Fuerteventura: beaches, sea and nature

    Fuerteventura: beaches, sea and nature
    Tips for a holiday in Fuerteventura, even out of season

    The Island Fuerteventura It is the least known and also the least mundane of the Canary. Second in size only after Tenerife, has a particular shape, modeled by Volcanic eruptions, which makes it uniquely fascinating. The contrast between ocean and desert, the proximity to Africa and the splendid sea They do everything else, managing to attract the attention of the most demanding tourists.

    Le Holidays in Fuerteventura are a perfect mix of relaxation, marine life, discovery of characteristic places and sports of all kinds. They are on the island Many attractions, including incredible natural pools. TO the puddles, The cotillo There is a white sand beach with natural lagoons, in the municipality of La Oliva. A very quiet place, the ideal place for families. Puertito Beach, island of wolves You can only get there by boat, the journey is very short. A truly charming place to immerse yourself with pleasure.

    The volcanic landscapes are very fascinating. The most famous volcano is stack. However, the whole thing is worth noting. Jandía Peninsula, one of the first volcanic constructions in the Canary Islands that dates back more than 20 million years. We recommend a tour between the different volcanic cones. Other notable volcanic spaces are Sand Malpaís and Isla de Lobos. Take a leap into the past and history. In the small town of Betancuria, inhabited by only 685 souls. This is the first inhabited center founded by the Spanish colonizers. The city is particularly interesting also from a naturalistic point of view.

    Il Corralejo Dunes National Park It is one of the best-known attractions in Fuerteventura. Walking among the dunes is an experience that you should not miss during a vacation on the island.

    In Fuerteventura it is possible to practice numerous activities, beyond the most popular: relaxing in the sun. Here you can practice all sports, water and others. There are several on the island. golf courses, the ideal place for lovers of this sport. But in Fuerteventura it is also possible to practice diving, sailing and kitesurfing.

    Not only sports activities, but many excursions to discover the fascinating culture of the Canarian people. There are some perfect places from where it is possible. look at the stars. Stargazing, alone or with a guided tour, is a widespread practice and possible thanks to the privileged position of the island and its almost always clear sky. Not everyone knows that from here it is possible to admire the Southern Cross.

    Do you think you are an adventurer, but at the same time you are a little afraid of trying your hand at extreme activities? No problem. They recommend acamel excursion. If you prefer the sea to the sand then a ride aboard a submarine It is for you to discover the fish and the world of the depths. Finally, a very common practice is to tour the most beautiful places on the island. gang oh buggie.

    How to get to Fuerteventura
    The airport Fuerteventura is located near the capital Puerto del Rosario, is 10 minutes from Caleta de Fuste and is directly at sea. From there you can reach the city center by taxi. Prices to the most popular destinations are shown. For example, to Parco Olandese you pay 20 euros, to Spiaggia Oliva and Tre Isole 30 euros, to Caleta de Fuste 9 euros and to Tarajelejo 42 euros. If you prefer to take thebus numbers There is one, number 3, which goes from Puerto del Rosario to Caleta de Fuste and also stops at the airport. The bus leaves every 30 minutes. Line 10, on the other hand, leaves every hour from the capital and arrives at Morro Jable, passing through the airport.

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