fewer hotels. Not for that not they can be a good choice where to stay, but in this article we wanted to give space to the places recommended for beach holidays.

Viareggio: the best area to stay in Versilia

Where to stay in Versilia: the best places for beach holidays
Viareggio in Versilia, Tuscany - Photo from Istock

Viareggio is one of the most famous places in Versilia. Count approx 400 hotels and offers one of the longest sandy beaches in Italy. Viareggio is divided into two hamlets: the current city of Viareggio and the southern part of Torre del Lago Puccini. It has 10 km of sandy beaches, of which 6 km with bathing establishments and 4 km of free beaches.

The city is famous for its carnival and for the papier-mâché floats that parade along the seafront on Shrove Tuesday and on Sundays in February and March, depending on the length of the carnival. The symbol and the official mask of the Viareggio Carnival is the Burlamacco.

The best area to stay if arriving by train, is the one between the train station and the seafront. In this way it will be easy and convenient to reach the hotel on arrival and the station on the day of departure. This area is also to be preferred if you are on holiday with family and children, as it is quieter, as well as being close enough to the dock and the port, where you can take pleasant walks both during the day and in the evening.

If you arrive by car better to prefer the northern area on the seafront, where hotels have cheaper rates. This is the busiest area, especially suitable for a young crowd looking for nightlife too. To party and have fun until dawn there is the La Capannina disco.

Check availability and prices for accommodations and hotels in Viareggio


Puccini Lake Tower

Torre del Lago Puccini is a fraction of Viareggio and a bathing area located between Lake Massaciuccoli and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The name of the place is given by the presence of the former villa of Puccini, where the famous Tuscan composer was buried.

La Puccini's villa it is now a museum. During the guided tour of about 40 minutes it is possible to see the chapel where he is buried. In the historic center of Torre del Lago you can see several Art Nouveau houses, such as Villa Borbone and Villa Orlando, as well as the Church of San José.

Marina di Torre del Lago is well known for being an important seaside resort for the LGBT tourism (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual), gay friendly of national and international interest, but also for the presence of numerous restaurants and discos, and for the renowned Lecciona beach very popular during the summer.

Check availability and prices for accommodations and hotels in Torre del Lago Puccini

Forte dei Marmi: for those seeking tranquility, luxury and worldliness

Where to stay in Versilia: the best places for beach holidays
Forte dei Marmi, Versilia - Tuscany - Photo from Istock

Tourism is the main activity of the citizens of Forte dei Marmi. The population of the city triples during the summer due to the presence of thousands of tourists. Forte dei Marmi is an elite resort which attracts the Italian upper class, but also businessmen, managers, politicians, show businessmen, movie and sports stars.

It is certainly an area to choose to stay in Versilia if you are looking for peace and quiet. Forte dei Marmi is a city surrounded by a pine forest with a beautiful sandy beach. Not being very crowded, it is ideal for cycling, shopping or strolling among several windows of famous shops.

Most of the accommodations are apartments, private villas or three and four star hotels. The city takes its name from the fortress that stands in the middle of the main square. This is also the main attraction of the city, today used as a museum of satirical art.

The train station is 9 km away from the sea, so even if you arrive by train it is better prefer a hotel or accommodation on the waterfront or nearby, where there is also a decent nightlife. The place par excellence is La Capannina, the historic disco in Forte dei Marmi and Versilia.

Check availability and prices for accommodations and hotels in Forte dei Marmi

Lido di Camaiore: for those looking for cheap accommodation and for families with children

Where to stay in Versilia: the best places for beach holidays
Lido di Camaiore, Versilia - Photo from Istock

The city of Camaiore is located about 9 km from the Ligurian Sea and is divided into 23 hamlets. One of these is Lido di Camaiore, a renowned seaside resort. It is located directly on the coast and is one of the main tourist destinations of Versilia.

Lido di Camaiore, unlike the other tourist resorts of this Tuscan area, welcomes also a mid-range tourism. In fact, there are various hotels with rates below 100 euros per night for a double room, even during the summer.

For families with children, for young people and for all those who don't want to spend a lot for accommodation this is certainly one of the best areas to stay in Versilia. It is central and this allows you to move easily, moreover the Lido di Camaiore station is just over 2 km from the seafront.

Check availability and prices for accommodations and hotels in Lido di Camaiore

Marina di Pietrasanta: for young people and sportsmen

Marina di Pietrasanta is a fraction of the municipality of Pietrasanta, located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. The town, located between Forte dei Marmi and Lido di Camaiore, offers 4 km of welcoming equipped beaches e over 100 hotels of various types.

Wide, clean and fully equipped sandy beaches as well as numerous sports and leisure facilities make this half a perfect destination for lovers of outdoor activities and a great place to stay in Versilia. You can practice sports such as golf, sailing, tennis, cycling, ...

The presence of various clubs and discos, many of which are located on the beach or on the promenade, makes this location a perfect destination for young people and nightlife lovers. La Bussola Versilia, Twiga, Seven Apples and Nikki Beach are just the clubs par excellence of the night life of Marina di Pietrasanta.

Check availability and prices for accommodations and hotels in Marina di Pietrasanta

How to get to Versilia

It is very easy to reach Versilia and its beaches. The easiest way is to arrive by car or train, although more and more people prefer to arrive by plane, taking advantage of the numerous low cost flights operated by airlines such as Ryanair that land at the airport of Pisa.

By car

If you arrive by car it is advisable to take the A12 that runs along the Tuscan coast, exit at Versilia or Viareggio and then follow the road signs for the various tourist resorts.

By plane

Pisa airport has numerous flights, not only from European airports, but also from airports. Once landed, you can rent a car or I take one of the bus lines that connect the towns of Versilia to the Tuscan airport.

By train

If you arrive by train there are numerous trains that depart from Firenze and pass through Lucca to then reach the various tourist resorts of Versilia.

The four railway stations in Versilia are: Viareggio (also for Torre del Lago and Massarosa), Lido di Camaiore, Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi (also for Querceta, Seravezza and Stazzema).

Find and book a train to Versilia here

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