Coronavirus Covid-19 stops the world

    Coronavirus Covid-19 stops the world Coronavirus Covid-19 stops the world


    March 2020 - We can't shut up, too Fortourslovers we would like to share our thoughts with you as sensibly as possible, given such a delicate and critical moment.

    The impact on humanity that the Covid-19 virus has is devastating and will remain etched in our memory forever.

    Who would have thought? A pandemic of this magnitude has been predicted in the past by many illustrious men, from Bill Gates, to the writer Dean Koontz in his book The eyes of darkness, to the author of Spillover, David Quammen; We have also seen pandemics in a few successful films, from Terry Gilliam's Army of the Apes in 1995 to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later in 2002. But none of us have ever thought that science fiction could one day become reality.

    Many times in the past the world has been affected by important pandemics, from the black plague of the Middle Ages, to the Spanish flu of the first post-war period, to the most recent MERS and SARS the infections of the new millennium, to the nearest Ebola that shook the Africa. But never had we seen a viral contagion of such powerful and large-scale dimensions, from the speed with which the numbers flow on the newspapers, which by the hour gallop faster than time.
    What we are experiencing these days is a war against the common world enemy nr. 1: the Covid-19 coronavirus.

    The world has frozen, the skies have freed themselves from the steel giants, the streets have emptied, the houses have become filled, the natural movement of peoples between the countries of the world has been erased. You don't travel anymore!
    Neither overseas nor near home. We stopped and bewildered we obeyed the orders given by our governors who, through urgent ordinances, took their citizens by the hand and with difficulty reassured that "everything will be fine" by accompanying them to their homes. The numerous infected are constantly assisted by angels in white coats, so precious now and little appreciated in the past.

    Today we can only wait for the emergency to evolve and with our hearts in hand observe those coffins, numerous coffins, which come out of the hospitals and go to the crematoria. Because there is no more room for the sick, even when they are dead.

    Man cannot remain immobilized for long, he is not part of his being and of his natural instinct for mobility, stimulation, exploration and discovery. The times will come to start living again and take to the streets again, researchers are racing against time to get out as soon as possible with an effective cure and a vaccine that solves everything.

    It is a unique event, all the countries of the world are in the same situation, even if China and our country are paying more than the others. But the numbers are growing rapidly everywhere. Only through the analysis of the events and the rapidity of the spread in the first outbreaks of the Covid-19 virus will it be possible to stem the numbers in the countries where the infections have just started.

    We will start traveling again, more than before. Because there is no more time, because we risk losing the freedom to discover new worlds, which only now sitting on our sofas at home have we understood how precious it is.

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