How to Dress in Prague in Winter (and Other Things to Bring)

Prague it is by definition the magical city, but I assure you that in winter it is even more magical! Apart from the cold (it gets cold), the city increases its charm thanks to the lights, the Christmas markets and you will feel like you are living in a fairy tale. If you are planning a trip to Prague in the winter and you're wondering how to dress, this guide is for you.

How to Dress in Prague in Winter (and Other Things to Bring)

Winter in Prague is a magical time. Sure, it's cold.

What you need to know is that winter in Prague not only brings cold, but also snow, ice on the streets, rain and temperatures that drop below freezing.

Ma do not worry, visiting the city in winter also has its positive sides. First, the weather during the winter is not as cold as for example in Sweden and it is tolerable: between November and March you can find many sunny days.

Secondly, arriving in Prague during this time allows you to explore the city with fewer crowds (apart from during Christmas and New Year), and you will be able to enjoy your stay at more reasonable prices.

For me think about what to pack before leaving it's the only boring thing about travel, which is why I made this list on how to dress in Prague in winter and what to bring so that you have some help and can focus more on the itinerary and things to do.

Quick list of how to dress in Prague:

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Wool sweaters
  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • thermal effect leggings
  • Winter jacket
  • An extra warm layer (a batteries for example or a lightweight duvet)
  • 1 or 2 wool sweaters for very cold days, to be put under the long-sleeved shirt (such as THIS on Decathlon o THESE on Amazon)
  • Merino wool socks
  • Comfortable underwear
  • Comfortable bras (for example like THESE HERE)
  • Pajamas or a light suit
  • Gloves, hat e scarf
  • Warm and waterproof shoes

Some advice before leaving

Although some prefer to warm their bodies with a cup of wine mulled wine e mead bought at the stalls around the Old City, I strongly recommend that you also bring warm clothes.

Think "in layers" and you should do it, of course, if you pack wisely.

Try to bring only things that you will wear more than once, you will save luggage space and pack more efficiently.

Depending on how many days you decide to stay in Prague, you may want to use some suitcase organizer that allow optimal use of space, keeping everything organized and in order, which help you to pack and unpack quickly.

While the weather forecast looks promising for the next couple of days, it is still just weather forecasts and in Prague the weather can change abruptly in a matter of hours.

But by checking the forecast a day before the trip, you can understand more or less what to bring and what to leave at home.

However don't worry, in case you forget something, they are there many shopping malls in the city where you can buy a new piece of clothing, which will also turn into a souvenir.

What shoes should you wear in Prague in winter?

How to Dress in Prague in Winter (and Other Things to Bring)

Le shoes they are essential when you visit Prague in winter, so they must be appropriate and suitable for the things you are planning to do.

Prague is best enjoyed on foot, so walking is essential good walking shoes.

And I can never stress it enough. You will spend a lot of time on the streets wandering around the city and believe me, there is nothing worse than spending the whole afternoon walking in wet shoes and ice-cold feet.

The shoes you will wear must be hot, they must keep you dry and they must be comfortable to wear!

In general avoid canvas shoes and choose something in leather.

I went to Prague in the winter with this pair of Columbia boots (attention they fit small, take an extra number) which I almost always use when it's cold and they are the most versatile shoes I've ever had. When I went there was snow and these boots fit me perfectly for two reasons:

  • They are very warm and waterproof
  • As the temperature drops below freezing on rainy days, be aware that the cobbled streets will turn into skating rinks and that it is sometimes quite dangerous to move in shoes without a grip. These are perfect and will keep you from slipping.

PRO TIP: if it is very icy, be very careful at the subway entrances as these areas can be quite slippery and dangerous.

wanting there is also the higher version.

Although I generally don't care much about fashion when I travel but I prefer comfort, I realize that for us ladies, aesthetics are also important and maybe you prefer something less sporty.

You can therefore opt for cute leather ankle boots for example and neutral colors so you can combine them with all your clothes.

Something like these Skechers for example, or how these sneaker by Geox with a high neck.

This brings us to another thing we need to pay some attention to: the socks!

Good shoes aren't the only thing you'll need on your trip to Prague, and warm socks are just as important. I like Merino wool socks for the winter.

Jacket, gloves and hat

Whether it's wool, fleece, hitech-tactile gloves or fluffy mittens, you'll be happy to wear something warm to hide your face and hands when you get hit by an icy gust of wind. Gloves, hat e scarf they are mandatory to bring.

Let's say that in Prague you won't have to deal exactly with the circumstances of the Arctic climate (like when I was in Lapland in winter to see the Northern Lights I swear it was cold, but cold real), but since you'll be spending a lot of time out exploring Prague's romantic scenery (and drinking mulled wine at the Christmas markets) a warm winter coat.

Military jacket, pea coat (loose and sporty coat), trench coat, parka, there are so many jackets to choose from that you won't struggle to find the one that suits your tastes.

Regardless of your style, however, bear in mind that you will need a reliable garment, so you should find a coat that is not only elegant but also practical.

The jacket is better if it is waterproof obviously. Personally I love duvets, to be combined with a warm fleece, so that the heat stays inside. Unfortunately, duvets aren't perfect for rain, but you can bring one small travel umbrella and you have (almost) solved the problem.

This 3-in-1 women's travel jacket from Decathlon it's a good choice: it's waterproof and perfect for the cold, but having a detachable down jacket inside is fine even in milder climates.

Alternatively something more classic like this long duvet, in water-resistant fabric, it could be fine, in short, you really have a wide choice.

How to Dress in Prague in Winter (and Other Things to Bring)


I jeans that we love so much generally are not good for traveling, even worse if you go to countries where it can rain. They get soaked and take days to dry.

They do not even keep warm and do not protect from the wind. These are the reasons why I never take them on trips and I don't recommend them to you too.

That said, jeans are comfortable and trendy, and although I would reject them for something more wintery, like these warm and windproof golf pants, jeans are great for most cities and even for winter days in Prague.

You can consider if you ever bring a couple of thermal leggings like these, or heavy tights, to put under your jeans if the temperatures get really cold.


One of the most useful tips when packing for a winter trip is to start with a quality base coat, that is, the underwear must also be of a good brand.

On particularly cold days you might wear it too a top under the shirt like this one here and I assure you you will be happy.

No, you don't need Fantozzi-type woolen underwear! comfortable underwear to wear is enough.

In general I prefer theseamless underwear, especially because under so many clothes I hate having creases or annoying things like bra underwire, lace and lace.

My personal preference is to look for synthetic fabrics like i LYCRA or lightweight Microfiber fabrics because they dry quickly, they are breathable and being elasticized they facilitate movement. I also like merino wool for its reputation for being antibacterial, odor resistant, breathable and comfortable.

Other things to bring to visit Prague in winter

Of course, when packing your suitcase, you also need to think about packing the beatycase things like the deodorant, lo toothbrush and toothpaste.

Shampoo and shower gel are usually provided in the accommodation where you go to sleep, but if you care about your hair, don't forget the shampoo and conditioner.

If there is dry air and there is wind, the lip balm with sunscreen it is really useful to prevent chapping of the lips as obviously the face cream.

One comfortable backpack or day bag they are essential accessories to carry your things.

I use this beautiful Fjallraven Kanken backpack in urban style.

Although Prague it is very safe for tourists, petty thefts are not unheard of and you may want to consider buying one anti-theft backpack if you don't want to always keep your eyes on Valuables.

Un travel adapter it is essential. Although there are sockets in hotels, they are never enough for me. I typically have to upload the mobile phone, la camera, Gimbal, la Go Pro and also the Kindle that's why I always wear a travel adapter that has multiple sockets including usb.

Le small mirrorless cameras are so small and compact with incredible image quality, that I no longer take my big one with me on short trips reflex Canon 5D Mark II.

Furthermore, i smartphone they can produce images with excellent quality and you still take them with you.

Due to the shorter days in winter, it will get dark early, a perfect opportunity to take great night photos of Prague so you will need a portable and lightweight tripod. I have a Compact Gorilla Pod and it works perfectly for this purpose.

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