Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

"Which house of Gaud铆 to visit, Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸? "

This is what you are probably looking for if you have come across this article, and it is also one of the most frequently asked questions that the visitors of Barcelona impose.

Located in the city center, a few blocks from each other, both houses are now partially or entirely museums and both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The simplest answer I would like to give you is that of visit them bothif possible, as each is a masterpiece in its own right.

ATTENTION: given the COVID pandemic, revenues could be limited for ensure the minimum distance during the visit. Both for this reason and to avoid crowds in the queue at the ticket offices, it is better buy tickets first.

Below I will put you the online tickets of both houses, but also the combined ticket of both in case you decide you want to see them both so you can save some money.




Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

However, I realize that you don't always have the desire, the time, or the money to visit everything in Barcelona, 鈥嬧媠o the question of which house to choose is much more than legitimate.

Or perhaps you simply prefer to see other attractions to make the visit more varied.

That's why I wrote this guide the pros and cons of each of these UNESCO World Heritage buildings so that you can make an informed decision.

Don't forget that Casa Mil脿 has a nickname: La Pedrera.

  • 1 - Architecture
  • 2 - Audio guide
  • 3 - Skip the Line Tickets
  • 4 - How long are the queues
  • 5 - My verdict
  • 6 - Practical information
    • 1 - Practical info: opening hours and prices
    • 2 - Practical info: opening hours and prices

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Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

Many people, including me, love the weird colored facade of Casa Batll贸.

With its bone-shaped balconies and sinuous reptile-shaped roof, Casa Batll贸 certainly has an immediate visual impact on visitors, even from the outside.

Instead, to see the true genius of Gaudi also at Casa Mil脿, you have to dig a little deeper.

Meanwhile, the first difference is that while Casa Batll贸 was not made by Gaud矛 but was a pre-existing building that he "put his hands on", Casa Mil脿 was designed from scratch by the Catalan architect.

Another fundamental difference: Casa Batll贸 follows the Art Noveau style that was developing in Barcelona at the time, while Casa Mil脿
it is in a new style, which has never been seen in practice: revolutionary.

As for ingenuity, new construction methods and importance, La Pedrera wins across the board.

Third big difference: while Casa Batll贸 is literally a riot of colors, the large structure of Casa Mil脿 is practically monochromatic, colored by the play of shadows and lights of the sun moving across the sky.

Except for the patios and other interior spaces, there is little color in Casa Mil脿. Intended choice: form and function, shadow and light are Gaudi's tools to enhance La Pedrera.

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

Despite the great differences, Casa Batll贸 and Casa Mil脿 share much of the same architectural vocabulary. This is Antoni Gaudi's unique, even rather eccentric, visionary vocabulary. Each building is a visual narrative drawn by a mystical, nature-loving and piously religious artistic genius.

Both masterpieces are found on Paseo de Gracia about 400 meters away from each other and can be seen from the outside, therefore, no distressing choice: from the outside you can see them both.

Let's go and see the differences in the interiors between the two houses.

The interior

Let's talk about the interior. Which one to visit? What is the best and the most beautiful and charming?

Entrances and courtyards

In both houses you can visit the internal courtyard (two in the Pedrera), the staircase, an apartment, the attic and the roof terrace.

Personally theCasa Batll贸's entrance is my favorite because as soon as I entered the 鈥渨ow factor鈥 stimulated me: it seems to enter a jewelry box, with the blue color predominating.

The inner courtyard which included the elevator and stairs was inspired by the depths of the ocean and Gaudi's love for the Mediterranean Sea. The Catalan architect uses up to five tones of blue tiles of varying brightness and this has allowed for a more regular and homogeneous light.

Personally, I much prefer the entrance to Casa Batll贸 to that of Casa Mil脿 which starts from a modern looking ticket office, a bit dull to be honest.
Fortunately, when you get to the first patio, it is possible to breathe a sigh of relief because it is round and spacious.


- rooms of Casa Batll贸 they are not furnished and many rooms are missing (kitchen, bathroom and services), so I didn't have the impression of being in a real "apartment". Despite this, the carved wooden doors, stained glass windows and rounded plaster ceilings transport guests to Wonderland.

La Terrace offers a view of the rear of the house, a feature that is not available in Casa Mil脿.

THECasa Mil脿 apartment instead it is furnished and recreates the furnishings of the times of construction, so the feeling is that of being catapulted into ancient times: however, that immediate first impression is missing, the wow factor of Casa Batll贸.

- exhibition spaces in both apartments they can be quite cramped when there are a lot of people, so try to go there either in the morning or in the evening (about an hour and a half before closing time) when there are a lot fewer people. You will have a completely different feeling during the visit.

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit


The white plastered walls of the attic of Casa Batll贸 are nothing exceptional and the passage to the penthouse in some parts can be narrow and if a little crowded is a bit claustrophobic, but you still have to walk it to get to the roof terrace.

Casa Mil脿's penthouse features bare red brick ribbed walls and ceilings, instantly creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. It's a huge space and is dotted with small windows so it doesn't feel boxed or stuffy.
Excellent models, videos, graphics, furniture and more give the visitor a fantastic insight into all of Gaudi's work.

The roof terrace

Well, the big difference between Casa Batll贸 and Casa Mil脿 is definitely the roof, where the latter wins by 100 to 1 over the former.
The terrace of Casa Batll贸 is actually not as promising as you might think looking at the roof from below or the photographs on the internet.

It houses fireplaces, the sky light and the water warehouse. I believe that Gaudi also thought after completion that perhaps it was not exactly the best and that he then promised himself:

鈥淚 can definitely do better in my next home鈥.

And this he certainly did with the roof of La Pedrera, a true masterpiece, by far one of the most magical places in Barcelona.

The terrace of Casa Mil脿, as just mentioned, is one of the most magical places in Barcelona and a true masterpiece: stairs, ventilation towers and fireplaces are the 3 main elements that combine to create an extremely original and wonderful space.

It is not a flat surface (like the Batll贸 house) and you will go up and down on different levels each with a completely different panorama.

Take time to savor the beautiful view of Barcelona from the terrace (a classic photo is that of Sagrada Familia framed by one of the arches).

Even famous directors like Michelangelo Antonioni found the place irresistible enough to use it as a backdrop for the film "The Passenger" with Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider wondering on Gaud铆's roof in a very pollution-blackened environment (things are now very different).

The only disadvantage of La Pedrera's roof terrace compared to Casa Batll贸 is that it is closed when it rains.
So among the things you need to do before booking your visit is to check the weather forecast,


On summer nights both La Pedrera and Casa Batll贸 offer nightly shows on their roof terraces in addition to guided tours. This 鈥淟a Pedrera Notturna鈥 tour  is the one to absolutely choose.

There is no better way to enjoy the atmosphere of this special place than in the moonlight!

Audio Guide

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

In Casa Batll贸, included in the ticket price, an audio-visual guide is distributed which has a high educational value.

It is an interactive mini tablet that guides the visitor along the entire route through explanatory points, also telling details that at first glance may have escaped.

The audio guide of Casa Mil脿, on the other hand, is very basic, they are simple earphones, but in any case it gives all the information necessary to understand the House.

Prices and Tickets Skip the Line

There is no way out here: both houses are quite expensive although there are discounts for seniors, children or students. The good news is that the price always includes the audio guide which, especially in the case of Casa Batll贸, is very useful.

From 2021 to ensure the distancing, the revenue is numbered and could be reduced. It is also advisable to buy tickets online in order to avoid crowds in the queue at the ticket office.

Poisons and tickets online by clicking on the respective buttons below:




These are the main reasons why, especially when I talk about Barcelona I always recommend buying tickets online first and with a discreet advance, especially if you are planning to visit the city in the high season.


There are some fraudulent sites who sell online fake tickets at super discounted prices.

At first glance, given the very low price they seem very attractive only you do not enter why they are not valid.

Always book through the Official site or through well-known and serious collaborators such as Tiqets e GetYourGuide to make sure you don't get a bad rap.

These below are the links of theOfficial Tourist Board of Barcelona, Where you can buy tickets for both buildings without any nasty surprises.

How long are the queues?

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

By necessity, the smaller the space, the more there is a sense of "crushing" when there is a crowd.

This is more the case with Casa Batll贸 which is smaller than Casa Mil脿 which, being larger, disperses people a little and you can breathe a little more.

At Casa Batll贸 the queues at the entrance and at the ticket office are also longer, probably because more people go to visit it.

As well as obviously buying the Skip the Line ticket try to go very early (opens at 9:00 am) or very late (around 19:30 pm - 20:00 pm), when most of the people have finished sightseeing and are is heading for dinner.

There are two other ways to avoid the crowds:

First solution: the Fast Pass is an option that costs only 5 euros more than the normal ticket and allows you to enter without waiting even a second as there is a preferential entry!

鈽 Here you can buy the visit with the Fast Pass

Second solution: if you want to be privileged instead, there is a visit before the opening (at 8,00), it costs a little more than the normal entrance but if you don't have problems spending it, it's worth it. Seeing Casa Batll贸 with few people is much better.

Availability is obviously very limited so if you decide to opt for this tour (which I personally recommend) try to buy tickets as soon as possible!

鈽 Here you can buy the visit Casa Batll贸 BE THE FIRST!

Casa Mil脿 is a larger space and therefore able to satisfy a greater number of people. Even in high season the queues are manageable.

However, it is not uncommon to meet even large groups of organized tours.

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit

My final verdict

Even contrary to what many say, I prefer Casa Battlo, even if the Casa Mil脿's terrace is truly exceptional.

I like Gaud铆's use of color and I think the audio guide is another strong point because it's really well done (and great for kids too).

Practical information on Casa Batll贸 and Casa Mil脿

Casa Mila

Opening time:
1 March - 4 November: from 9 to 20.30 / from 21.00 to 23.00 (every day)
From 5 November to 28 February: from 9:00 to 18:30 / from 19:00 to 21:00 (every day)

Christmas program:
From 26 December to 3 January: from 9 to 20.30 / from 21.00 to 23.00 (every day)
1 January: from 11 to 20.30
Closed on December 25th and January 7th to 13th

Online prices for general visit:
Adult: 鈧 22
Children (7 to 12 years): 鈧 11
Children (0 t 6): free
Seniors, students and the disabled: 鈧 16,50

Casa Batllo

Opening time:
All year round: from 9.00 to 21.00 (every day)

Online prices for general visit:
Adult: 鈧 25,00
Children (7 to 18 years): 鈧 21,50
Children (under 7): free
Senior and student: 鈧 21,50
Resident of Catalonia: 鈧 15

Casa Mil脿 or Casa Batll贸, which is the most beautiful and which one to visit
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