Where to Stay in Prague

Choosing where to stay in Prague is very important if you want to better appreciate the city and its historical and cultural beauties.

If you plan to visit the capital of the Czech Republic it will be essential to understand first of all which are the most important tourist areas and how the city is divided.

For this I wanted to create this guide to help you easily choose the best neighborhood to sleep in Prague.

Thanks to this article you will learn about Prague and it will be much more easy to find the right area for every need: for a cultural holiday, with family, couple or friends.

Are you ready to find out which are the best neighborhoods in Prague?

Where to sleep in Prague: Areas and Districts

Where to Stay in Prague

Prague is currently divided into 22 zones, the heart of the city is district 1 where are i main tourist districts and major attractions.

For this reason, zone 1 is the best location for a tourist to stay in Prague, the most central one where you can move easily on foot without wasting time in moving.  The absolutely recommended choice for a first visit to the city.

Prague is not a city that is too expensive and you can find cheap hotels even in the center. In any case, it is better to spend a little more, compared to more peripheral areas, in order to optimize time.


The advice is to stay between zone 1 or 2, within walking distance of the most famous places in Prague. The areas adjacent to Prague 1 (Prague 2,3,5,6,7,8) could also be fine if you don't have problems taking public transport or walking more.

Now that you understand better the layout of the areas, let's see in detail the best neighborhoods to stay in Prague.

Center of Prague: The Neighborhoods

Where to Stay in Prague

Stare Mesto (Old Town): Strategic Location

Where to Stay in Prague

Stare Mesto or Old Town is the most central and most famous district of the city.

It is the perfect choice to stay in Prague for a first visit because this is where the main points of interest are concentrated, such as the famous astronomical clock, reference point of the Old Town Square.

The square itself is one of the attractions of Prague, lined with beautiful and charming buildings, cafes, shops, tourist information centers and art galleries.

Strolling through the Old Town is the best way to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the capital.

Staying in the heart of the Old Town you will not need to move by public transport and you can move to other areas comfortably on foot.

Mala Strana: The Most Fascinating Neighborhood

Where to Stay in Prague

Mala Strana, also known as Lesser Town, is an area located in an excellent position, located across the river from the Old Town, at the foot of Prague Castle and close to the main points of interest in the city.

From Mala Strana you can easily reach the center on foot by crossing the famous Charles Bridge.

Even though it is located in the heart of the city, Mala Strana is a very quiet and characteristic area, one of the most beautiful and magical neighborhoods in the city. Ideal for a family stay and for strolling and getting lost in its picturesque streets and ancient alleys. There is no shortage of restaurants, pubs, historic breweries, shops and museums.

The landmark of Mala Strana is the Malostranské square which houses the beautiful St. Nicholas church.

New Town (Nové Mesto): Close to the old town

Where to Stay in Prague

Nove Mesto, or New Town is actually a historic district of the fourteenth century. It is always located in zone 1 adjacent to the Old Town, in a strategic position. The beating heart of the neighborhood is the famous Wenceslas Square where the National Museum and a number of beautiful buildings are located.

From a historical point of view there are fewer attractions, but the area still offers several things to see. In particular, the New Town hosts one of the most famous buildings in Prague: the Dancing House, a symbolic work of modern Prague architecture inspired by the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

The neighborhood is also full of clubs, restaurants and shops for shopping.

If you choose the New Town as a strategic base to sleep in Prague, it is preferable to avoid the area near Wenceslas Square both for the high prices but also because it is always quite chaotic.

Josefov (Jewish Quarter): Quiet but very central area

Josefov is the old Jewish quarter of Prague and is located in the northwestern part of the Old Town a few steps from the main square.

It is a beautiful area to stroll among synagogues, museums, elegant buildings, luxury shops and high-end restaurants. The location is great and in a few minutes walk you can reach all the main attractions.

In general Josefov is one of the best areas to stay overnight if you are looking for a strategic base to get around the city in a quiet and not chaotic area.

Hradcany: Quiet area near the Castle

Where to Stay in Prague

Hradcany is the area of ​​the hill that is home to Prague Castle, one of the largest castles in the world and a must see attraction in the city. An elegant area with medieval buildings, important architectural complexes and luxury hotels.

The location is quite central, the Old Town can be reached with a walk of about 20 minutes. But remember that it is a hill so if on the outward journey it is all downhill on the way back coming from the Charles Bridge the road is uphill, quite tiring.

In any case, it is well connected to the historic center by public transport.

Recommended for those looking for a quiet and residential area not far from the center.

Andel (zone 5): for young people

Andel is located in zone 5, not far from Mala Strana and the river and practically bordering Prague 1. The historic center can be reached by metro or tram or with a walk of about 30 minutes. It is a lively area with many entertainments and with all the services, ideal for the youngest, also given the presence of the university.

For those who want to spend less and stay in a young and lively neighborhood, Andel is the right choice.

Vinohrady (Prague 2)

Vinohrady was once a large vineyard, today it is a green, elegant and residential neighborhood, one of the most beautiful in Prague. It is located in Zone 2 so not really in the center, but not too far from the New Town and the Old Town, both well connected by public transport. In about 10 minutes on foot you reach Wenceslas Square and in about 25 minutes the historic center.

The neighborhood is full of parks including Havlickovy Sady, the second largest park in Prague

Vinohrady is a very upscale area with Art Deco houses and particularly popular with young Expats. The culinary offer is wide with many trendy restaurants and a wide choice of food from all over the world.

Staying in Vinohrady is a good option for those looking for a less touristy but elegant and residential area. Recommended more for a second visit, less suitable for those who are the first time who decide to admire the beautiful city of the Czech Republic.


We have seen in detail which are the best areas and neighborhoods for a short stay in Prague. As I said for a first visit to the city if you choose the neighborhoods of zone 1 you are not wrong, in particular the old city or the surrounding areas.

For anything, comment on the article or write me in private.

Where to Stay in Prague

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