Australia, what to see in the Northern Territory

    Australia, what to see in the Northern TerritoryFrom the red desert to Aboriginal culture, from scenic flights to dreamy nature, here's what to do in the Northern Territory

    Do you want a distant trip to an area rich in natural wonders waiting to be discovered? The Northern Territory Australia is the destination for you. In this area, made up of an intricate mosaic of different culture aborigene and millenary traditions, it is possible to enjoy different experiences such as staying in an exclusive resort in the desert, but also of a nature dreamy. Here are ten good reasons to visit the Northern Territory.

    Uluru / Ayers Rock
    Symbol of all Australia, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is one of the great natural wonders of the world which, at 348 meters high, dominates the surrounding desert landscape in the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park.

    Aboriginal culture
    The Northern Territory is the cradle of the Aboriginal culture where habits, customs and traditions of the Aboriginal population have followed one another for 50.000 years. Some examples of their presence are also found in rock paintings. From the Redn Center to the Top End, there are many places to admire these rock paintings.

    Dream nature
    To fully enjoy the spectacle of Uluru which is tinged with a bright red at dawn, there is nothing better than staying in one of the exclusive resorts a few steps from the monolith such as the Kings Canyon Walderness Lodge or the Longitude 131 by Voyage. Maximum comfort, excellent cuisine and priceless views.

    Tiwi Islands
    Two hours by ferry or half an hour's flight from Darwin, there are the Tiwi Islands, whose name means "Islands of Smiles". Maybe it's because the local people of these islands are very hospitable, proud of their Aboriginal traditions. Or for the lush nature with the Tomorapi waterfalls and the many natural pools, or for the local artistic artefacts, or for the inhabitants' passion for Australian football. The final is held here in March, a very characteristic event.

    The Northern Territory is home to the largest concentration of waterfowl of Australia, more than 400 species, some of which are rare. Depending on the seasons or the environment, taking part in one of the tours in the area, such as the one in the Kakadu Natural Park, in the Top End, it is possible to see large populations of birds.

    Watarrka National Park
    Also known as Kings Canyon, it is located 300 km from Uluru and is a 270 meter deep canyon. Here it is possible to walk on its rocky edge and admire the dense vegetation below or follow the trekking paths suitable even for the less sporty.

    Another thrilling way to discover the most remote corners of the Northern Territory is on board canoe or kayak the many rivers of the Katherine region in the Top End such as the Flora or the Daly.

    Mary River
    Along the Mary River, in the Top End, there is one of the most significant Australian ecosystems, an area characterized by the presence of thousands of plumed herons, cranes, flamingos and countless species of birds.

    Scenic flights
    From above it is possible to have a privileged perspective of the beautiful lands of the Northern Territory. What better way to admire the boundless and fascinating landscapes than a panoramic ride in a hot air balloon or helicopter?

    Don't miss a tour of the Northern Territory markets to experience first-hand the authentic products of this land. From the Sunday markets of Nightcliff near Darwin with fresh fruit and crafts, to the Mindil Beach Market in Darwin which offers a taste of the best cuisine in the world such as Greek, Turkish, South American and Indian.

    When to go
    The northern area has a tropical climate and humid with rain from November to May, but this allows you to admire the mountains in their maximum splendor waterfalls and the rivers; while from May to October the climate is dry with cool nights. In general it is hot all year round (21-32 degrees). The central area of ​​the Red Center has a purely desert environment with semi-arid climate and a temperature that varies from 3 degrees at night in the desert to 35 degrees.

    How to Get There:
    The Northern Territory is a 4-hour flight from Singapore. You can reach it with Qantas to Singapore and from there to Darwin with Jet Star. But it is also connected to Italy with Singapore Airlines always stopping in Singapore. Of course, even finding low cost flights the prices will never be very cheap, but for this trip it is really worth it.

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