Where to sleep in Merano: best areas and hotels where to stay

La beautiful and characteristic Merano is the second largest city in South Tyrol, after Bolzano, and the first in terms of tourism in the area. Merano, with its pleasantly mild climate, enchanting surroundings and rich and varied vegetation, is one of the most important spa resorts in Italy.

The thermal baths are not only the only interesting tourist aspect of the city, also appreciated for the culture and especially for the architectural beauty of the town and the passage that surrounds it. Merano is located in a valley, 324 meters above sea level, and is the gateway to the tourist area of ​​Val Passiria and Val Venosta.

In the past, the city was a popular vacation spot for numerous scientists, writers and artists, but also for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who appreciated its mild climate. In and around the city there are about 50 romantic and ancient castles, some of which today are used as hotels or museums, while others are still private residences.

Merano attracts tourists all year round, even if there are more beautiful and interesting times to visit it, such as during the numerous events that take place in the city. THE best times to visit Merano and spend a pleasant holiday are: during the period of the Christmas markets and during the winter period in general.

Merano is a lively city, but at the same time also quiet, capable of offering a lot to tourists: beautiful and large gardens, wellness centers for personal care, various important historical places, modern hotel facilities and many cultural, sporting, food and wine, worldly and traditional events.

Some of the international events the most important that take place in the city, in addition to the Christmas markets, are: the Merano Jazz festival; the Merano Grand Prix, a historic obstacle course horse race; the traditional Grape Festival and the Merano Music Weeks, an international symphonic music event that marks the culmination of musical events in South Tyrol.

Where to sleep in Merano

Where to sleep in Merano: best areas and hotels where to stay
Merano South Tyrol -

Merano is an excellent holiday resort at any time of the year. Between hotels, B&B, residences and apartments for rent for tourist use, the city can count on almost 5.000 rooms available to accommodate the many tourists who want to stay in this splendid location in the heart of the Alps.

The reasons they lead over 1 million tourists there are many people who choose Merano for their holidays. There are those who come to visit the Christmas markets in the area, those to enjoy the thermal baths and those to ski and practice various winter sports.

But many also arrive visit the surrounding area, such as the interesting cities of Bolzano and Trento, or for the natural beauties of Val di Sole and Val di Non, surrounded by the splendid landscape of the Dolomites.

As tourism is the region's main economic activity, there are a hundred hotels scattered throughout the city and nearby areas. Depending on the reason or nature of the trip or holiday, both the recommended area for accommodation and the hotel itself may vary. If you are looking for accommodation in Merano, here are the best hotels, B & Bs, residences and apartments to sleep in.

Staying near the thermal baths of Merano

Today Merano is a renowned resort city for well-being and personal care, thanks to its favorable climate and its healing waters. The Merano Thermal Baths are located in the city center, a few minutes from the arcade area, where there are the most renowned shops.

The baths are open from 9 to 22 and consist of 12 outdoor pools, accessible only during the summer period, e 13 indoor swimming pools, inside a cubic glass structure that offers a wonderful view of the city). In addition, for the well-being and personal care they are present 8 saunas and a beauty center.

If you come to town for the spa and wellness center, your best bet is stay in the spa hotel. This hotel structure is certainly one of the best in South Tyrol, even if the high level of quality is also associated with a high level of prices.

Hotel Therme Meran – Terme Merano

If you want cheaper accommodation you can choose one of the hotels recommended for the Christmas markets, which are also located near the thermal baths.

Hotel Aurora

Hotel Europa Splendid

Flora Hotel & Suites

Staying near the Merano Christmas markets

The best area to stay to be close to the Merano Christmas Markets is the historic center of the city. In this period, staying in the center you can fully enjoy the magical Christmas atmosphere that reigns in the city.

The hotels are certainly not cheap, but they are worth all the money spent. They offer almost all services that the tourist may need, and have high standards of comfort and quality

Hotel near the Christmas markets

Hotel Aurora

Hotel Europa Splendid

Hotel Therme Meran – Terme Merano

Flora Hotel & Suites

Where to stay for skiing

Although located only 324 meters above the sea level, Merano it is not a real ski resort, but more like a ski resort, because you can practice all winter sports thanks to the Merano 2000 cable car. This cable car takes you from the city of Merano to the skiing and hiking area Merano 2000 in just a few minutes.

Hotel Kolping

Josef Mountain Resort

Where to stay visit the surroundings

Se the target is the surrounding areas of Merano, like the cities of Bolzano and Trento, or the tourist areas of Val di Non and Val di Sole, you can easily choose and stay in one of the hotels outside the city.

Staying outside or near the city of Merano allows you to take advantage of best hotel rates or at least to take advantage of the best value for money. Also, almost all hotels have parking and you can move more easily between the hotel and the various tourist destinations that you want to visit.

Albergo Cavallino s’Rössl

Hotel Chalet Mirabell

Hotel Hirzer 2781

How to get to Merano

The city of Merano is located just over 30 km from Bolzano, and is easily accessible by car, train, bus, but also by plane.

By car

If you want to arrive by car, take the Brenner motorway (A22) and take the Bolzano Sud exit. From here, continue on the modern freeway, called MeBo, which leads directly to Merano.

By train

If you want to arrive by train, you must first arrive in Bolzano and then take a train to Merano, which depart every 30 minutes on weekdays and every hour on public holidays. The Merano train station is located near the city center.

By bus

There are various bus companies that make scheduled connections between Merano and the various Italian cities, especially in northern Italy. Many transport companies operate only private buses on the occasion of the most important events taking place in the South Tyrolean city, such as the Christmas markets.

By plane

If you want to arrive by plane, the nearest airport is Bolzano. Merano can also be reached from the Bergamo and Verona airports, with the “Dolomiti Transfer” transport service.

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