How to visit the Ouzoud Falls, Morocco

Escape the frenzy of Marrakech for a day trip at spectacular waterfalls of Ouzoud, located in the heart of the High Atlas, near the village of Tanaghmeilt in the province of Azilal.

These falls are among the most amazing attractions of the Morocco. The river plunges, from  over 110 meters high, in a complex network of waterfalls that form 3 large waterfalls and several smaller waterfalls.

At the base of the falls there is one beautiful pond of river water where you can swim, relax and enjoy this evocative and spectacular place of nature. The experience will be rich and intense, as well as unforgettable.

The Ouzoud Falls, within this one lush and green region, are considered as the highest and most fascinating waterfalls in the country. The falls are so beautiful and spectacular, that even a novice photographer can do beautiful photos, capturing their essence.

When to visit the falls

Il best time to visit the falls it is from noon until late afternoon. Rainbows often appear, making the falls even more stunning. If you want to spend the night there, there are many places where stay.

How to visit the falls

There are many organized excursions to reach the falls. You can book an organized trip to visit them on site or online, on famous sites, which deal with travel and excursions all over the world.

Book your excursion to visit the Ouzoud Falls


The Ouzoud waterfalls can be reached with a air-conditioned minibus that picks up tourists directly from the hotels or riads where they stay. The excursion begins with a hike through paths strewn with olive trees until you reach the huge waterfalls.

At the foot of the falls, you can to swim o take a small raft leading across the river. Here you can relax and have lunch in the various traditional restaurants, where you can taste the typical dishes and products of Berber cuisine.

You can cross the river, take the old wooden bridge to explore the little one village of Ouzoud and make beautiful encounters with the villagers and with the cute magot monkeys accustomed to tourists!

Visitors can also take a small but interesting excursion to discover thecharming medieval village, called Tanermelt, not far from the village. Just cross the river valley and you will reach the medieval village, with its small streets and houses that seem to literally merge into the landscape of the surrounding hills.

You can spend an idyllic day exploring the river and the sandy beaches which are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

The ideal is sleep on the spot, to enjoy the falls even in the evening, when most of the tourists have left this magnificent place.

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How to visit the Ouzoud Falls, Morocco
Ouzoud waterfalls in Morocco -
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