5 songs that will make you feel like you're in Vienna right away

    The love story between Vienna and music lasts centuries and we tell you about it through this playlist
    5 songs that will make you feel like you're in Vienna right away

    Vienna is a constant surprise, the magnificence of its past and the modernity that characterizes the society make it a unique city. The efficiency of services, respect for the environment and the presence of some of the most important cultural spaces in all of Europe transform it into an incredible city.

    Elegant and avant-garde, Vienna presents itself to the world with its green and well-kept parks, with museums of extraordinary beauty, with cultural rituals and stories to know and tell. It's a Perfect destination for curious travelers who pay attention to details., because the capital of Austria is that: a meticulous pursuit of beauty and efficiency combined with ancient history.

    Anyone who has been to Vienna will be fascinated by the city. Not only travelers, but also writers, poets and musicians. When you think of the capital of the Habsburgs it is impossible not to reference to classical music. Of course, there are the novels and the famous stories of Princess Sissi, but there is the one about Vienna and the music. the greatest love story that the city preserves.

    That's why we thought that we would also pay tribute in some way to the Austrian capital with 5 songs that will take you to magical Vienna. Turn on the radio and turn up the volume, let's go.

    Billy Joel's Vienna

    “When will you understand that Vienna awaits you”? Insta Billy Joel in his masterpiece dedicated to the Austrian capital. The singer composed Vienna after visiting his father, who had moved to the city after his wife separated. The song was created not only to pay tribute to the Habsburg capital as a symbol of cultural crossroads, but also to use it as metaphor of life. 

    Vienna calling for Falco

    Se Let's call Vienna, Falco answers.. Talented and brilliant, this musician was a true musical icon of his time. Some of his songs have topped charts around the world, including Vienna Calling. Song dedicated to his hometown where the artist took his first steps in music.

    Vienna, La Fray

    The American musical group dedicated a very intense song to the capital of Austria. Vienna is a 2005 song from the album. How to save a Life.

    Vienna by Ultravox

    Vienna is the single from the album of the same name by the musical band Ultravox. The piece develops through the stories of one historical and decadent melancholy but romantic that only a city like Vienna can preserve.

    Take this Leonard Cohen waltz

    “Now in Vienna there are ten women,” Leonard Cohen sang in Take this Waltz, a romantic and irreverent poetry disguised as a song and dedicated to the Austrian capital.

    5 songs that will make you feel like you're in Vienna right away

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