Australia: the 64.000 turtles marching to lay their eggs are a force of nature

    Australia: the 64.000 turtles marching to lay their eggs are a force of natureThe largest sea turtle colony in the world was captured by a drone

    Video di: Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Queensland Government

    If we were to make a ranking of the most beautiful shows put on by nature, we have no doubts it would be in the top places turtle migration. And just watch this video to understand how strong and courageous these marine creatures are, as well as being beautiful.

    Their nature drives them beyond the borders of the world that they know, to reach the shore where the eggs will be laid, there in the most magical part of the country, where the sea is crystal clear. The suggestive and almost magical show was filmed and published by the Queensland Government.

    Local researchers, with the help of a drone, they managed to capture the migration of over 64 thousand sea turtles in danger of extinction. The road is long and not without pitfalls, yet these small forces of nature have worked hard to reach, from Raine Island, a northern island of the Great Barrier Reef, north of Queensland, to lay their eggs.

    The rookeries, this is the name of the nesting sites of this marine species, are found along the coral reef and there are around 18 of them. The researchers chose to film the incredible movement for study and monitoring purposes because, unfortunately, these turtles they return among animals in danger of extinction, victims of fishermen and plastic.

    And the journey, from the nest to the sea, is the most dangerous moment of their lives for these turtles, because they can become the target of predators, both humans and animals.

    However, following the monitoring by the Raine Island researchers, it emerged that there is good hope for the survival of the entire species, in fact the number of turtles is double what the researchers expected. In the extraordinary footage, shot with the drone, they were counted over 60.000 turtles.

    Thousands of them make their way through the clear, crystalline waters of the ocean to reach the sandy coasts of the island, to arrive at their nesting places. It happens, very often, that females choose the same beach where their mothers nest, and this behavior could explain why Raine Island is home to green turtles.

    And so, among the wonders of the Australian lands, these images captured by man remind us of all the splendor and magnificence of Mother Nature.

    Source: Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Queensland Government
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