What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Prague is one of those cities of Europe that deserve to be visited in depth, slowly, but unfortunately it happens that, especially if you decide for a weekend, the days available are no more than 2 or 3 and then you have to leave "legs on your shoulders", be prepared to walk a lot and do a careful choice of the things you want to see.

Its historic center, World Heritage Site, in which the Old Town Square stands out, is one of its many jewels, as well as being one of the places not to be missed during your visit.

With neighborhoods to get lost in, such as Mala Strana or the Jewish Quarter, parks to relax, museums, viewpoints, castles and bridges, this city will give you moments that will make you think only of returning again and again.

ATTENTION: compared to mine itinerary of what to see in Prague in 3 days, here I give you an alternative itinerary: you will see the same things, but organized in a different order. Because? So you can choose the one you prefer!

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Despite this, at the end of the 2 days, even if you have not seen all there is to see, with this itinerary of what to see in Prague in two days, you will have seen most of the important things of the city anyway.

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In this article you will find thePrague itinerary in two days (with map for each day) and many too useful tips.

Let's start?

Day 1 Itinerary

1 - Old Town Square and Stare Mesto

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

The center of the Old City (Stare Mesto) is small and is definitely easy to walk around.

It is born divided on two banks of the Vltava united by the famous Carlo bridge and the morning of the first day of this Prague itinerary will be dedicated to wandering head-up through the alleys of the Old Town, visit the square of the clock, listen to the musicians on the Charles Bridge, taste the delicious sweets in the various pastry shops.

Would you like to know more? Read Visit the old quarter of Prague and the legend of the Templar without the head!

The first day of the 2 days tour of Prague, I suggest that you go very early to the Old Town Square, the most famous place in the city, which fills with tourists and organized groups as the day goes by.

Here you can see theAstronomic watch from the XNUMXth century, located in the Old Town Hall, the jewel of this square.

Impossible not to notice it since tourists gather here every hour to observe the movement of the eleven apostles plus the special guest, St. Paul and the other movable statues of which one of the most famous, the skeleton, symbolizes nothing less than death.

Try to balance your visit with this moment, as it is one of the most important in the city.

You can buy tickets for the Prague Astronomical Clock Tower here: you will enjoy a truly absurd (as beautiful as it is) view of the square!

You can complete the visit to the square by entering the Church of Our Lady of Týn, in Gothic style and with its two pointed towers. At 5 U Radnice Street, near the square, you will see a plaque reminding us that one of the most illustrious Czechs, Frank Kafka, was born here.

This whole area of ​​the historic center is wonderful: its alleys, its medieval air, the puppet shops, the historic buildings: leave the map and dedicate yourself to walking slowly but surely!

A good option for discover all the curiosities of the old city and do not miss anything is book this complete tour of Prague o this free Prague tour for free!, both with an English speaking guide and considered two of the best tours in Prague.

2 – Clementinum

Il Klementinum, the former Dominican convent of San Clemente, is an unmissable destination for book lovers: in fact, inside the national library.

it is possible to participate in guided tours that include the Library room, la Chapel of Mirrors and Astronomical Tower from which you will have a breathtaking view over the whole city of Prague.

At noon, just to stay light, you can try some typical dishes: shingarlic soup and fried cheese washed down with plenty of beer Staropramen which is produced in Prague and of which you can also go and visit the factory.

3 - Charles Bridge

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

What can I tell you about the Carlo bridge (Karlův most in Czech)? Nothing you don't already know: whoever goes to Prague goes to see the Charles Bridge!

Strolling over this iconic bridge, especially in the evening or early morning, is an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly stay with you for years to come.

Il Charles Bridge is almost 700 years old and it took about 50 years to build. It connects the historic center of Prague to Mala Strana, the district you will pass through to get to Prague Castle. The bridge is protected by impressive Gothic towers and houses 30 statues, 15 on each bank.

Yes, the bridge will be crowded with other tourists, but so what? I visited Prague 6 times and walked back and forth until my shoes were worn, never getting tired of the views, the music, the artists and the placidly flowing Vltava. If I'm not tired, you won't get tired either!

4 - Jewish Quarter - Josevof

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

The goal of the afternoon will be the Jewish museum inside theold Jewish quarter.

We choose the cheapest ticket which includes the old and suggestive one Jewish cemetery  Hall ceremony  Pinkas synagogue and other synagogues.

La Pinkas synagogue it is a memorial to the 80.000 Bohemian and Moldovan victims of the holocaust: its walls are completely covered with the names of each of them accompanied by the date of death or deportation.

In the other synagogues and in the Ceremony Hall exhibitions have been set up, which bring together the largest collections of documents.

Il old Jewish cemetery, used between the 15th and 18th centuries, it is an extremely suggestive and picturesque place. Since it was the only cemetery used when the space for the graves was finished it was covered with a layer of earth and the new graves were placed spire of it: the result is a cemetery with an estimated ten layers of graves and about twelve thousand stones tombs.

La Old-New Synagogue it does not belong to the museum.

If you are interested in Josefov's story, I recommend you Book this walking tour of the Jewish Quarter with an English speaking guide which includes the cemetery, the most important synagogues and the entrance to the Jewish Museum.

5 - Wenceslas Square and National Museum

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Leaving the Jewish quarter, walking briskly we go to one of the most important places in Prague: Wenceslas square. Go here to see a little pearl.

Amo Wenceslas square. Not because of its shape: it is a long square full of shops and people who come and go, who tend to rise and with the National Museum.

I love Wenceslas Square for what it represents and unfortunately for this thing I have seen very little written on other blogs. Too bad because for me history represents one of the fundamental aspects for which to visit a city.

Almost at the top, in the central flowerbed there is a small tombstone almost always decorated with bunches of flowers.

This small plaque is the monument in remembrance of Jan Palach, the young 20-year-old who set himself on fire here in 1969 (died shortly after 3 days of agony in hospital) to express his dissent to the communist regime.

Before there was only a small tombstone surrounded by candles that were always kept burning. The melted wax of the candles over the years had formed a low wall. Today the wax wall was built a stone wall.

Wenceslas Square is the place where numerous political demonstrations have taken place over the years; not only Jan Palach but also the demonstrations during the 1989 Velvet Revolution.

6 - Dancing House

I add the Dancing House at the end of my first day's itinerary in Prague because so many travelers want to see it, but to tell the truth, it doesn't look that good to me.

I would recommend rather than coming here to spend more time, especially at sunset in Stare Mesto and the Charles Bridge, continuing to wander around.

That said, if you want to see the dancing house you will have to walk a little or take public transport.

The Dancing House was highly controversial when it was built because its design clashes with the Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings that dominate the style of the city.

Perhaps this is why you should add it to your list of the best things to do in Prague! Honestly, I don't find it that interesting.

CURIOSITY: The building is also known as "Ginger and Fred" due to its resemblance to a pair of dancers (referring to Fellini's film); moreover, these names were famous in the Czech Republic at the time.

However, it seems that inside it is very beautiful: here you can find the Dancing House HotelGinger & Fred Restaurant, the brilliant bar GLASS, un shop it's a galleria!

7 - In the evening: Esoteric Prague!

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Turin, Lyon, Prague ... three cities whose vertices form the triangle of white magic.

Three cities linked together by characters who belonged to Freemasonry, by esoteric symbols and magical energy flows.

In case you like me are curious about legends, ghosts, esotericism and magic you can't miss a themed guided tour at night!

The MYSTERIES and LEGENDS tour of Prague in ENGLISH is the most classic and best-selling tour ever, a true institution in Prague.


8 - Alternatives to esoteric Prague: Vltava cruise and medieval dinner

For a special evening, a good option is book a boat trip on the Vltava with dinner or a luxury cruise. In both, you will enjoy a magnificent perspective of the city.

Another good plan is book a dinner with a medieval show at the Krčma U Pavouka restaurant, a mysterious Prague underground tavern.

within the room decorated in a medieval style, you will savor a dinner consisting of five courses: typical stew, traditional sweets and other delicacies.

Map of the Itinerary of the First day in Prague

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Day 2 Itinerary

On the second day of "our" two days in Prague, we will start the morning by first crossing the iconic Charles Bridge.

Already in the itinerary of the first day you had a taste of it, but in the morning you will "taste" it in a completely different way because there will be few people and besides enjoying it calmly, and you can take beautiful photos!

1 - Small side

At the end of the bridge on the left, coming from the old town, is one of my favorite places in the city, the island of Kampa.

This small island near the Vltava River, the heart of which is the beautiful Piazza Na Kampé, still retains the ancient Mill of the Grand Prior and it's a perfect place to take a break from touristy Prague.

On the island you will go to see the John Lennon Wall, a wall full of graffiti in protest against the former communist regime.

The island of Kampa and the whole area from the Vltava River to Prague Castle is Little Country (small town), the bohemian quarter and one of the oldest in Prague.

I must confess that Mala Strana is one of my favorite neighborhoods and I hope it becomes yours too after the visit.

You can start the journey by visiting the Church of San Nicolás, one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Europe. From the Plague Column, next to the church, one of the most historic streets in Prague starts, Nerúdova Street, full of ancient palaces, palaces and houses where on the facades you can see the coats of arms of the old city.

In addition to Via Nerúdova, dedicated to the writer Jan Neruda who lived at number 47 and ending at Prague Castle, its adjacent streets are worth a stroll.

Nearby is also the Church of Our Lady of Victory, the oldest baroque church in Prague and a place of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over the world, who come to see the famous wax image of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

Very close to the Lesser Town Square, you can stroll through the magnificent garden Vrtba.

2 - Prague Castle

We finally arrive at the visit of Prague Castle!

The castle actually consists of a very large complex of palaces and ecclesiastical buildings of various architectural styles, which occupy an area of ​​about 70,000 m2 and is the largest complex in the world.

Probably the first buildings were built around the end of the 9th century but over the hundreds of years that followed, the complex was greatly expanded and changes were made that made the castle an excellent example of different styles: Romanesque, Gothic , Renaissance and Baroque.

The Prague Castle Complex is the largest ancient castle in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, so be sure to give yourself a couple of hours to explore it.

Prague Castle TOUR

Here you can find more information about the guided tour in ENGLISH offer to give to the state

You could actually easily spend half a day exploring the complex including the gardens and moat, St Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane. Try to stay and watch the changing of the guard.

You can visit the castle on your own: the only thing to watch out for is when you visit because the queues can be long then You should buy the Skip-the-Line priority ticket in advance.

Find here the skip-the-line ticket for circuit A

Find the online skip-the-line ticket for Circuit B here

Having personally visited the Castle both alone and with a tour, I highly recommend the second optionThere are tons of cool things you won't find on your own, and of course lots of great stories to hear.

I also strongly recommend that you take a tour in English so you will understand everything well: this guided tour in English is a great choice.

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

The things not to be missed in Prague Castle are:

  • Vitus Cathedral
  • Treasure of San Vito: Incredible collection of jewelry. You pay a separate ticket.
  • Ancient Royal Palace: in particular the Vladislaus room and the Scala dei Cavalieri
  • Basilica of San Giorgio: small Romanesque jewel
  • Vicolo d'Oro: picturesque alley with tiny colored houses. In one of these lived Kafka.

To visit the Castle there are two tickets: one for the short visit and one for the long one. Since two unmissable things, the Cathedral Treasury of San Vito and Tower of the Cathedral they are not included in either of them (but you will have to buy them separately) I suggest you buy the ticket for the short visit.

Do you want to learn more? Read my post on like visiting Prague Castle

3 - Monastero Strahov

Another of my favorite places in the city is the Strahov Monastery, which is very close to Loreto. If you go here, you can't miss its famous library, full of shelves with manuscripts and books from the Middle Ages and incredible globes.

4 - Torre Petrin

To see the sunset and finish your trip to Prague in the best possible way in 2 days, you can hop on the Monte Petrín, from where magnificent views of Prague open up from its famous tower (a bit like Prague's Eiffel Tower).

And if you are in the lower part of Mala Strana, you can go up to the park of Mount Petrín by funicular from the Újezd ​​tram stop.

Map of the itinerary of the second day in Prague

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

Other things to see in Prague in two days

1 - Staropramen factory

What to see in Prague in 2 days: Walking Itinerary with Map

If you like beer, don't hesitate: you are in one of the world capitals!

Massy and I, accompanied by a beautiful warm sun, took the subway and got off at the Andel stop from where you reach the Staropramen factory.

The visit lasts about 50 minutes and in the tour you are accompanied not by a guide in flesh and blood, but by a voice and a play of lights that accompany visitors through maceration tanks and boilers along the history of the factory and the production of limpid. amber liquid.

at the end of the visit you can taste various types of beer, from light to dark, you are spoiled for choice.

2 - Puppet theater

Il National Marionette Theater, Or the Prague Puppet Theater, hosts one of the most famous stages in the whole of the Czech Republic. Its shows offer original interpretations of the works of one of the greatest geniuses of music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Many hand-made puppets participate in each show. Several generations of Czech artists have worked on making puppets and setting up the sets. The end result is an incredible staging that will blow your mind.

You can book a puppet show at the Prague theater here

3 - Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Ancient Prague (Muzeum alchymistů a mágů staré Prahy)

Il alchemists museum in Prague it is located in the house where the alchemist Edward Kelley lived near the Prague Castle, in the House with the Donkey in the Cradle (Dům U Osla v kolébce).

The exhibition reveals the mystery that has surrounded for some centuries not only the world of Rudolph II, but also that of other alchemists, of Doctor Faustus, of the magician Žito and others (they were some showmen but it was interesting to know a little more ).

What better way to remember and learn about their arcane history than with a little magical realism?

How to get from the airport to the center of Prague

THEPrague International Airport, located about 20 kilometers from the city center, about half an hour by car and public transport, has several options for transfer to the city center:

Bus: there are several urban lines such as 119 which drops you off at Nádrazí Veleslavín metro station, 110 at Zličín station, 179 and 225 at Nové Batovice station and 510 which operates at night, all for the price of one euro each. Street.

You also have the bus Airport Express which connects the two airport terminals with the central train station (Hlavní nádrazí) in about 35 minutes for just over 2 euros. From the metro stations you can reach the nearest metro stop to the hotel.

Taxi: it is an expensive service, between 20 and 30 euros depending on the area in which you go and to avoid surprises it is good to ask for the price before getting into the taxi, showing the address of the hotel.

Direct transfer to the hotel: this is the most convenient way to go from the airport to the hotel, as well as being very reasonably priced. The driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it and you just have to worry about enjoying the ride. You can book it here.

Where to sleep in Prague in 2 days

During this trip a Prague in two days, especially if it is the first time you go there, I recommend a central accommodation.

This will allow you to get around on foot, without having to go crazy with public transport.

  • Hotel Aurus - Aurus enjoys a fantastic location in the Old Town district of Prague, a 5-minute walk from the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. It is located in the “U Zlate studio” building, dating back to the 700th century. The air-conditioned rooms offer views of the historic King's Road and come with elegant classic furnishings and free Wi-Fi. Public pay parking is located XNUMX meters from the hotel. "
  • The Roadhouse Prague  - a brand new hostel which opened in August 2017 and is the perfect place for backpackers looking for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Archibald At the Charles Bridge - perfect combination of quality and price. It is located very close to Wenceslas Square, a 15-minute walk from Prague's Old Town Square, the center of the city. The hotel has breakfast, parking and 24-hour reception.
  • Another excellent accommodation is the Design Metropol Hotel Prague, located 5 minutes from Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

For more information on best hotels e neighborhoods you can read my post on where to stay in Prague if it is the first time you go there.

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