You can enter an Arab neighborhood while staying in Italy

A labyrinth of narrow streets and patios houses a mix of cultures that will transport you to magical and distant places: welcome to the Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo
You can enter an Arab neighborhood while staying in Italy
The Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo

There are some trips that are destined to remain in memory and memories. Not only for the beauty of the destinations, but also and above all for the charm and suggestions that arise with every step taken. Stories, traditions, customs and cultures. they merge and confuse between the testimonies of the present and the past allowing us to live extraordinary experiences.

They are adventures that we do not necessarily have to look for on the other side of the world because no matter how well we think we know our country, in reality, this always comes back to surprise us and enchant us in a new and incredible way. And it is precisely in Italy where we want to stay today, to take you to the discovery of a place that has no equal, a city that faces the sea and is preserved in a labyrinth of narrow streets and patios. a mix of cultures that will transport you to magical and distant places.

To discover this place we have to go to sicily and more precisely along the coast of Trapani. It is here where, on the occasion of a trip dedicated to the sun, the sea and culture, we cannot fail to include in our travel itinerary an almost obligatory stop, the one that leads to Mazara del Vallo. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this charming city opens its doors to adventurers, allowing them enter the arab neighborhood. Its name is Kasbah, it is a magical and almost surreal place, where the cultures of distant populations meet the local ones, creating a journey of wonders that will leave you breathless.

Inside the kasbah: the Arabian Nights experience

It is well known that Sicily is an extraordinary land. It is because of its beautiful beaches, those that are characterized by having white and golden sand and turquoise, crystalline waters. it's because of your naturalistic beauties, for that immense artistic and cultural heritage, for the testimonies of a glorious past that cannot be forgotten. And then, again, for the food, for the customs and for those traditions that are famous throughout the world, and that every year invite thousands of tourists from all over the world just wanting to immerse themselves in them.

In a nutshell, Organizing a trip to Sicily is always an excellent idea., at any time of the year and in all seasons. There are so many things to do and see on the Italian island that one trip will not be enough to discover half of them. Among the most popular destinations in the region we certainly find the seaside location, those achieved especially during the summer holidays.

Among the most famous areas we find the coast of Trapani, which is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Among them, in fact, is San Vito Lo Capo, which with its white sand beach and turquoise waters evokes distant earthly paradises. However, it is enough to travel a handful of kilometers to experience what is one of the most fascinating experiences that the region offers, one that allows travelers to embark on a journey to the past, immersing themselves in distant cultures.

Un oriental and fascinating dream that unfolds before the eyes of those who arrive in Mazara del Vallo. Simply leave the beach behind and reach the heart of the city, for enter inside the Kasbah, the Arab neighborhood that, today as yesterday, preserves all the charm of the past. It is one of the oldest and rarest testimonies of the Arab presence in Sicily and, more generally, in Italy.

Once you cross the city square, you will have the feeling of being in a medina. Between narrow streets and characteristic alleys you can discover a magical and enchanted place that will catapult you to evocative settings with an Arabic and oriental flavor. An Arabian Nights experience that you will carry forever in your heart and memories.

You can enter an Arab neighborhood while staying in Italy
Inside the Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo

An enchanted journey through the alleys of the city of Mazara del Vallo

Entering the Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo means immersing yourself in a past that cannot be forgotten, it is no coincidence that this is one of oldest neighborhoods in the area. It was the year 827 AD. when the Arabs conquered the city and then contributed to its development.

It was thanks to his stay, until 1072, that the city expanded considerably, earning a place of honor among the great spas in italy. Despite the centuries that have passed, the influence of the Arab presence has continued to be an essential characteristic of the territory to the point that, even today, it uniquely distinguishes the old neighborhood.

Starting in the 70s of the last century, the arrival of numerous Tunisian families, who chose to settle here, contributed to preserve and improve the old neighborhood which today remains one of the most important testimonies of multiculturalism in the region and in Italy as a whole.

The Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo appears today as a precious treasure chest that speaks of past and present, of distant and local traditions that coexist in an exemplary way, and that is presented as a dream vision. Here, in fact, colored majolica and oriental details mix with the baroque and eighteenth-century style that distinguishes the rest of the city.

Suffice it to say that some of the emblematic buildings of Sicilian architecture, such as the Mother Church and that of San Francisco, are located right next to the Arab quarter, thus contrasting with the ancient buildings, the decorated vases, the colored tiles and the Patios. narrow and characteristic. .

Eastern culture, obviously, is impregnated in every corner of the neighborhood, not only from a visual point of view. If you make it this far, of course, allow yourself to try Arabic flavors in the splendid Sicilian land to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Also, when exploring the alleys, don't forget to stop. in front of the iconic Blue Door. It is a true celebrity on social networks, a fascinating and evocative photographic point immortalized in the photographs of many travelers who have come here. When passing in front of this door it is impossible not to be enchanted by its beauty.

The Blue Door is right there in the heart of the Kasbah. It is a private house whose decoration was carried out with skill and thoroughness by its owner. Beyond the door is a tea room, also furnished in Arabic style, which can be visited in the presence of the owner of the house.

In addition, in the center of the neighborhood there is also extraordinary accommodation. This is the Mirabilia Arab House, a Arabic style apartment. that will allow you to experience a Thousand and One Nights vacation.

You can enter an Arab neighborhood while staying in Italy
Mirabilia Arab House, Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo
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