Where to sleep in Meknes Morocco: the best areas

Staying in Meknes is much cheaper than in other cities in the country. In general, the ancient capital of the Morocco it's a fairly cheap city, both for finding hotels and for buying souvenirs to take home.

In this post we describe which are the best areas to stay and the best hotels to sleep in Meknes, Morocco. In addition, we will explain whether it is better to stay in the Ville Nouvelle (the new part of the city) or in the Medina.

Where to sleep in Meknes: best areas and hotels

Where to sleep in Meknes Morocco: the best areas
The Bab El-Mansour gate in El Hedim square in Meknes, Morocco - Photo from Istock

Depending on the type of accommodation you want, there are two main options for where to sleep in Meknes:

  • those looking for a classic and modern hotel must choose the new part of the city (Ville Nouvelle)
  • the medina of Meknes is a great place to stay if you are looking for a riad or a dar
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The city of Meknes in Morocco is not too large, you can easily reach the medina from the new city and vice versa. You can spend a day in the historic center and in the vicinity of the city you can visit them Volubilis e Moulay Idriss.

Sleeping in the Ville Nouvelle

Normally, people tend to think that staying in the Medina is always the best option. This is not a bad approach, as most of the city's tourist attractions are concentrated in its surroundings.

However, in Meknes the Medina may not necessarily be the best choice, especially for those who use public transport such as train and bus to move between the various destinations in Morocco. In this case the area near the station is the best area to sleep in Meknes and is located right in the Ville Nouvelle (the new part of the city).

The Ville Nouvelle of Meknes is completely different from the Medina. It is modern, with international restaurants and lots of it more tidy. It is also a lot quieter and this is a much appreciated feature at bedtime. So we believe that the Ville Nouvelle is one of the best areas to sleep in Meknes.

Contrary to the Medina where riads abound, the Ville Nouvelle predominate modern hotels.

While it is true that there is much more accommodation on offer in the Medina, the prices in the Ville Nouvelle are not bad at all. A good hotel shouldn't cost you more than € 50. As we said, Meknes is a cheap city, so we don't think you will have any problems finding accommodation that suits your needs.


  • the lodgings are larger,
  • it's easy to park,
  • they have a splendid panoramic view, gardens and swimming pools (essential in summer),
  • it is a quieter area


  • it is necessary to use a taxi or a car to access the tourist areas,
  • more limited offer of accommodation

The best hotels in Ville Nouvelle de Meknes:

Hotel Swani

Belle Vue Hotel and Spa

Hotel Akouas

The Medina

And finally, the other area we recommend is the Medina. As we said before, it is the area where it is concentrated most of the attractions of the city. To reach the main attractions you do not need any kind of transport as the city can be explored on foot easily.

The Medina of Meknes is declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is much smaller than those in Fez or Marrakech, and it is much quieter. In the Medina you will find mainly riad. So, if you want to stay in a more traditional property, this will be the area to choose.

The best area of ​​the Medina is the one close to Lahdim Square, really lively and very pleasant place in the evening.

Another major advantage of staying in the Medina is the price. Sleeping in a riad will be much cheaper than doing it in one of the hotels of the Ville Nouvelle. For a price reference, you can find good riads for around € 20.

Hence, the Medina is another good area to sleep in in Meknes.


  • there is a wider offer of accommodation,
  • more typical accommodations,
  • close to tourist sites,
  • you don't need to use a car or a taxi.


  • the structures are smaller and sometimes difficult to access, especially those in the old medina,
  • riads often do not have a swimming pool or garden,
  • it is difficult to park and access taxis.

Recommended riad in the Medina of Meknes

Riad Mama H&K


Riad Yacout

Riad Zahraa Al Ismailia

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