Family holiday in Villach, among the unspoiled mountains of Austria

    Family holiday in Villach, among the unspoiled mountains of Austria
    Destination Villach, on vacation with children. Here are some suggestions for attractions for under-18s, from the Kletterwald adventure park to the Warmbad spa.

    A few kilometers from the Italian border, villach, Alpine city in southern Austria, it is a very popular tourist destination also for family holidays. The beauty of the city, its crystalline lakes and its majestic mountains, covered by a thick blanket of snow in winter and brilliant colors in summer, offer visitors moments of relaxation and lots of fun to spend with the whole family. Villach can be easily reached by train: in fact, there are daily and direct connections to the main Italian cities, such as Venice, Udine, Bologna, Florence and Rome, with advantageous rates and numerous discounts for seniors, children and group travel.

    Villach is the ideal destination for a family holiday, an extraordinary environment to rediscover contact with nature and a wide and varied offer of excursions capable of satisfying all needs: walks or bike rides in the mountains or around the Faak lakes. and Ossiach, excursions to Landskron Castle to observe the spectacle of birds of prey or Japanese macaques and much more. In addition, the location offers adequate hotel facilities, with discounts and reductions for children and families, specific packages with entertainment activities and games for the little ones and adventures for the older ones, as well as internal spaces with entertainment service in Italian.

    A short distance from the center of Villach are both rĂ­en Faak y Ossiach They really offer many possibilities even during summer holidays with the family. Natural corners in which to spend a few days of total relaxation, with splendid mountain landscapes and bodies of water in which to immerse yourself for a pleasant swim. Family excursions in the surrounding mountains, walks or bike rides along the lakes to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and live in close contact with nature. Here there is also a complete choice of watersports and lots of fun activities, such as sailing, water skiing or surfing, water parks and children's play areas or tourist and themed boat trips or mini cruises.

    For climbing and hiking enthusiasts, Villach is a true natural paradise in the Alps and not far away you can cross the Alpine road, Alpenstrasse, with its beautiful and evocative panoramic trails. Don't miss the fast descent down the long summer toboggan run on Mount Verditz: between bridges, tunnels and curves, it is definitely fun for all ages. The mountain Gerlitzen, on the north shore of Lake Ossiach, offers many adventures and great fun for families, slopes from mountain kart, toy cars that circulate along paths surrounded by vegetation, trampolines and pleasant excursions in the middle of nature in the Kletterwald adventure park, the most popular among intrepid paragliders.

    Among the ideal attractions for a family holiday in Villach in the heart of Carinthia, the guided tour of Affenberg, the monkey mountain in Landskron, is undoubtedly a fun destination that will intrigue both adults and children. A large fenced area where 152 people live. Japanese macaques on freedom. Open from April to November, it offers standard daily excursions of approximately 45 minutes in length. During the tour it is possible to discover their behavior, admire them as they move over the trees and play with these friendly animals.

    A unique and special experience to share with the family during your holidays in Villach is undoubtedly the falcon show in Adler, that is, in the arena of Landskron Castle. Three daily 40-minute shows will keep you alert to admire the acrobatics and dizzying flights of splendid birds of prey, such as the peregrine falcon, the imperial eagle, the eagle owl, the griffon vulture, the snowy owl and many others. The objective of these exhibitions is to bring birds of prey closer and explain to visitors the behavior and way of life of these animals that are partly threatened with extinction.

    A mysterious and wonderful adventure is what the Terra MĂ­stica and Montana, at the Erzberg mine in Bad Bleiberg, about fifteen kilometers from Villach. A fascinating place that begins with a fun slide that leads to the heart of the mine. It is possible to take the train to take a tour of the tunnels where the guide illustrates the history of the mines and excavation methods with the support of multimedia audio and video; an amazing show that reproduces the sounds and lights of the mountain. Furthermore, inside there is the mining museum, a rich exhibition illustrating 700 years of history of the mine and Terra Humoristika, the caricature museum. For children, a super treasure hunt is organized in a labyrinth of tunnels that, equipped with torches, will involve them in an adventurous search for semi-precious stones that they can then take home as a souvenir.

    For water lovers, however, we suggest the Karnten Thermal Baths in Warmbad near Villach, a paradise of fun for young and old. Slides with tubes and colored LED lights, crazy rivers on large floating donuts that follow a path between sharp curves and turbulent waters, swimming courses for children and a mini club reserved for the little ones. In the surroundings of Villach you can find thermal baths, spas and beauty treatments such as physiotherapy courses or rehabilitation and physical conditioning programs. Entry is allowed from 9 a.m. to 22 p.m. and costs are decidedly competitive compared to Italy. Generally the same hotels or inns that host you offer packages with free tickets or treatments, so they are especially convenient.

    with the purchase of Carinthia card You have access to more than 100 tourist destinations in Carinthia at a reduced price. The associated circuit of this card includes tickets to parks and swimming pools, but also to boats, ski lifts and museums in Villach and its surroundings. When purchasing the card you will be given a brochure with all the information affiliated attractions and the map with tourist attractions. The KĂ€rnten Card is valid for a few months and can be purchased at many points of sale, such as tourist offices. In some accommodation facilities you can have it free during your stay; It is also possible to use it every day but only for one entry.

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